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Fic: Secrets of the Past (Prologue + Disclaimer)

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  • Julianna Hawk
    Title: Secrets of the Past Author: Faline (juliannahawk@Hotmail.com) Disclaimer: I own the plot, the orginal characters, and anything that Marvel and et cetera
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      Title: Secrets of the Past
      Author: Faline (juliannahawk@...)
      Disclaimer: I own the plot, the orginal characters, and anything that Marvel
      and et cetera does not.
      Fandom: X-Men, movieverse
      Pairings: Logan/Ororo, Scott/Marie, Mystique/Original Character,
      Kitty/Original Character
      Rating: NC-17, sex and violence
      Feedback: For all the chocolate in the world, YES!
      Summery: Logan finds out more then he wanted to about his past.
      Dedication: To Heather, cuz she said it was good. To everyone who sends me
      feedback, and to all my crazy insane friends!

      Lia slowed Dark Moon down to a walk, the chocolate bay mare was starting to
      build up a sweat. Lia stroked her neck while looking around her. In anger
      she had taken the mare out bareback and only her long mocha legs wrapped
      around the mare�s slim barrel kept her on. She had tangled her hands in Dark
      Moon�s thick mane, careful of her blood red claws so as not to cut the
      thoroughbred. �Keishka and Kayu�s den is close by, let�s say we go see the
      pups, what do you think girl?� Dark Moon flicked her ears back and followed
      the slightly beaten path into a glade. Lia chuckled, reaching her powers out
      to the minds of the two wolves. Dark Moon snorted and pranced in spot.
      �Dark, what�s gotten into you?� Lia murmured, sensing something in the woods
      up ahead. She flicked her wolfen ears foreword to catch the sound better,
      her solid jade green eyes searching the shadows. �Steady,� she calmed the
      mare, her tail swishing beside her. She brushed her shortly cropped dark
      hair out of her eyes.

      A loud gunshot rang out; Dark Moon reared up in fright, her front hooves
      pawing at the air. Lia screamed in pain, clutching her head as pain ripped
      through as if she had touched a live wire, her grip slipped and she started
      to fall from the horse�s back. The second shot had Dark Moon running for
      home, and Lia�s body fell to the ground as in slow motion, her head
      connecting solidly with a rock, everything going black.

      The hunter ran towards her, and saw her lying in the middle of an ice-cold
      stream. Already thick blood was conjugating on the surface, pouring from her
      mouth, nose, and ears. Her face was partly buried in the water, and only her
      arm, caught between several rocks held her from being sucked downstream, but
      the water�s pace was banging her into them. He spat on her, �serves ya
      right, fuckin� mutie bitch.�

      Logan swallowed the last of his beer, signaling for another one. He stared
      at the empty bottle, his thoughts over a thousand miles away, with a
      brown-haired, white-streaked, glove-covered, southern belle. The door blew
      open behind him, a gust of cold air blowing in, amidst a small swirl of late
      spring snow. Logan barely acknowledged the presence, until he heard the
      worn out voice. �Ay, 'as anyone seen her?� He spun around on his barstool,
      the man that in the doorway was in his early forties, thick honey brown hair
      dampened against the sides of his head. Warm green eyes searched the faces
      in the room.
      �Julian?� Logan narrowed his eyes, he knew this man, but he could not
      remember from where, but Logan knew he was a friend.
      �Logan,� Julian stumbled foreword, Logan caught him as he began to fall.

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