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OT: [Fwd: Bad news for Melma, you can help.]

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  • tosh
    Hi guys. Sorry for the Off-Topicness about this, but I m desperate. If you can help me, please let me know. ... Subject: Bad news for Melma, you can help.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2002
      Hi guys. Sorry for the Off-Topicness about this, but I'm
      desperate. If you can help me, please let me know.

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      Subject: Bad news for Melma, you can help.
      Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 11:09:46 +0800
      From: tosh <tosh@...>
      Newsgroups: alt.cats

      Hi everyone.

      I've been in a very wrought state this morning, and it's been a
      heartbreaking past hour. Our cat Melma (who I don't talk about
      much but love dearly) probably has skin cancer on her nose and
      ears. The vet said there wasn't a lot of doubt that it was skin
      cancer (she had some name for it,... squa something, she said it
      was malignant) and that the cat's ears and possibly nose will
      have to go. Her lymph nodes aren't swollen, and she said that's
      a good sign. She said the rest of her body is fine, it's just
      the nose and the ears that are the problem.

      The problem is this: The surgery will cost us between $600 and
      $900 dollars australian, possibly more. I simply don't have that
      kind of money. I want to give this cat the best chance she can
      have, because she's a fighter. Some time ago, she got hit by a
      car following us across the street. She went to the vet and was
      saved. What I didn't realise was how miraculous her survival
      actually was. I mentioned it to the vet today, she said that she
      actually already knew of that case because it was so amazing how
      Melma fought back and kept living. I thought that was so
      wonderful, and I knew then that I can't give up on Melma. She's
      never *ever* given up on me, that's for sure. She's been there
      every time I was crying, every time I needed a hug. I've been
      guilty of preferring my other cats over her, only because she was
      my sister's cat, and I didn't nurse her from kittenhood because
      she wasn't mine, but lately I've felt a more mature and deep
      relationship building with her, and I've come more to realise how
      much I love her.

      Anyways, the point is, I'm going to try to borrow the money of my
      parents, but they won't let me have it unless they know they're
      going to get it back and soon. I can't depend on the job market
      because I've been trying to get a job the past *two years* more
      permanent than a few contracts, and it hasn't been happening for

      I'm going to start putting the word out wherever I can that I'll
      be selling my own artwork to save Melma. I thought I'd let you
      all know in case you wanted a nice portrait of your pet, or hell
      - if you just wanted a nice painting, period. All of the
      following prices are US dollars, btw, except for other countries
      who do not have to pay the US equivalent in their own currency.
      (Reasons which are pretty fair. Despite currency values in
      financial circles, if you buy a chocolate bar in Australia for
      two dollars, and then go to America, you'll still pay two dollars
      for it, only two dollars american, effectively doubling the
      price. I've firsthand experience at this, so please don't think
      I'm diddling Americans or anything, I'm just trying to keep
      things fair for everybody). Prices start at 15 dollars for
      graphite drawings on A4 watercolour cartridge, plus postage
      costs. Colour on the same material costs 35. The prices go up
      from there, if people are interested in anything specific, feel
      free to email me. I'm more than willing to talk to you
      personally and tailor a portrait/artwork to suite your needs.

      I do sculptures out of air-hardening clay as well, I work in a
      range of mediums and I work pretty quickly. I guess it can be
      seen that I'm willing to do as much as I can to save this cat,
      because I really *really* love her. I'll also be busking (doing
      my music live as street performance) to try and raise some cash.
      I'll probably only get about 10 to 20 dollars a day (Australian)
      if I'm lucky.

      Keep an eye on http://www.nancylorenz.com to see my progress.
      Right now it's an obit for George Harrison, but I'll be changing
      it today to get things going for the Melma Fund.

      I'll be putting pictures of Melma up in
      alt.pictures.binaries.animals so you all can see what this cat
      looks like. She has been a tremendous fighter, and is the purest
      and sweetest darling you'd ever want to meet. If you can help me
      save her, even just by buying a silly drawing, I'd be so

      You can see some of my artworks at
      http://www.fortunecity.com/divastar All artworks except
      copyrighted materials, have fine-quality signed gloss print
      copies for sale. The originals are not in the right condition
      for selling, I'm afraid. They've been bashed about a bit by
      being in my art drawer for two long. They were scanned at peak
      condition, however, and the quality of the prints are very very
      good. They're better than our professional printers (I've
      arranged for prints by them and they totally sucked). Very vivid
      colour. I'll be signing with nice pens too. I can also do A3
      prints, but it might be a bit fuzzy. Not that you'll tell from
      across the room, but hey. Just letting you know. The prints
      (A4 colour) will be 10 american, plus postage. Sorry for the
      cost but the ink is very expensive (as is the high gloss paper).

      Sorry to be begging on list like this. Thanks for your time.

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