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[META] Annual Comic Book Fanfic Awards (from OTL)....

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  • Minisinoo
    Thought I would pass this note of Indigo s on (and hope that I don t duplicate anyone already doing so). Particularly xmenmoviefanfic and wrbeta don t have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2002
      Thought I would pass this note of Indigo's on (and hope that I don't
      duplicate anyone already doing so). Particularly xmenmoviefanfic and
      wrbeta don't have much crossover membership with OTL
      (outsidethelines) -- I don't think. As far as I can tell, movieverse
      fanfic is *also* welcome in the awards, not just comicverse. There
      are lots of categories. Go look. :) --Min

      From Indigo:
      Just got the URLS from Kielle, so here we go.

      Subreality and all points -- it is that time of year again. the
      Comic Book Fan Fiction Awards are back. The usual suspects are
      already warming up their keyboards for this year's outing.

      The awards for 2002 are for fanfics written in the year 2001, save
      for the Hall of Fame category. There have a great deal of excellent
      stories and series by new names and old familiar ones over the past
      year. The CBFFAs are a fanfic tradition since 1998, and they need
      YOU to be complete -- without votes and nominations, there can be no

      So spread the word. Visit the sites and vote for your favourite
      stories of 2001.

      Previous winners for your viewing and voting reference can be found
      on CFAN at: http://www.subreality.com/cfan/cbffa/winners-old.htm

      The rules for voting are at:

      If you've got a webpage or an archive and would like to participate
      advertising the event, linking graphics to advertise 2002's CBFFAs
      are at:

      Feel free to distribute this press release to any comic fanfiction
      mailing list to which you belong that hasn't already seen it.

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