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Fic: Three For The Road (NC17) 3/3

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    Chapter 3: Peace Reigns And We All Get Wet Summary: Kitty is a very lucky girl in this chapter. WARNING: Just a reminder that this chapter carries a very
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      Chapter 3: Peace Reigns And We All Get Wet
      Summary: Kitty is a very lucky girl in this chapter.

      WARNING: Just a reminder that this chapter carries a very strong NC-17 rating.

      Author�s note: The age of legal consent in Ohio, where this takes place, is sixteen. http://www.ageofconsent.com/ageofconsent.htm

      Thanks to sessions with the Professor, Logan had become adept at waking himself when he was at the fringes of a nightmare, which allowed it to be interrupted before the visions became too intense. Logan stirred and slowly became cognizant of his surroundings. As with any two bodies occupying the same small space, eventually Logan and Kitty had gravitated toward each other.

      That�s why Logan found Kitty tucked into his side, her head resting lightly on his bare chest and one leg casually swung over his. Logan�s eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, the only light being provided by the slice of moonlight peeking through the draperies that weren�t closed all the way. He looked down at the sleeping girl in his arms, her breathing even and shallow, even in the diminished light he could still see her delicate features set in a smooth ivory complexion, a smattering of freckles across her nose, long dark eyelashes that dusted the tops of her cheeks, cupid bow lips that looked so soft and very kissable. Kathryn Pryde was surely going to break many hearts at Xavier�s Logan thought as he reached out his hand and stroked her cheek gently. Kitty shifted, let out a soft sigh and then her eyes fluttered open.

      �Sorry. I didn�t mean to wake you up,� Logan whispered.

      �It�s okay,� Kitty sighed sleepily and snuggled into him tighter.

      Logan moved to wrap his arms around her and the gesture seemed to make Kitty aware of exactly where she was and whom she was with because she sat up sharply.

      �What�s wrong?� Logan asked as he also moved into an upright position.

      Kitty just stared at him; her eyes wide open by this time. Not exactly sure what was wrong, Logan gathered her to him and rocked her gently.

      �It�s okay, Kitty,� he said as he stroked her hair.

      Putting her small hands against his chest, Kitty pushed away from him.

      �I�m fine, it�s just that�..� Kitty hesitated, unable to find the words.

      �Did you have a bad dream?� Logan inquired, his voice showing genuine concern.

      �I don�t think anyone waking up in your arms would consider that a bad dream,� Kitty answered with a soft laugh.

      Logan smiled and moved to brush a strand of hair off of Kitty�s face. When Kitty leaned into his touch, he found his hand caressing her cheek. That�s when he smelled it; she was aroused. When she stuck her tongue out to moisten her dry lips Logan leaned down and lightly brushed his lips over hers. Kitty let out a surprised squeak and then did something Logan wasn�t expecting � she returned the gesture with a little more pressure than Logan had applied. Logan�s hand moved to the back of Kitty�s head and he held her mouth against his as his tongue came out to lick at the seam of her lips. Kitty parted them slightly, but it was just enough for Logan to sink his tongue into her mouth. Logan lowered them to the bed, their mouths still fused together as their tongues tangled. Kitty threaded her fingers through Logan�s thick hair as one of Logan�s hands began a gentle exploration of her body, making him hard.

      They were in full make out mode and didn�t hear Scott stir in the next bed. He�d woken up to use the bathroom, but it wasn�t until he was coming back out and about the turn off the bathroom light that he noticed his roommates were not only awake, but engaged in activity. The light from the bathroom illuminated the room just enough for him to see exactly what they were doing.

      Momentarily stunned at the scandalous display before him, it took Scott a couple of minutes before he was even able to move.

      �What the hell do you think you�re doing?� he finally managed to shout as he stood at the foot of their bed.

      Logan and Kitty broke apart and both of them bolted upright at the sound of Scott�s furious voice.

      �I knew it,� Scott continued loudly, �I knew you wouldn�t be able to keep your lecherous hands off of her, you bastard.�

      �Mind your own business, Boy Scout and go back to sleep,� Logan said as he threaded his hands around Kitty�s body, pulled her against him and nuzzled her neck.

      �I�m certainly not gonna simply go back to sleep and let you molest her,� Scott replied hotly.

      �I�m not being molested,� Kitty said indignantly.

      �Logan, you�ve got approximately ten seconds to get your ass out of that bed or find yourself in a ten-story free fall when I blast you outta the window,� Scott warned.

      At that threat, Kitty scooted off the bed and stood before Scott. He noticed she was still fully dressed so thankfully he�d stopped Logan before anything more serious had happened beyond him copping a feel. It was then that Scott noticed the mischievous look on Kitty�s face just before she pulled his head down and kissed him right on the mouth.

      Scott was temporarily stunned by the action and then even more so by his own reaction. He pulled her against him and deepened the kiss, his tongue seeking the warmth of her mouth. They finally broke apart, both of them gulping for air. Kitty undid the buttons of her pajama top and let the material fall open just enough for Scott to catch a glimpse of her small but firm breasts. She undid his pajama top, slid it off his shoulders and down his arms, then tossed it on the floor. When she took his hand and backed up toward the bed taking him with her, he didn�t protest. They climbed onto the bed and Kitty scooted backward until she was next to Logan, who�d just removed his sweats and thrown them on the floor beside the bed and was now displaying an impressive erection. She fell back into Logan�s outstretched waiting arms, taking Scott down with her. Logan�s arms came up to wrap around Kitty as Scott laid claim to her mouth. Scott continued kissing her on the mouth as Logan maneuvered to place his mouth on the side of her throat. Logan shifted again and slid out from under Kitty until he was lying by her side. Scott had released Kitty�s mouth and was trailing a path of feathery kisses down onto her throat while Logan spread the pajama top apart and placed his mouth on one of Kitty�s breast. He pressed open-mouthed kisses to the side, gradually working his way toward the nipple, which he licked before vacuuming it into his mouth and sucking gently. By this time Scott had reached the other breast and began sucking on that nipple. Kitty squirmed as both men continued worshipping her breasts with their hot mouths. Scott�s hand gently caressed her stomach, while Logan�s moved down, slipped under the pajama bottom and between her legs, which Kitty spread cooperatively. He brushed his fingers through the soft curls at the junction of her thighs before moving them slightly lower to stroke her clit, bringing her to a quick orgasm. Logan then moved down the bed, pulled the pajama bottoms off, spread her legs a little more and replaced his fingers with his mouth.

      Scott sat up, peeled off his pajama bottoms, exposing his own equally impressive cock, and then looked down at Logan running his tongue over Kitty, his hands holding her thighs apart. The tip of Logan�s nose was rubbing against Kitty�s clit as he sunk his tongue into her. Scott watched in fascination as Logan quickly brought Kitty to her second climax. Logan then sat up, pushed Scott down into the mattress, stripped Kitty�s pajama top off and arranged her on top of Scott so that the back of her now completely naked body was pressed along the length of Scott�s, his cock hot and hard against her soft skin. Logan reached over to his wallet on the nightstand and pulled out a condom, ripped open the packet and rolled it on. He then positioned himself between Kitty�s legs, lifted her bottom a little and knowing she was wet and ready, penetrated her smoothly. He took her hands and raised them above her head as he pushed in further and began thrusting slowly. Scott slid his hands between Kitty and Logan and massaged Kitty�s breasts. Kitty was effectively sandwiched between the two men, but Logan made sure he didn�t lean all of his weight down onto them.

      Kitty started to move her hips in a circular motion and the movement had a caressing effect on Scott�s cock that was pressed against her bottom. She turned her head toward Scott and he latched onto her sweet little mouth as Logan nuzzled his face into her neck, licking at it on the pulse point. Kitty wrapped her legs around Logan�s hips as he thrust into her even further and harder, that action making her bottom rub against Scott�s cock even firmer. They rocked together like that until all three climaxed almost simultaneously, with Scott�s semen spurting onto the small of Kitty�s back. Logan pulled out, rolled over onto his back, peeled the condom off, and tossed it onto the floor. Kitty just stayed where she was, stretched out along Scott�s body, still shaking from her third orgasm. Scott enfolded her in his embrace and tangled his legs with hers. He was still breathing hard himself and trying to fathom what had just happened. He didn�t have time to analyze the situation for long because Logan was sitting up and holding out a small foil packet to him.

      Wordlessly, Scott took the condom, eased out from under Kitty and shifted so that he was now kneeling beside her. Her body was still flushed pink and she had a satisfied smile tugging at the corners of her succulent mouth. Scott felt himself harden again at the wanton sight and he quickly tore open the foil packet with his teeth. He rolled the condom on and then pulling Kitty up, positioned her above his lap, guided himself to her entrance and then lowered her down onto his erection, wrapping her legs around his hips. Kitty wiggled her bottom and pressed down until Scott was buried in her to the hilt. He wrapped his arms around her slim body as she gripped his shoulders and began rocking on him. Logan rolled onto his side, propped his head up with one hand and watched with great interest. Scott couldn�t believe that he was making love to someone while another person watched. He�d never felt so decadent in his entire life.

      Just then Logan moved again, this time coming up behind Kitty. He pressed himself into Kitty�s back and slipped his hands between her and Scott, moving them up to cup her breasts. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and pinched them gently as he leaned down and pressed moist kisses to her neck as Scott laid siege to her mouth. Kitty reached behind her, took Logan�s hard cock into her small hand and began an up and down pumping action. Logan, meanwhile, moved one of his hands down until he slipped his fingers between Kitty�s legs and rubbed the little bundle of nerves, Scott�s cock mere millimeters away as he continued to thrust up into her. Kitty arched her back and leaned her shoulders against Logan�s chest as Scott�s hands encircled her waist to steady her as she rode him.

      �Oh God, I�m gonna come,� Scott moaned.

      Logan�s fingers rubbed Kitty�s clit harder; her whimpering indicated she was close, too. He heard her heart rate accelerate even more and with a well-practiced flick of his fingers took over the edge just as Scott exploded in his own climax. Kitty went limp in Logan�s arms and he pulled her off of Scott as Scott fell backward onto the bed and lay there breathing hard. Logan cradled Kitty�s boneless form against his chest and brushed her sweat-dampened hair off of her face.

      �Goddamn. That. Was. Amazing,� Scott managed to choke out.

      Kitty just sighed softly.

      Logan�s still hard cock against her back reminded her about something. She sat up and turned to face him.

      �You didn�t come, did you?� she asked.

      �No,� Logan replied honestly.

      Wrapping her small hand around his thick shaft, Kitty leaned down and pressed a kiss to the head of Logan�s cock. She then licked at it, swirling her tongue in circles for a while before taking him into her mouth completely. Logan quickly learned that Kitty had a very talented mouth and it wasn�t long before he shot his hot seed down her throat.

      �Feeling better?� she asked as she sat up when he�d finished.

      �Much,� Logan replied with a satisfied smile.

      �I suppose you want me to do the same thing for you?� she asked Scott coquettishly.

      �Well, that would be fair,� Scott replied coyly.

      Kitty went to move over him when Logan stopped her.

      �I have an idea,� Logan began, �Scott, turn around, sit up and lean back against the headboard.�

      Scott moved into the position. Logan then placed Kitty on all fours between Scott�s legs and then lay on his back and scooted under her. As Kitty bent her face down into Scott�s lap, Logan lowered Kitty onto his face. Logan licked at Kitty�s sweet little pussy while she sucked on Scott�s cock. Scott erupted first and then Kitty continued to rock on Logan�s face until she too detonated in yet another intense orgasm. All three collapsed in a damp, sweat-soaked heap, exhausted, but extremely satiated. Logan crawled off the bed and stumbled into the bathroom. When he re-emerged he saw that Scott and Kitty had already fallen asleep curled around each other, so he climbed under the covers of the other bed, sank back against the pillows and promptly fell fast asleep himself.

      When Logan woke up the next morning he glanced over at the other bed to find that Scott and Kitty were making love, so he quietly eased out of his bed and went to take a shower. He was pleasantly surprised when just as he finished rinsing the shampoo out of his hair the glass door opened and Kitty joined him. Soon he had her back pressed up against the tile wall, her legs wrapped around his waist and was thrusting up into her. Kitty was making little whimpering moans while Logan made low growling noises with each powerful thrust. He was close to coming when he remembered that he hadn�t stopped to put on a condom. He knew he was healthy, but he didn�t want to leave behind a *souvenir* of this little trip, so he moved to pull out.

      �It�s okay, I�m on the pill,� Kitty told him, as if sensing why he was about to withdraw.

      �Smart girl,� Logan replied as he pushed back in and climaxed with a reverberating growl.

      Hearing such a sexy sound emanate from Logan was enough to send Kitty over the edge herself and wrapped in his muscular arms, she shattered in her own white-hot orgasm.

      After they�d gotten out of the shower and dried each other off, but before Kitty had a chance to put on any clothes, Logan slung her over his shoulder, carried her back over to the bed where Scott was laying and the three of them proceeded to work up an appetite for breakfast. They were more than two hours late getting on the road, but for once Scott didn�t complain that they were messing up his precious schedule.

      After getting back to the mansion, Kitty made a habit of sneaking out of her room after lights out and spending the night in Logan�s room enfolded in the embrace of her two lovers. Charles found out what was happening because of the strong projections all three were emanating, but was torn about what to do. On the one hand it was totally inappropriate for two teachers to be sexually involved with a student, but on the other hand Scott and Logan had never gotten along better and peace finally reigned. As Kitty appeared to be the only one receiving Logan and Scott�s attentions and nobody else, including Jean, knew about it, Charles decided not to intercede.

      A couple of months later Charles needed someone to go pick up the new teacher he�d hired. The Blackbird was out of commission for a few days while it was being refitted with some upgrades, which meant making the trip by car. Charles wasn�t at all surprised when Logan and Scott volunteered for the assignment. As the men went to pack their overnight bags he placed a call to Meridian, Mississippi.

      �Hello, Marie, it�s Charles Xavier,� he said, �I just wanted to inform you that my people are on their way.�


      THE END

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