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Fw: Three For The Road (NC-17) 2/3

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  • kittenrescue
    Disclaimers, etc in chapter one. Chapter Two: Long Day’s Journey Into Night When they stopped for something to eat, Kitty noticed that despite the
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      Disclaimers, etc in chapter one.
      Chapter Two: Long Day�s Journey Into Night

      When they stopped for something to eat, Kitty noticed that despite the sunglasses, Scott was watching her intently, especially as she dipped her french fries into the puddle of ketchup. She then proceeded to lick the excess sauce off of her fingers, noticing how Scott�s chiseled features quivered slightly at the seductive display. Unfortunately for Scott, it didn�t escape Logan�s attention either and he gave him a conspiratorial wink. Flustered, Scott tipped over his water glass, which splashed some water onto Kitty. When Scott apologized for getting Kitty wet, Logan almost spewed out his mouthful of beer. If Kitty caught the rude connotation of the exchange, she didn�t acknowledge it as she dabbed a napkin on the wet spot on her leg. During the conversation Kitty discovered that Logan didn�t currently have a girlfriend and Scott was fighting with his. From the fierce looks the two men exchanged at the mentioned of Scott�s estranged girlfriend, Kitty was fairly certain Logan had something to do with the current poor condition of Scott�s love life. Kitty shared the information that she�d lost her virginity to her father�s forty-five year old business partner, which garnered a discreet, yet astute, exchange between the two men. Kitty didn�t notice the corner of Logan�s mouth turn up into a half smile as he quirked an eyebrow at Scott or that Scott flashed a quick, yet embarrassed, grin back.

      As they walked back out to the car, Logan insisted on driving, citing Scott�s little old lady driving style as pure torture.

      �Just because I observe the posted speed limit doesn�t make me a little old lady,� Scott retorted.

      �Listen, Granny, Kitty and I could jog faster than you�re driving. Right, Kitty?�

      �I�m a teenager, I�m predisposed to driving fast, so anything that�s less than at least twenty miles over the speed limit is gonna seem slow to me,� Kitty replied with a shrug.

      �Thanks a lot, you�re no help,� Scott said.

      �Sorry, Mr. Summers,� Kitty answered apologetically as Logan grinned and winked at her.

      Kitty felt a hot blush flash through her.

      There were a few more minutes of arguing, and then Scott eventually acquiesced and relinquished the keys to Logan.

      As Kitty bounced ahead to the car, Logan told Scott, �You�d could sit in the back with her while I play chauffeur. The most fun in a car usually takes place in the back seat.�

      �You have a filthy mind,� Scott replied in a shocked tone.

      �Oh come on, Scooter, nobody�s that big of a boy scout. Christ, lighten up already.�

      �Do I have to keep reminding you that she�s seventeen?�

      �Yeah, and not a virgin, who�s apparently into older men. And do I hafta point out that you haven�t stopped staring at her like she�s some kinda dessert on a buffet table?�

      �I have not!� Scott protested.

      �Are you kidding? I thought maybe her bra contained a weird compound that was acting as some kinda magnetic pull on the ruby quartz.�

      �I�m not having inappropriate thoughts about Kitty,� Scott muttered through clenched teeth.

      �You know, Scooter, one day all that sexual tension you�ve got bottled up is gonna explode, making Hiroshima seem like a cherry bomb by comparison.�

      �I do *not* have bottled up sexual tension,� Scott replied as he strained to keep his temper in check.

      �Yeah, then why are you bright red and have little wisps of steam coming outta your ears?�

      Kitty had noticed that the two men had stopped in the middle of the parking lot and appeared to be having yet another heated discussion. She watched in amusement as Scott turned beet red as he clenched his fists by his side in an apparent attempt to maintain control. Logan had his arms crossed over his chest and seemed highly entertained by the whole exchange. Obviously they didn�t like each other and could barely tolerate being anywhere in the vicinity of one another, so Kitty wondered whose bright idea it was to send them together to pick her up.

      She just stood there watching them, which was not altogether an unpleasant thing as they were two of the best looking men she�d ever laid eyes on. The skintight jeans they were both poured into just added to the whole delightful visual. When extremely naughty thoughts of what they�d both look like naked crept into her brain, she shook her head as if that would work to shake loose such inappropriate thoughts. Apparently that failed, because the next picture that flashed through her mind was one of her running her small hands over well-muscled naked flesh. From the deep �V� in Logan�s black cashmere sweater she knew he had a hairy chest, but Scott�s buttoned up to the neck cream-colored silk shirt unfortunately didn�t reveal anything about what lurked beneath, but Kitty�s fervent imagination told her it was probably pretty spectacular. Just then Logan turned sharply to look at her, which broke her out of her erotic daydream. The heated look he threw her made her blush for the second time and she quickly cast her eyes down to the ground. Shit! Was he a telepath? She realized that she didn�t know what either of their *gifts* were, other than being drop-dead gorgeous Greek gods come to life. Kitty decided she would have to keep her thoughts in check from now on, as difficult as that would be.

      They�d been on the road for approximately six and a half hours and it was already nightfall when they entered the city limits for Columbus, Ohio, so Logan suggested they call it a day and find a hotel.

      �But we�re not to the halfway point yet,� Scott said.

      �We�ve gotta be pretty close, don�t we?� Logan asked.

      �Well, we�ve gone 382 miles in six and a half hours � according to my calculations the halfway point is 412 miles and seven hours, so we still have a little ways to go. Maybe we should just keep going,� Scott replied, checking his notes.

      �You�ve gotta be kidding?�

      �No. Technically we haven�t reached the halfway point and I thought we�d agreed to wait until we reached that point before stopping,� Scott replied quite seriously.

      Logan shot him an exasperated look. Kitty settled back into the seat, prepared to be entertained by yet another round of verbal jousting. When a vision of the two as half-naked sweaty gladiators duking it out at the Coliseum played out before her, she remembered that she still hadn�t found out whether Logan was telepathic or not and tried to suppress the raunchy image. Meanwhile, the sparring continued.

      �How about if I drive around in circles for another half an hour and put thirty miles on the odometer, will that do?� Logan asked in frustration.

      �What would be the point in that?� Scott asked, perplexed at that plan.

      �Exactly. What fucking difference does such a piss-ant amount make? So we drive on for another millimeter on the map, who gives a crap? Do you, Kitty?� Logan asked addressing Kitty in the back seat.

      �I�m ready to sleep on a nice soft mattress instead of the back seat,� Kitty replied not even attempting to suppress a yawn.

      �See, the kid�s tired, we�re stopping now, not in thirty miles and half an hour, Mr. Anal,� Logan informed Scott.

      �I am *not* anal,� Scott replied in a huff.

      Logan snorted, �Oh yes you are, Scooter. You need to have Jeannie give you an extra-strength enema or shove the garden hose up your ass to uncork yourself.�

      �Do you mind?� Scott snapped as he indicated Kitty with a backward nod of his head.

      Kitty giggled and Scott quietly seethed because Logan had embarrassed him once again.

      Logan turned onto Nationwide Boulevard in downtown Columbus and drove along until he pulled up in front of the elegant looking Crowne Plaza Hotel.

      �This place looks decent,� Logan said as he cut the engine, �Let�s go.�

      �I can�t wait to take a nice long, hot shower,� Kitty said as she got out and stretched.

      They retrieved their overnight bags from the trunk then Logan handed the keys to the valet and they proceeded into the well-appointed lobby. The front desk clerk informed them that there were several major conventions in town and they only had one room left and that was only because of a last minute cancellation.

      �We�ll just have to go somewhere else,� Scott said.

      �I�m afraid you�ll find that most of the hotels in the immediate surrounding area are fully booked. You may have some luck in the outlying areas,� the desk clerk told them.

      �I�m not in the mood to play musical hotels,� Logan said, �We�ll just have to make this work.�

      Scott pulled Logan aside and said in a hushed tone, �Logan, if we�re lucky they�ll be two beds in the room, but there are still three of us � do the math.�

      �Maybe you�ll get lucky and Kitty will share.�

      �You�re not even remotely funny,� Scott replied.

      �Christ almighty, Scooter, you can have one of the beds, Kitty can have the other one and I�ll sleep on the goddamn floor. Problem solved. You can dig your underwear outta your ass now.�

      And with that Logan returned to the desk, pulled out the school�s platinum American Express card and told the clerk they�d take the room. Five minutes later they were in the elevator riding up to the tenth floor, Scott still grinding his teeth, Logan smirking and Kitty amused by the whole scenario.

      Scott slid the access card through the slot, pushed the door open and stepped aside to let Kitty enter.

      �Ladies first,� he said as he made a sweeping gesture.

      �Such a gentleman,� Kitty murmured as she eased past him into the room.

      �Such a gentleman,� Logan mimicked and pinched Scott�s cheek as he followed right behind Kitty into the room.

      Scott was tempted to kick Logan in the ass, but decided he didn�t feel like having to explain to the Professor why they�d had to charge a roomful of broken furniture to the school�s credit card.

      Luckily there were two beds in the room. Kitty immediately pounced onto the bed closest to the window yelling, �Dibs!�

      Scott tossed his overnight bag onto the other bed, while Logan just dropped his onto the floor.

      �I say we freshen up and then head out for some dinner,� Scott suggested.

      �Sounds like a plan. I�m starving,� Logan said.

      �What�s new about that? You�re always hungry,� Scott replied.

      �Gotta keep up my strength to fight all those baddies,� Logan said as he flexed a nicely muscled arm and directed a wink at Kitty, who smiled and blushed.

      Scott just let out a loud �tut�, grabbed his bag and headed into the bathroom. When he emerged a few minutes later he found Logan and Kitty in the midst of changing, having not bothered to wait for their turns in the bathroom. Logan was still in his jeans, but bare-chested as he rummaged through his bag, while Kitty was down to only her bra and panties � a matching set in a deep plum color. Scott felt his mouth go dry and his throat close over, as he couldn�t tear his eyes away from the vision before him. Most of the blood in his body headed south and his jeans suddenly became very restrictive. He turned around swiftly and dashed back into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. Logan chuckled to himself as he selected a new shirt and put it on.

      �What�s his problem?� Kitty asked, disappointed that her view of Logan�s magnificent bare chest was being covered up again.

      �Oh that,� Logan said jokingly, �He always gets a little over-excited when I don�t have a shirt on.�

      �I bet you have that effect on a lot of people,� Kitty replied mischievously as she wiggled into a short skirt and then pulled on a tight top with a low scoop neck.

      �I�m just kidding, you know? He doesn�t really have any latent homosexual tendencies,� Logan said, then with a worried expression added, �At least I hope not. I�ve showered in front of him.�

      �I�m not gay!� shouted a voice from the bathroom.

      �Good to know,� Kitty shouted back.

      Scott emerged a few minutes later looking only slightly more composed than when he�d charged into the bathroom, but attempted to regain control of the situation.

      �Let�s go eat,� he ordered.

      On the way out of the room Scott said to Logan, �Where�d you learn to whisper, anyway, a weapons testing facility?�

      They decided not to venture away from the hotel, so they had a choice of three restaurants � the elegant Morton�s of Chicago, the slightly more casual Max and Erma�s or the very casual Boulevard Caf�. As Logan insisted on some *real* food, i.e.: something that once *mooed*, Morton�s won. Dinner was uneventful except when Scott nearly popped a blood vessel because Logan allowed Kitty to have a glass of wine.

      Back in the room and settled in for the evening Kitty suggested they pay for an in-room movie. Logan asked if there was anything X-rated offered and Scott told him that even if there was, which was highly unlikely in such a classy establishment, he wouldn�t allow it anyway. Kitty and Logan each tossed a pillow at him. After they�d perused the limited selection and not seeing anything that appealed to them, the men acquiesced to Kitty�s choice of �Bridget Jones� Diary�. Logan changed into a pair of sleep sweats and Scott put on a pair of silk pajamas while Kitty was in the bathroom showering. Logan suddenly had the urge to pee and nonchalantly walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him before Scott had the chance to protest.

      Kitty was startled to see a shadow through the frosted glass door of the shower stall. She opened the door just a sliver and peered out to see Logan standing there just as casual as can be, using the toilet.

      �Had to pee,� he said matter-of-factly.

      �Oh,� was all Kitty managed to eek out as her eyes traveled down just enough to��..oh my! She retreated back into the safety of the shower stall and slammed the door shut.

      �You need any help washing your back�..or any other parts?� Logan teased.

      �No, I�m fine. Thanks for asking,� Kitty squeaked back.

      Logan exited the bathroom to find Scott standing there, jaw clenched tightly, his arms folded across his chest and trying his hardest to look intimidating.

      �What the fuck are doing, Logan?� Scott challenged.

      �Scott, I�m telling you, an extra-strength enema would do you a world of good,� Logan replied, not the least bit threatened by the younger man.

      �I�m warning you, Logan, whatever you think you�ve got planned concerning Kitty, forget it.�

      �Aren�t you worried about nose bleeds at that altitude?� Logan asked.

      �What are you talking about?� Scott asked, confused by the strange question.

      �I�m talking about that high moral horse you insist on riding around on.�

      �Well, excuse me if unlike you, I don�t attempt to screw everything that can�t outrun me.�

      �Not everything, Scooter, but fucking hell you never take anyone up on their offer. Betsy has been chasing you for the past three months, although I question her taste in men, but you act like she�s got a disease. Well, one that can�t be cured with a visit to the free clinic and a shot of penicillin, anyway.�

      �I take my commitment to Jean very seriously and once we can get past her one-time lapse of judgment with you, everything will be fine.�

      �One time?� Logan chortled.

      Scott�s face fell.

      �You mean that day I caught you in the medlab wasn�t the first time you two were�..together?�

      �That was the first time with me, but there�ve been others before. I thought you knew. Jeannie wasn�t exactly subtle.�

      �Yes, I know she flirts, but�.� Scott began.

      �Scott, she�s done every guy past puberty at the school � Remy, St. John, Bobby, Hank � hell, she�s probably climbed into old Chuck�s lap, too.�

      Scott sunk down onto the edge of the bed, the news of Jean�s rampant infidelities apparently a huge surprise. Logan ran his hand through his hair and tried to think of what to say next.

      �I honestly thought you knew and just forgave her every time. I just figured you were having a harder time forgiving her this time, �cause, you know, it was me.�

      �I did have my suspicions, but I just pushed them into my subconscious. I guess I just couldn�t accept the fact that she�d actually be unfaithful.�

      �What are you gonna do?�

      �Move into my own room. I was having a hard enough time moving passed what she did with you. I can�t be with her knowing she�s been with everyone. I have more pride than that.�

      �I�m sorry, Scott,� Logan said genuinely.

      �It�s okay, I would�ve found out sooner or later � caught her with someone else.�

      Just then Kitty emerged from the bathroom, now wearing a pair of pale pink fleecy pajamas.

      �Ready for the movie?� she asked innocent of the bombshell that had just recently ignited in the room.

      �What�s it about?� Scott asked, glad for the change of subject.

      �It�s about this woman and the two men in her life,� Kitty replied as she settled herself on the bed on her stomach.

      �Perfect,� Logan said as Scott let out a low groan.

      Piling a stack of pillows against the headboard, Logan parked himself on the bed next to Kitty. He was sound asleep fifteen minutes into the movie. When the movie was over, Scott told Kitty to wake Logan up so that he could move onto the floor.

      �He�s sound asleep, the poor baby. It would be cruel to wake him up,� Kitty said.

      �Well, he can�t stay there and I doubt you wanna sleep on the hard floor.�

      �Why can�t he stay there?� Kitty asked.

      �Because it�s not appropriate,� Scott replied in frustration.

      �He�s asleep! I won�t let you wake him up and that�s the end of the discussion,� Kitty said firmly.

      As the maid service had already turned down the beds, it was just a matter of pulling the comforter over Logan. Kitty then slipped under the covers on the other side and turned so that her back was to Logan.

      �Goodnight, Scott,� she whispered.

      �Goodnight, Kitty,� Scott whispered back as he shut the light off throwing the room into darkness.


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