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Fic: Three For The Road (NC-17) 1/3

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  • kittenrescue
    Title: Three For The Road Author: Karen Email: kittenrescue@hotmail.com Disclaimer: I disavow all knowledge…….oh, wait that’s Mission Impossible –
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2002
      Title: Three For The Road

      Author: Karen

      Email: kittenrescue@...

      Disclaimer: I disavow all knowledge��.oh, wait that�s Mission Impossible � never mind.

      Rating: STRONG NC-17

      Archive Rights: If you already have my other stuff, that�s fine � anyone else, please ask first, if I�m not experiencing PMS at the time, I might even say yes.

      Feedback: Second only to being sandwiched naked between an equally naked Logan and Scott.

      Category: Menage-a-trois smut.

      Summary: Scott and Logan are sent to Illinois to pick up Kitty � interesting things happen on the journey back to Westchester. Can you say �ooh la la�?

      WARNING: If the idea of two grown men with a seventeen year-old girl squicks you out, read no further. If you read it anyway and get grossed out, I�d appreciate you not bothering to flame me about it.

      Author�s Notes: Logan hasn�t met Marie yet in this storyline � so he�s not cheating on her. I�d set out to write a three-way with Marie on the receiving end of Logan and Scott�s *attentions* after conning Terri into dealing with that particular plot bunny first and promising her I�d write my own *�take* on the scenario. However, another fic featuring that same trio has recently been posted and so I decided to make Kitty the lucky recipient of some loving from our two favorite *hotties*.

      Thanks to Taryn and Terri for previewing this baby and to Jonas, who gave me a guy's approval on the naughty part.

      Dedicated to Terri in honor of her birthday on New Year�s Eve. Happy Birthday, Babe.

      Charles had reached the end of his proverbial *rope*. The incessant macho posturing between Scott and Logan was enough to severely try the patience of Job. The pair argued over every minor nuance, often with the fights turning physical. While Logan healed immediately, Scott was spending more time in the medlab getting patched up than he was doing anything else. The latest brawl had occurred when Scott had returned early from a pick-up mission to discover Jean lying on her desk in the medlab office, her skirt hiked up around her waist, her legs splayed open and Logan standing between them with his jeans down around his ankles. Scott was so furious at Jean that he�d refused to let her tend to him after the ensuing fight, so Charles had to ask Hank to work his day off.

      A few days later Charles summoned both men to his office, but instead of intending to reiterate his usual speech that obviously wasn�t having any effect, he�d formulated another plan.

      �I�m sending you two on a mission together. Just the two of you,� Charles informed them.

      Scott who�d been sitting stiffly in a chair and Logan who�d been restlessly pacing both shouted �No way� at the same time � except Logan had added �fucking� to his reply.

      �I�m afraid you don�t have a choice,� Charles replied firmly.

      �With all due respect, sir, I�m usually the one who makes out the assignments,� Scott reminded him.

      �Yes, I know that, Scott. However, consider this *executive privilege*,� Charles answered.

      �It can�t be that dangerous of a mission if you�re sending just two of us � especially as one of us is such a pansy ass,� Logan said.

      �You really shouldn�t insult yourself like that, Logan,� Scott retorted.

      Logan was about to take a leap across the room and throttle Scott when Charles wheeled between the two men.

      �This is exactly the kind of behavior that I�m fed up with. It�s disruptive, not to mention unfair to the rest of the team who spend more time refereeing your fights than dealing with the actual enemy. You two simply must learn to get along.�

      �Well, I have one suggestion that might help,� Scott began, �You could tell him to keep his dick out of my fianc�e. That would be a good start.�

      �Maybe if you weren�t so lame in the sack she wouldn�t have to go trawling elsewhere,� Logan snapped right back.

      �Why, you son of a bitch,� Scott yelled and lunged at Logan, landing a solid punch to Logan�s solar plexus which sent him flying backward into the bookcase.

      �STOP IT!� Charles yelled, �Stop it now both of you or you�re both off the team.�

      �If you expect me to stand here and take that�.bullshit from him, you�re mistaken,� Scott said as his face turned as red as the lenses in his glasses.

      �What I expect from both of you is to act more like civilized adults instead of cave dwelling Neanderthals,� Charles replied.

      �Don�t worry about me and Jeannie, Scooter. She was such a shitty lay that I�m not planning on a repeat performance.� Logan said.

      �Okay, that�s enough. That particular subject is closed,� Charles interrupted, �What we need to discuss is this mission.�

      �Yes, of course,� Scott said as he tried to remain calm.

      �It�s a simple pick up. We have a new student enrolling who lives in a suburb of Chicago and I want you two to go together to bring her back here.�

      �I think I can stand Scooter for a few hours,� Logan said.

      �Unfortunately, it�s not quite that simple. The girl�s afraid of flying and so you�ll have to drive back with her. It will take a couple of days.�

      �No way am I gonna be trapped in a car with *him* for two days � forget it,� Scott replied.

      �Oh I think you will,� Charles said, �Storm will fly you to Chicago where you�ll rent a car, drive to Deerfield, pick up the girl and start back. I suggest you both go pack an overnight bag, you leave first thing tomorrow morning.�

      �But, sir,� Scott started to protest and was swiftly interrupted.

      �There�s nothing further to discuss. I�ll have a dossier on the girl for you to read on the flight. Goodnight,� Charles said, effectively ending the conversation.

      �So, did ya give Jeannie a goodbye boink?� Logan asked the next morning as they strapped themselves into their seats aboard the Blackbird.

      �That�s none of your goddamn business,� Scott replied, not in the mood to start his day off with yet another argument and he certainly wasn�t about to share with Logan the fact that he�d been sleeping on the couch ever since the *incident*.

      Logan just smirked and didn�t say anymore, which was good because Scott was not in the mood to spar verbally with him this early in the day.

      Ororo came on board and they were ready to leave. The flight to Chicago was quiet and uneventful. As they were about to disembark, Ororo tugged on Scott�s sleeve to hold him back.

      �I know in light of what happened that it�s very difficult for the two of you to get along,� Ororo said, �but please try. If not for yourselves, for the team.�

      �We�ll either be the best of friends in the next forty-eight hours or one of our bodies will be found in a ditch somewhere between here and Westchester,� Scott replied in a tone that appeared to be only half kidding.

      �Good luck,� Ororo said as she gave Scott a light pat on the back before returning to the pilot�s seat.

      Logan and Scott hadn�t even left the airport when the next fight broke out as they argued over who would drive, with Scott eventually capitulating so that the mission wouldn�t turn into a week long event. The forty-minute trip to the suburb of Deerfield took nearly two hours because Logan claimed he knew a short cut that wasn�t on any stupid map. By the time they pulled up to the Pryde�s two-story colonial house on Margate Terrace, Scott was ready to pop a blood vessel.

      �I�m driving from now on and if you don�t like it, you�re welcome to thumb a ride back home,� Scott informed Logan.

      �Fine,� Logan replied, �but any little old lady driving and I�m putting your ass out on the side of the freeway.�

      Luckily Kitty, a pretty and petite brunette, was packed and ready to go. Scott explained to her parents that an unfortunate delay had put them behind schedule and they had to leave immediately if they wished to make the halfway destination point before it was too late in the day. After fifteen minutes of goodbyes, they managed to hustle Kitty into the car and they were off. Scott�s casual glances in the rearview mirror to look at their young passenger didn�t go unnoticed by Logan. When they made a stop so that Kitty could say goodbye to one of her friends and retrieve a CD she just couldn�t live without, Logan couldn�t resist the opportunity to bait Scott.

      �You pack your condoms?� he asked.


      �She�s cute and I saw you looking,� Logan replied casually.

      �Logan, she�s seventeen years old,� Scott answered.

      �And your point?�

      �You�re just gross.�

      �Yeah, and she�s giving you a stiffie. At least I�m fucking honest.�

      The conversation was halted when Kitty opened the car door and slid back in.

      �Thanks for stopping, Mr. Summers, you�re such a sweetie,� Kitty said.

      Scott�s jaw twitched as he gripped the steering wheel tightly and Logan just grinned. This might turn out to be an interesting trip after all, Logan thought as they pulled away from the curb.



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