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The Land Of Blood And Honey 5/?? [Movieverse]

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  • Dyce-Elihara
    Disclaimers in part one. This part of Blood and Honey is dedicated to three people who I don t appreciate often enough. :) For J. Lynn, who made a whole page
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2002
      Disclaimers in part one.

      This part of Blood and Honey is dedicated to three
      people who I don't appreciate often enough. :)

      For J. Lynn, who made a whole page just for my stories
      Thank you. I don't tell you often enough how much I
      love the page. :)

      For Acetal, who is always kind, always considerate,
      and does wonderful feedback - thanks, Acie. You
      always know just what to say.

      And for Icewing, who I only got to know recently, but
      who has done more to encourage my writing than many
      people I've known for longer. Thanks to you too,
      Icie, for showing me the window of opportunity and
      then pushing me through it.

      The Land of Blood and Honey
      (Part Five)

      By Dyce

      Jonny stirred his soup aimlessly, listening to the
      cheerful noises of a number of people devouring a good
      meal. It smelled kind of good, but he didn't want
      any. Ever since his powers had fully emerged -
      literally emerged, in his case - eating didn't really
      appeal to him. Marie had called Doctors Grey and
      McCoy the day afterwards, and they'd concocted and
      sent over the thin, nutrient-rich soup he was eating
      now. It tasted blandly sweet, and was supposed to
      supply what his own internal energies couldn't. He
      still drank, sometimes, but he didn't seem to need
      much of that, either.

      It was still nice to sit at the table and watch
      everyone else do it, though. He smiled fondly at
      Kyle, who was happily inhaling about half a cow.

      Kyle looked up as he sensed his friend's gaze, and
      smiled back. "Finish your soup," he said firmly.
      "It's good for you."

      "I don't really need it," Jonny said, because he
      really didn't seem to, but he started eating again

      "Is there any more news about Jubilee?" Annie asked
      Logan, who'd spent the morning in the village and made
      that week's check-in call to the school.

      "Nope. They haven't found hide nor hair of her."
      Logan chewed reflectively on a mouthful of steak.
      "Storm said they've put out a missing persons on her,
      but they ain't hopeful. She hasn't contacted them
      again, so it seems like she's decided she wants to
      strike out on her own."

      Annie sighed a little. "I'll miss her," she said
      mournfully. Jonny recalled being told that Jubilee
      and Annie had been roommates for a while back at the
      school. "But self-determination is a good thing." The
      others all nodded, and silence fell as they went back
      to eating. It'd been a long day, and those without a
      literally boundless supply of energy were probably

      Jonny went back to his soup, sipping it slowly as he
      glanced around the table.

      They'd all changed in the nearly six months since
      they'd come here.

      Kyle was no longer quite as rail-thin as he'd been,
      his lean frame decently covered with long muscle. His
      hair had grown longer too, and he'd taken to tying it
      back with a strip of leather the way Creed did. More
      important than the physical changes, he seemed happier
      than Jonny had ever known him. He liked being part of
      a pack, or a pride, or whatever, and didn't mind
      taking a subordinate position to the alpha and beta
      males; although which was the alpha and which the beta
      was never quite clear at any given time. Anyway, Kyle
      seemed perfectly content with his position around the
      middle of the pecking order, lower than Creed and
      Logan, but higher than Jonny himself and Geordi.

      Geordi, though he probably didn't know it, was on the
      bottom rung of the pack-ladder. He was a lot less
      obnoxious now that he'd once been, but he still didn't
      grasp the complex status-definition of the pack.
      Since he gave the wrong responses to the subtle cues
      of body-language and tone and so forth, he was firmly
      relegated to bottom of the heap status. Being a
      telepath had made it easy for Jonny to slot himself in
      just below Kyle, assuming appropriately submissive
      body-language towards the senior males, who probably
      weren't even aware of what was going on.

      On Geordi's other side was Annie. Since there were no
      adult females in the group, Annie seemed to have
      assumed the position of alpha female. Marie was
      older, but Annie was physically stronger and
      emotionally more assertive, and Clarice and Meggan
      were too small even to be considered. Annie had
      relaxed a lot, though, in the last six months. The
      manic energy had faded a bit, although not much, and
      the constant chatter had slowed down a fraction. She
      was a bit taller, too.

      Creed had calmed down a lot too. He knew that it was
      mostly being attributed to having Annie and Clarice to
      'bring out his softer side', but Jonny had his own
      suspicions about that. By now, all of them had
      started picking up bits and pieces of body-language
      and so on from Creed and Logan, except for Geordi who
      was consciously resisting. Creed invariably untensed
      when he got the 'right' response to his unspoken cues,
      and tensed up again when dealing with 'normal' people.
      From the point of view of a feline - or a Sabretooth
      - human cues were weirdly aggressive and
      confrontational, which put him on edge. The more time
      he spent with the cubs, especially Annie and Kyle, the
      more relaxed he got.

      Clarice, looking small and very pink and girly sitting
      between the two men, had gotten a lot less shy lately.
      She was surprisingly good at anything involving
      projectile weapons, and was equally competent with
      those guns small enough for her to handle, throwing
      knives, blow-darts, and the small but well-made bow
      Creed had gotten her. She was still too little to be
      much good with close-contact fighting, but she'd put
      on a lot of muscle, and knew a few good tricks to give
      herself time to run away. They still hadn't broken
      her of her tendency to wear clothes with cartoon
      animals on them, though, nor had her fondness for Miss
      Pinky the bear diminished the slightest bit. Creed
      tended to use this as evidence for the defense
      whenever one of the X-Folk started making accusations
      about 'robbing them of their childhood'.

      Logan hadn't been as emotionally wired as Creed to
      start with, but he responded well to the subconscious
      cues too. He was having fewer nightmares as time went
      on, and he smiled more often than he had. He and
      Meggan had formed a strong bond, and he spent a lot of
      his time with her. It was truly bizarre... and very
      funny, Jonny thought... how blissfully happy even
      foster-fatherhood seemed to make both the men.

      Meggan was still a puzzle. In the month they'd had
      her, she'd visibly altered. Her batwing ears had
      narrowed and shortened significantly, her face had
      subtly altered its configuration, becoming less
      monkey-like and more human, her fur had thickened with
      the arrival of winter, but also gotten shorter for
      some reason - and, most inexplicably of all, she'd
      shrunk. Oh, she'd put on weight, she wasn't skin and
      bones anymore, but when she'd arrived, she'd been eye
      to eye with Clarice. Now the top of her head barely
      reached Clarice's nose. Still, she was a nice kid,
      and she'd finally started talking. Just an isolated
      word or two during the last week, but it was progress.

      Marie was sitting on Meggan's other side, fussing over
      her a little, and Jonny smiled. Marie was sweet, and
      fondly indulgent of her fellow cubs, especially the
      little ones. She seemed a lot more self-confident
      now, too, and much less fearful of her powers and
      their effects on people. There'd been a couple of
      times she'd accidentally touched people, and although
      the feeling wasn't exactly pleasant, they'd all more
      or less taken it in stride. They all knew she didn't
      mean to, and Marie had been pitifully grateful for
      their forgiveness of what she had always considered a
      heinous offense. She was much more relaxed about it
      now, knowing that everyone would avoid touching her
      skin if they could, but that they wouldn't be angry
      with her if another accident happened.

      Now she turned away from Meggan to eye his soup-bowl.
      He'd almost emptied it while studying the other
      members of their odd little family, and she smiled
      approvingly. "Good for you," she said softly. "You
      need to-"

      "Maintain physical strength as well as psionic
      strength. The mind is only as strong as the body that
      houses it. I know, I know." He gave her a small,
      lopsided smile. He was more comfortable with having
      Marie up close than anyone else except Annie... and
      Kyle, of course. It wasn't that he didn't trust them,
      it was just... he didn't like people being too close,
      or people touching him if he couldn't see them coming
      and be ready for it. But Marie didn't touch anyone if
      she could help it, so she felt... safer.

      "That's right," she agreed. "Have you been sleeping?"

      "Not much. Don't seem to need it." Jonny shrugged.
      "I nap whenever I get tired, though."

      "Good." She ruffled his hair lightly, then turned
      back to Meggan, who was having trouble with her fork.

      Jonny felt the tight knots inside him loosen a little
      more. After what had happened in the Facility, he'd
      never thought he'd be able to trust anyone again,
      except Kyle. And he still didn't, in some ways. But
      it was getting better. Easier. And Kyle was always
      there, to keep him safe.

      * * *










      Geordi lost himself in the flow of the movements,
      barely even feeling the cold anymore. All that
      mattered was the opponent, the fight itself, the light
      taps of carefully contained blows, the way his muscles
      answered to his will and his body responded faster and

      He was grateful for his healing factor, though. It
      kept the cold from biting too deep. Even though it
      was only the beginning of winter here in the
      mountains, still fall... autumn... in the low country,
      it was fairly cold. The snow was wet and mushy, but
      it stayed on the ground, and the wind chilled bare
      skin fast.

      And he had a lot of bare skin right now. They still
      hadn't worked their way down to full nudity, but for
      two weeks now most of the hand to hand fighting had
      been conducted in nothing but a loincloth... for both
      genders. Geordi had gotten his butt kicked a dozen
      times a day for a straight week through gawking at
      Marie (who was doing staff-fighting rather than
      hand-to-hand, for obvious reasons), but now he was
      pretty much used to her. For once, the guys had sat
      them down and explained why, exactly, this terribly
      embarrassing thing had to be done NOW; because it
      *would* happen later, at some point, and it'd probably
      be fairly emotionally scarring if they weren't
      prepared. That made sense, Geordi had had to concede.
      If he was going to have to get used to walking around
      and fighting naked, *he'd* certainly prefer getting
      used to it in the company of a lot of other
      embarrassed, naked people who he at least knew
      personally, if not well.

      Surprisingly, although he'd figured Marie would be the
      most bothered by the idea, it had been Jonny who'd
      made the biggest fuss. He'd flatly refused at first.
      It had taken a lot of arguing - a discussion which
      Geordi had not been privy to - to get him to give it a
      try, and Creed and Logan had been ostentatious about
      never pairing Jonny with anyone but Kyle or Annie, who
      were less threatening or something.

      Geordi didn't know why the kid had reacted the way he
      did, but he probably had his reasons. Geordi was
      confident enough in his own self-image that he didn't
      mind *too* much. What *he'd* objected to was doing
      the naked training outside, with only a thin mat
      between his bare feet and the snow.

      It wasn't so bad, though. He was partnering Kyle
      today, who was a bit faster but a bit less strong, so
      they were fairly evenly matched.

      Geordi let himself get lost in the bout again.






      Fail to duck, pain, gouges in the skin from the claws,
      blood on the muddy snow, red rising before the eyes,
      angry seething fighting NOW-

      Something hit him very hard on the side of the head,
      knocking him sprawling in the snow. As his head
      fogged up, filling with grey mist this time instead of
      red, he vaguely heard someone muttering about
      'hereditary berserker tendencies', and asking Kyle if
      he was all right.

      * * *

      "It's always the quiet ones," Logan grumbled that
      night. He and Creed had fallen into a habit of
      sitting in the kitchen for a while after the kids had
      been sent to bed, talking over the day's training and
      planning tomorrow. As long as all they talked about
      were neutral things like kids and training, they got
      along surprisingly well.

      Creed shrugged. "Annie got it from me. Stands to
      reason the brat'd get it from you." He picked at a
      knothole in the table's surface with the tip of one
      claw. "It's instinct, I guess."

      "Yeah, I guess." Logan sighed. "I just... I dunno...
      hoped he hadn't got it."

      "You think it's a curse," Creed said, looking up from
      the table with those cold black eyes that even Logan
      still couldn't read. "It scares ya, being out of
      control like that."

      "Hell yeah, it scares me," Logan admitted, shaken
      enough by the sudden, snarling rage he'd seen in
      Geordi's face to be honest. Did his face look like
      that, when he was lost in the bloodlust? "I never
      know what I might do... who I might hurt... Don't it
      worry you, knowing you might hurt Annie? Or Clarice?"

      "I won't." Creed sounded utterly sure of the fact.
      "See, I'm not like you. I don't fight it. I trust my
      instincts." He hiked up one massive shoulder in a
      shrug. "Thinkin' ain't all it's cracked up to be.
      Nine times outta ten, instinct is all ya need to get
      ya through."

      "And the tenth time?" Logan asked, meeting the cool
      black gaze without flinching.

      "The tenth time you back instinct up with explosives,"
      Creed said, baring yellowing fangs in an unpleasant

      Logan snorted, but he hadn't really expected anything
      more profound than that. "That's your answer to

      "Usually." Creed shrugged. "We're animals, you and
      me. We fight, we hunt, we mate, we take care o' the
      cubs. What else matters?"

      "It's not that simple."

      Creed shook his head slowly. "It's always that

      Logan looked away.

      * * *

      It was an hour before dawn, on the north side of the

      Creed stood in the snow, turned to watch the first
      hints of pale blue touching the horizon.

      Feet slushed through the snow behind him, and Annie's
      scent drifted by. "Hey, kid," he said, without
      turning around.

      "Hi, Dad," she returned, tucking herself companionably
      against his side so that she leaned against his hip,
      with his hand on her shoulder. "Are you and Logan
      done arguing? I could hear you all night."

      "We don't got much in common, and what we do have, he
      tries to pretend ain't there," Creed growled moodily.
      He petted her ruffled curls absently, scritching
      gently down the back of her skull. She purred a
      little, and some of the black mood that was on him
      lifted. "He thinks he's human."

      "If he's a primate, then I'm a horse," Annie sniffed
      a little disapprovingly. "I mean, he's not like *us*,
      but he's still higher on the food chain than

      "Yeah, well... he doesn't wanna think about that.
      Keeps going on about being a man, not an animal." He
      snorted, lifting his head to sniff the sweet, clear
      morning air. "Like bein' a man is so damn special.
      Lookit me, I can stand on my hind legs and build a
      nuclear weapon with my damn opposable thumbs. Big

      "Clarice is a monkey," Annie pointed out a little
      anxiously. She was young. She still thought humans
      were cute and funny, not evil-minded dealers of
      uncaring death. Still, she had a point about Clarice.

      "Yeah, but we got Clarrie early. We can train it out
      of her," he decided. "If wolves can do it, I guess we

      "The wolves didn't. Romulus killed Remus," Annie
      pointed out, snuggling against his side with a
      resigned little sigh. "But they're not all bad."

      "Enough of them are." He looked down at her, the
      still unaccustomed tug of affection pulling at him.
      She was his cub, and he loved her, although not in the
      way a human parent might. "You can't trust them,
      Annie. Even the nice ones, like Cyke and Storm.
      Their minds don't work like ours."

      "But I like Scott," Annie said a little plaintively.
      "He's nice to me and he gives me fun toys, like my

      "It's fine to like 'em. Like 'em all you want. Just
      don't *trust* 'em." He gave her shoulder a little
      shake to emphasize his words. "I ain't saying they're
      likely to ever turn against you... but they might.
      F'r all they've got powers, they're as human as any
      other naked ape. They ain't like you and me."

      "Is that why you left Magneto?" Annie asked, rubbing
      her head against his side and yawning a little.

      He hadn't thought about it that way before, so he
      pondered his reply for a minute. "Kinda, yeah. I was
      all for fightin' the good fight and stuff, but after
      what happened on the statue... I dunno. Guess he's
      like all the others." He sighed, rubbing Annie's head
      gently. "He was gonna kill a whole bunch o' people
      who he never met, who never woulda known what happened
      to 'em, just to get what he wanted. That's human

      "You kill people all the time," Annie pointed out.

      He looked down at her again and nodded. "Yeah... but
      it ain't the same." He sighed. "I better explain it
      to alla you, huh? Got too many human brains here to
      let 'em start thinkin' the wrong way about killing."

      Ten minutes later, Creed had herded the whole sleepy
      pride into the kitchen. "Okay. There's something we
      gotta get cleared up," he said flatly. "Right now. I
      want you all listenin' up good, and that includes you,

      Logan scowled. "I've been listening to you all night,
      Creed, and so far you ain't said diddly-squat worth

      "Yeah, but now I figured out what I was trying to say
      before." Creed lifted one claw-tipped finger for
      attention. "It's about killing people. You all know
      that someday, you're gonna have to, right?" They all
      nodded, a little reluctantly, but they nodded. Good.
      At least he'd finally pounded some sense into the
      little brats. "Okay. And some of you... 'specially
      Annie... might wind up making a pretty good living out
      of it. I've been an assassin f'r years, the pay's
      good and it's easy work. But..." He held up the
      finger again to silence their startled noisemaking.
      "But if you do that, or even if you stick to
      emergencies only, there's something you gotta

      They were all watching him now, and he was glad he'd
      sorted it all out in his head while he was talking to
      Annie. Otherwise he'd have gotten all confused and it
      would have come out all wrong. "Killing is a big
      thing," he said slowly, trying to keep it all straight
      in his mind. "Yer takin' a life, snuffing out
      something that'll never exist quite the same way
      again. And it's about the most personal thing you can
      do to someone. More so'n sex. More'n love. That's
      why I usually do it with these." He held up his
      hands. "Look, what I'm tryin' to say is... sometimes
      you have to kill someone. Sometimes you just want to
      do it. Sometimes it's just for the money. But
      whatever you do it for, you gotta understand that it's
      you doing it. You gotta take responsibility." He
      looked around. Some faces were puzzled. Some wore
      expressions of dawning understanding. "So if you're
      gonna kill someone, do it personal. Let 'em see you,
      and if you got time, make sure they know why you're
      doing it. Tell them who hired you, tell them why you
      need them dead, whatever. But kill 'em honest, and
      accept the blood on yer hands as your due." This was
      hard work, and he frowned as he tried to put the
      thoughts that were so clear to him in clumsy human
      words. "Killing from ambush, from hiding... that
      cheats your prey. Killing without knowing who you're
      killing, usin' bombs or explosives and gettin' a whole
      bunch of people you're never gonna know... that cheats
      *you*. If you're gonna kill, you need to know who the
      target is. See their face. Feel their breath on your
      face, their blood on your skin. It's fun, 'least I
      think it is, but what matters is that it's a *real*
      kill." He shrugged, with a little sigh of relief for
      having gotten to the end of it. "The other way is
      just murder. It makes the kill meaningless, for you
      and for the victims. And death should always mean
      something to you, even if it's just for fun."

      There was a long, contemplative silence.

      "That's either morally profound or very, very weird,"
      Geordi said, frowning. "Or both. I think both."

      "If you're gonna kill someone, it should mean
      something to you. You should acknowledge that you did
      it, even if you don't feel the tiniest bit guilty
      about it," Annie said, giving her father an admiring
      look. "I like it."

      Most of the others looked a bit shell-shocked, but
      Creed didn't really care whether or not they approved
      of him. Just as long as he'd made it clear he wasn't
      going to put up with any untidy random killings.

      It was nice that Annie approved, though.

      * * *

      That afternoon, in the middle of another round of hand
      to hand combat (clothed, this time, in deference to
      the intermittent sleet), a soft whine filled the air.

      As all of them looked up in surprise as the Blackbird
      skimmed into sight over the trees, lowering almost
      daintily into the clearing in front of the cabin. All
      of them hurried around the side of the cabin as the
      engines powered down.

      Unsurprisingly, it was Cyclops who stepped out of the
      plane. What was surprising was how ill-at-ease he
      looked. Usually, even when he was one-on-one with mass
      murderers, Scott Summers could put up a good
      appearance of calm. Now he looked tense and unhappy,
      even the visor and uniform not hiding it. "Hi," he
      said almost tentatively.

      "Whaddya want?" Creed asked, not even noticing that
      he'd put a protective hand on Clarice's shoulder. Out
      of the corner of his eye, he saw Logan pick up a
      whimpering Meggan and balance her absently on his hip.
      Meggan hid her face in his neck.

      Scott sighed. "I need your help," he admitted. "I'll
      pause for hysterical laughter."

      Creed raised a shaggy eyebrow. "Our help," he said,
      growling a little. Boy had nerve, at least.
      Outnumbered, outmuscled, and outgunned, he was still
      making his play.

      "Yeah." Summers scrubbed a hand through his model-boy
      hair. "There's a friend of the Professor's who lives
      in Scotland - Doctor Moira McTaggert. She's some kind
      of expert on mutation, or something, I don't know
      exactly what. The only science subject I ever took was
      physics." His lips quirked in a wry smile. "Look, the
      thing is, Moira has an adopted daughter. Her name's
      Rahne." His eyes flicked to Annie and Clarice. "She's
      disappeared. You guys are good at finding people."

      Hah. He might not quite be the loner he'd been
      before, but just because he had his own cubs, it
      didn't mean he cared what happened to some scottish
      kid he'd never met. "Yeah? So?"

      The kid wasn't great yet, but he was good. His
      expression barely flickered as he played his hole
      card. "Rahne is like you. Like Annie and Kyle and
      Geordi and Wolverine, a feral-type mutation. Hers
      goes further than yours - she's a partial
      shapeshifter, too. She goes from appearing fully
      human, to an inbetween state much like your permanent
      one, to being an apparently normal wolf." He jerked
      his chin at Annie, the visor meeting Creed's eyes
      steadily. "Rahne isn't the bravest kid in the world,
      and Moira's the only family she has. She wouldn't
      have gone off on her own. She and her mutation are
      well known in the area, though, and anyone looking for
      certain things could easily have found out about her.
      The odds are, Creed, that someone out there just
      kidnapped one of only two identified shapeshifting
      ferals." The boy's voice was level. "Think of this
      as me giving you an opportunity to track whoever it is
      down now, before they decide that Annie would complete
      their set."

      The kid had a point, and he knew very well that
      Creed's self-interest was the best part to reason
      with. Creed glanced over at Logan, who was still
      holding Meggan, murmuring soothingly to her. He
      looked over her head, and nodded ever so slightly.
      Creed nodded too. Better safe than sorry. "Been
      meanin' to take the kids on a proper hunt anyways," he
      decided magnanimously. "All right! We now have our
      first official job - a standard hunt and snatch. You
      all know the drill, you got three minutes to grab the
      stuff you need and be on the plane! Marie, you get
      Meggan's stuff, and don't forget the damn bunny or
      she'll be howlin' for hours." He looked back at Scott,
      and grinned toothily. "They're inexperienced, so we
      won't charge full price for the rescue."

      "Full price?" The boy grinned in startled amusement.
      "What... never mind. I get it." He turned to go back
      up the ramp, then turned back, holding up an
      admonitory finger. "We better get at least forty
      percent off. They're rank beginners."

      Two and a half minutes later, all seven kids, plus
      three adults, had squeezed into the Blackbird. Meggan
      was sitting in Logan's lap, still sniffling a little
      and clutching her bunny. She'd probably never seen a
      plane before, let alone been inside one. The others
      had packed light, like they'd been taught, bringing
      nothing but their cold-weather gear, the few weapons
      they were cleared to use, and the bags around their
      necks. And Miss Pinky. He almost wished he'd never
      bought that stupid pink bear, except that it kinda
      made him feel good that she liked it more than any toy
      someone else had got for her. "You're gonna have to
      leave that with Meggan with the X-Geeks," he reminded
      her, ruffling her purplish-pink hair gently.

      "I know." Clarice hugged the toy. "I didn't wanna
      leave her behind."

      "Yeah, yeah." He tried to lean back in the seat and
      sighed. Damn things were still too narrow for his
      shoulders. He felt like a damned hunchback. "If
      anyone forgot to pee, I don't care, it's too late now.
      Summers, we still sitting here for a reason?"

      Summers shook his head and started flipping toggles
      and pushing buttons. "It's not going to take long for
      us to get there," he said, sounding tense and worried
      again. "Uh... listen, there's something I didn't tell

      Creed frowned. Anything they waited to tell you until
      you were already in the plane couldn't be good.
      "What?" he growled. He saw the little hairs on the
      back of the kid's neck rise in reaction, and grinned
      evilly. That growl had harmonics that reached right
      down into the hindbrain and woke up ancestral memories
      of huddling close to the fire while predatory eyes
      glowed from the undergrowth all around, and he knew

      "I... uh... I didn't tell the X-Men or the Professor I
      was coming to get you," he confessed slowly, voice
      still calm but knuckles white on the controls. Boy
      was scared. Good. Creed liked keeping them a little
      scared. "They don't trust you. I don't trust you
      either. But I think you can find her, and someone has
      to. We... the X-Men... aren't so good."

      "Really?" Creed let the growl stay in his voice.
      "Since you ain't got two cents to rub together, kid,
      I'm wonderin' how you're planning to pay for our
      services without Xavier's help."

      "I'm not going to. Moira is. She's the one who's
      hiring you, not me. I'm just... a go-between. You
      know me, you don't know her."

      Creed relaxed. Well and good, then. That was sound
      business practice. "Fine. So what's the deal?"

      The kid still looked guilty. He'd probably been the
      one who suggested the idea to Moira. He was probably
      going to run to Charlie and confess as soon as they
      got there. "Well, Moira found out that Rahne was
      missing two days ago, when she didn't show up for

      (end part five)

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