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FIC: Of Friends and Good Intentions PT 7 (PG, silly, W/R)

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  • Jengrrrl
    Title: Of Friends and Good Intentions Pt7 Author: Jengrrrl (bjorkfan@netzero.net) Category: SILLYFIC, W/R Rating: PG Disclaimer: Not mine. Just fun. Archive:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2002
      Title: Of Friends and Good Intentions Pt7
      Author: Jengrrrl (bjorkfan@...)
      Category: SILLYFIC, W/R
      Rating: PG
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Just fun.
      Archive: List, Disquieting Muses (soon)
      Summary: Kitty and Jubilee have spilled the beans. Logan and Rogue talk.
      A/N: Ta da! You didn't think there was an end in sight? This is it, to be
      followed by an epilogue tomorrow. You didn't think I'd leave Jubes and Kitty
      hanging, did you?
      Thanks: To all those who, at some point or another, have listened to me
      whine or read and encouraged me with this story. This includes all the
      great feedbackers, Diebin, Nacey, and Donna, for being so faboo, and
      Victoria and Diane Hanscom for giving constant and much appreciated FB. And
      to all those that stuck it out until the bloody end: THANK YOU!!!

      Of Friends and Good Intentions


      Kitty and Jubilee walked in silence for a while, each too afraid to speak,
      too frightened to voice what had just transpired.

      They walked until they reached the gardens; they sat side by side on a
      wooden bench and sighed.

      Jubilee spoke first, of course. “It’s done,” she said.


      “What do you think is going to happen?”

      “I’m not sure. I don’t think I ever thought we’d get this far.”

      “Me neither.”

      They both sighed again and looked at each other warily. “If this works,”
      Kitty said, picking again at a fingernail – a dirty habit that expressed
      itself when she was nervous, as she had been so much lately – “we’ll be
      heroes, don’t you think?”

      Jubilee brightened at the thought. “Yeah,” she concurred. Then, crestfallen,
      added, “And if it doesn’t, we’re dog meat.”

      Standing up to stretch, Kitty walked a few steps from the bench and laughed.
      Jubilee’s eyes narrowed at the sight and she cautiously asked, “Kitty, are
      you all right? You want me to fetch Xavier? He can probe you.”

      Kitty only laughed harder at that and found herself lying on the grass,
      clutching at her stomach as the fit of laughter continued. “Oh,” she said,
      trying to catch her breath, “I was just picturing what their children will
      look like.”

      “Yeah?” Jubilee grinned. “They’ll either be absolutely precious or hairy
      little monsters with bad tempers.”

      “God, I hope it works.”

      Looking considerably more cheerful, Jubilee stood up and joined her friend
      on the grass. She clutched a handful and tore it from the soil, giggling as
      she threw it and watched it fall in Kitty’s hair. “I think,” she said, “that
      the best thing we can do now is sit back and wait.” She paused for a
      second, adding, “But we should do that from the comfort of the other side of
      our door.”

      Kitty gasped. “You mean, go spy on them? Aren’t we in enough trouble?”

      “Don’t you want to know how it turns out?”

      “I think we’ll know, one way or another.”

      “I mean *now *. I want to know now!”

      It seemed that Jubilee wasn’t going to stop until she got her way, so Kitty
      capitulated, as she was often prone to do. “All right,” she muttered. “But I
      think we have to be very careful.”

      “Careful,” Jubilee exclaimed, “is my middle name.”

      Kitty’s eyes rolled so far into her head that she thought she might lose
      them forever.


      “I know the truth,” Logan said quite simply and directly.

      Rogue felt faint. Whatever truth it was Logan knew, it couldn’t be good.
      “Truth?” she echoed weakly.



      No one said anything and the silence was weighing down on Rogue’s head,
      making it ache. What truth did Logan know? Did he know that Jubilee and
      Kitty had stolen from his room? Did he know about their cockamamie plans to
      get him to notice her? Did he know now just how much she loved him? Rogue’s
      eyes went wide at the thought. She loved him. For maybe the first time,
      she admitted it to herself. She’d always known she had a crush, that she
      was very willing to have him notice her. But love was something else
      altogether. Love was a big bad scary word. And Logan was standing in her
      room, looking big and scary. And she loved him. Rogue sat down, dizzy.

      Logan moved to stand beside her. He was looking down at her, still looking
      worried and somewhat confused. Where had he learned “the truth”? Rogue was
      afraid to ask almost as much as she was afraid to know just what secret
      truth Logan was now privy to.

      “Do you know what I’m talking about?” he asked slowly.

      Rogue had to admit she did not. “No,” she replied in a small voice.

      Logan closed his eyes and dropped down beside her. “God,” he groaned. “I was
      hoping I wouldn’t have to explain myself.”

      “That’s all right,” she said, half hoping he would go away. “I don’t really
      want to hear an explanation.”

      Shaking his head, Logan smiled for the first time since he’d entered her
      room. A big weight seemed to rise off Rogue’s shoulder, and she was glad
      for the respite. She was afraid of what was to come, but it couldn’t be
      that awful if Logan took the time to actually smile. “I think I really do
      have to explain.”

      “If you have to.”

      “Your friends are involved,” he said, as if that somehow explained all of

      Rogue practically cringed. “I was terribly afraid of that.”

      “They had something important to tell me, so they went and interrupted my
      session in the Danger Room.”

      Frowning, Rogue said, “Must have been important.”

      “It was.” Logan cleared his throat. “Or so they thought.”

      Rogue’s train of thought was beginning to leave without her. “Wait,” she
      said, “so maybe it wasn’t important after all?” It was all unraveling, and
      making less sense than ever. Did he or did he not know “the truth”? And if
      he did, wasn’t it important? Pouting, Rogue added, “Why not?”

      Logan leaned back, looking smug. “Because I already knew.”


      The a/v room properly raided for listening devices, Kitty and Jubilee
      approached the door to their room – currently occupied by one Rogue and one
      Wolverine. They gingerly set down their equipment and sat down beside it.
      Kitty took up one set of headphones, Jubilee the other. They listened:

      “You knew?” Rogue’s voice was filled with dread and something else… Was it

      “Yes, I knew.”

      “And, uh, why didn’t you tell me?”

      “Why should I?”

      There was a long moment of silence.

      “Don’t you think I should know?”

      “Not necessarily.”

      Jubilee looked taken aback. She glanced at Kitty and mouthed: “Huh?” Kitty
      shook her head and shrugged.

      “You don’t?”

      “I don’t see why.”

      “Wait a second. What are we talking about here?”

      “Don’t you know?”

      “I already said I didn’t.”

      “But your friends - Jubilee and Kitty went looking for me, afraid to tell me
      something very important, something important about you.”

      “Yes?” Rogue sounded expectant, as Jubilee thought she should be. What was
      Logan carrying on about?

      “They told me that, well, they said that you had certain ideas. About us.”

      Jubilee was waiting but Rogue didn’t say anything. Suddenly, Jubilee threw
      her headphones off and cursed. Kitty followed suit. “What’s taking so
      long?” Kitty asked. “What did we do?”

      “I don’t know, but I can’t listen to any more. It’s driving me nuts. I
      feel dirty, like maybe we shouldn’t be listening in. It’s so…” Jubilee
      searched for the word.


      Jubilee nodded. “I never thought I’d say it, but yes. This is just way
      beyond our control. I just hope we’re not in too deep already.”

      Kitty smiled and said, “You know, Jubes. I think no matter which way this
      goes, we did a good thing. At least it’s out in the open, right?”

      “I hope so, Kitty. For Rogue’s sake, I really hope so.”


      Rogue was beginning to get a headache. She could feel it, starting behind
      her left eye, waiting to attack her entire body. “Us?” Her eye was
      beginning to throb; she put her hand over it, hoping to alleviate some of
      the pressure. And to hid the fact that an old nervous tick was about to
      manifest itself.

      “Yeah,” Logan was saying. “You and me. Us.”

      It was difficult to pay attention. Rogue was interested in what he was
      saying, definitely, but it was hard to concentrate when she only wanted to

      “You do know what I’m talking about,” Logan said loudly, as though he were
      repeating himself.

      “Yeah, sure,” Rogue replied absently.

      Frowning, Logan asked, “You sure?” He didn’t look like he believed her.

      “Yeah, yeah. Sure.” She could feel the muscles on the left side of her
      face begin to twitch beneath her hand.

      “You all right?”

      “Uh huh. Never better,” she answered half-heartedly. “Please, continue.”

      “Well,” he murmured before stopping to look at her with a newfound interest.
      “What’s wrong with your face?”

      Rogue’s heart was beating a mile a minute. “What?” she asked anxiously.
      “What do you mean?”

      “Why do you keep your hand over your face?” His tone reflected genuine
      curiosity rather than concern.

      “I’m resting.”

      “Your face?”

      “Yes,” she bit out, becoming annoyed with his line of questioning. Couldn’t
      she hold her face without facing an inquiry?

      “It just seems strange…”

      “It’s fine!” It was said a bit more loudly than she meant, and Logan seemed
      somewhat taken aback. “Sorry.”

      “Maybe I should come back later?” Logan stood up. Rogue wondered if she
      should let him go, then figured that would only prolong the agony.

      “No, stay. I’m okay, really.” She uncovered her face, which was still
      twitching violently. Logan started.

      “You’re - ”

      “It’s a nervous tick. I’ve had it for a long time. Funny how it hasn’t
      surfaced in years, and now… Well, let’s just say I didn’t get it when
      Magneto kidnapped and threatened to kill me.”

      “You’re nervous?”

      Rogue had to smile. “A little bit, yes.”

      Logan relaxed considerably and sat down again. “Your friends, they told me
      about… things. And it explained a lot about what’s been going on around
      here lately.”

      Rogue could feel the burning in her cheeks. That couldn’t possibly help the

      “They told me about karaoke, about Scott and the gym, and that ridiculous
      outfit you wore that one day. Did they pick that out?”

      Rogue could only nod.

      “Yeah, it figures.” Logan shook his head and smiled. “You didn’t have to do
      all that, you know?”

      A question marked formed on Rogue’s face.

      “No,” Logan continued. “You didn’t. You already had my attention.”

      Rogue was too involved in Logan’s words to notice her tick had gone.

      “It might not have seemed that way, because I didn’t want to give you the
      wrong impression. That is, I didn’t want to give myself ideas, I guess.
      Does this make sense?”

      Rogue wasn’t moving.

      “What I mean to say is, if I had friends like yours I’d probably have made a
      fool of myself too. And,” he added, “It’s a damn good thing you have those
      two around. Because as much attention as I was paying, I wasn’t really
      doing much about it, was I?”

      Rogue shook her head, just to make sure she wasn’t paralyzed.

      “What do you think?” he asked.

      Swallowing – her throat had become very dry during Logan’s speech - she
      replied, “About what?”

      Logan frowned. “About the New York Rangers. What do you think?”

      “I’m not sure what you’re asking,” she said in all honesty.

      Face crinkled in disgust, Logan said, “I’m not going to ask you to be my
      ‘girlfriend’, Marie. I’m not in high school.”

      “We live in a school,” she answered, breathless with anticipation.

      Logan sighed and stood up, pacing the room for a few seconds before
      mumbling, “She can’t make me say it.”

      Rogue stood on trembling legs. She grabbed a hold of Logan’s sleeve so he
      turned and faced her. He looked as nervous as she’d felt a few minutes
      before. My, how the tables turned. “You don’t have to say it.”

      “No,” he said, reaching to stroke her hair. “I love you, you silly brat.”

      They fumbled into an embrace, both wondering why they had bothered waiting
      so long. Rogue sighed into Logan’s ugly paisley shirt. “I love you, too.”
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