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Fic: Third Time's the Charm: 1/1: NC-17 [Logan/Scott/Rogue]

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  • victoria p.
    Title: Third Time s the Charm Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@att.net] Summary: Rogue discovers Scott and Logan s little secret. Series: Counting Down Rating:
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      Title: Third Time's the Charm
      Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@...]
      Summary: Rogue discovers Scott and Logan's little secret.
      Series: Counting Down
      Rating: NC-17, PWP -- m/m, m/m/f
      Disclaimer: Please. If I owned them, this would be in the next movie.
      Archive: list archive, Muse's Fool, anyone who has the first two in the
      Feedback: Please? Don't make me use my EVIL HAND!
      Notes: Thanks to Dot, Meg, Jen, and Pete. Special thanks to jenn, who,
      all unknowing, said something in an email that allowed me to figure out
      how this would work. Someday I may write a romantic, well-plotted slash
      fic. This is not that day. Just imagine the waka-chuka, waka-chuka music
      playing in the background, 'kay? *g*

      To read the first two stories, go to

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      Third Time's the Charm

      Rogue sat restlessly in the living room, channel-surfing mindlessly
      while contemplating the situation in which she found herself.

      She couldn't sleep, she was bored, and her boyfriend of two years had
      recently left her for another woman. Kitty and Jubilee had tired of her
      never-ending whine about Remy's faithlessness -- they'd gone out
      dancing, leaving her to her misery. Jean and Storm were in Washington
      with the Professor, and Scott had never liked Remy, so he wouldn't be a
      sympathetic ear. There was only one person left.


      She had avoided taking her Remy troubles to him. She knew he'd get all
      bent out of shape over the perception of Remy treating her badly, so,
      even though the relationship had been troubled for months, she'd grinned
      and lied whenever Logan asked. She knew he didn't believe her, but he
      wouldn't push if she wasn't ready to talk. It was one of the great
      things about their friendship.

      But now, at two thirty am on Friday night (or should that be Saturday
      morning?) with nothing to do and no one to talk to, it was time.

      And if she chickened out at the last minute, she could always ask what
      was up with him. In the past few weeks, he'd been remarkably compliant
      on missions, barely taunting Scott at all, and taking orders almost
      willingly. It was odd. She wondered if he'd finally realized Scott was a
      good leader, and was only looking out for all of them when he made plans
      that seemed too conservative to Logan.

      She made her way quietly up to his room. The door was slightly ajar, and
      she could hear grunting sounds. Was he sleeping? she wondered. Was he
      lost in the throes of one of those terrible nightmares? She knew what
      that was like.

      Pushing the door open, ready to offer comfort, her jaw dropped in shock
      at what she saw.

      She closed her eyes and reopened them, just in case she was
      hallucinating, but there it was, right in front of her.

      Logan was on his knees between Scott's legs, sucking him off, while his
      own hands were busy jacking himself.

      <Oh, my,> thought Rogue, feeling her nipples harden and a sudden
      dampness between her legs. They were really into it, too, because
      neither noticed her presence. She licked her lips and her breathing sped
      up. <This is better than Skinemax.>

      Her hands, seemingly of their own volition, began running over her body,
      one hand stopping to tease at her already-erect nipples as the other
      dipped below the waist of her pajama pants to seek the heat of her sex.
      Eyes locked on the two oblivious men, who were close to coming, if their
      muttered comments were anything to go by, she stroked her folds roughly,
      finding her clit with her forefinger and rubbing circles over it.

      Her knees got weak and she leaned against the still slightly open door.
      Her weight shut it with a click that sounded like a gunshot over the
      heated murmurings from Scott and Logan.

      The two men bolted up, wild-eyed.

      <Shit.> "Uh, hi," she said, face burning from embarrassment instead of
      passion as she quickly removed her hand from her pants. "I'm just gonna
      go now," she continued, turning to put a hand on the doorknob.

      Logan was faster. It was amazing how quickly he moved, considering he
      had a hundred pounds of adamantium weighing him down. "Not so fast,
      darlin'," he drawled, a fierce grin creasing his face.

      She gulped, trying to keep her eyes on his face. It was hard. Yes, yes
      it was very hard, she noticed, dragging her eyes back up to his. She
      held his gaze and waited. She didn't think she could speak, anyway.

      Scott was behind her suddenly. He was hard, too, she was willing to bet.
      She could just shift her hips slightly, and she'd be brushing against
      his cock. Action followed thought, and she was rewarded with a gasp from
      the fearless leader of the X-Men.

      "You like what you see?" Logan asked, eyebrow arched.

      She swallowed again, and nodded. His eyes moved past her and he and
      Scott shared some sort of silent communication. Then he reached out for
      her hand and placed it on his penis. Scott stepped away. She turned and
      saw the grim smile on his face as he reached for his pants.

      She gripped Logan's hard, hot length in her silk-covered hand as her
      eyes darted between the two men. "What-- what are you doing?" she asked

      "I'll leave you two--"

      "Get back on the bed, Cyke," Logan growled. "Nobody's going anywhere
      'til I say so."

      "Logan--" Scott's voice was urgent.

      Rogue's hand tightened around Logan's cock as she realized she'd stepped
      into the middle of some sort of power play.

      "What was our agreement?" Logan demanded. Scott shot him an annoyed
      look, and not just because they'd been interrupted before he finished.

      "Agreement?" she asked.

      "He takes my orders in the field if I take his in here," Scott ground
      out, sitting on the bed.

      Rogue blinked. "So you two have been doing this for a couple weeks,

      "Logan gets to feel dominant--" Scott started.

      "And Scott gets fucked like he's only ever dreamed about," Logan

      Rogue licked her lips. This was weird. And to top it all off, she was
      still holding Logan's erect penis in her hand. She would have pulled
      away, but his hand suddenly covered hers.

      "Come on, darlin'," he said, grinning wickedly. "It'll be fun. Make you
      forget that loser ex-boyfriend of yours."

      She swallowed hard. "I -- uh -- Scott?" This last came out as a squeak.

      Scott looked to Logan. "I can't. It's bad enough to cheat on Jean with
      Logan, but somehow I managed to convince myself it's not really cheating
      to sleep with a *man*. Especially since it's so good for the team.

      "But this -- this would be wrong. More wrong." He shook his head. "I
      don't know. I don't know what I was thinking. But I can't lose Jean. I
      just can't."

      "For the team, eh?" Logan growled, swooping down onto the bed, Rogue in
      tow, and kissing Scott hard on the lips. "You know you want to."

      "For the team," Scott agreed weakly.

      Logan reached into his night table drawer and pulled out two pairs of
      gloves, one leather and one a very sheer nylon. He tossed the leather
      ones to Scott and pulled on the sheer gloves himself.

      Rogue raised an eyebrow. "Those look like--"

      "Gumbo's. Yeah," Logan replied. "Since he doesn't need 'em anymore, I
      took 'em off his hands." He was still scrounging around in the drawer,
      coming up with a box of condoms and a large, sheer scarf. Rogue's
      eyebrows were now up at her hairline. He had the grace to look sheepish.
      "Hey, a guy can hope, right?"

      She laughed. "That's so sweet, Logan."

      Scott groaned. "If this gets any mushier, I'm going to be sick."

      "Don't worry, Cyke. I'm not forgetting about you," Logan assured him.

      Rogue looked from one to the other, still not quite sure what she was
      doing sitting on Logan's bed at two am with two naked men. Two naked,
      very aroused men. It was more than a little surreal. She was going to
      say something and then get up and walk out. She really was. At least,
      that's what she was telling herself when Logan's hand wound its way into
      her hair and turned her toward him. He wafted the scarf over the lower
      half of her face and kissed her gently.

      At first, it was a very chaste kiss, considering the situation, but soon
      he demanded access to her mouth and she opened her lips to his invading

      With his other hand, he took one of Scott's hands and drew it around her
      body and up under her t-shirt to cup her breast. Her head fell back
      against Scott's chest as the sensation jolted from her nipple to her
      groin, increasing her already heightened desire.

      Keeping the scarf wrapped around her, Logan nuzzled at her neck as
      Scott's hands became more active, cupping and kneading her breasts,
      teasing her nipples, until she was squirming against them, feeling the
      novelty of having one hard cock pressed against her belly and another
      snug against her ass.

      Logan worked his way down her neck, stopping to nip and lick at her
      clavicle through the scarf, as Scott took her lips in a fierce kiss, his
      tongue thrusting against hers through the scarf as his hands wandered
      down her body to tangle in the damp curls at the juncture of her thighs.

      He found her clit easily enough, circling it with his thumb as his
      fingers slid slowly into her tight, wet heat. Logan, meanwhile, laved at
      her nipples through the thin cotton of her t-shirt, first the right,
      then the left, licking and sucking in time with Scott's thrusting
      fingers. He raised his head and pulled Scott's mouth to his; Rogue
      licked her lips as she watched their tongues entwine.

      She cried out when Logan pulled Scott's hand away from her sex, but he
      replaced it with his own as he drew Scott's slick fingers into his mouth
      and sucked hard. Scott moaned and moved his hips against her.

      She realized that she could so something for them, so she reached out
      and grasped each of their cocks, both jutting proudly against her pajama
      bottoms. She began stroking them, matching Logan's rhythm as he thrust
      his fingers into her sex. Scott's hand tightened on her shoulder, and
      his lips found her neck as he came closer to his climax.

      When he pulled his hand from Logan's mouth and his fingers joined
      Logan's, entering when Logan pulled out, she went over the edge, coming
      with surprising force, and gasping, "Oh, God. Oh. Oh. Oh! Uhh-- right
      *there*, sugar!"

      She went limp, forgetting to continue stroking them. Scott growled in
      frustration and Logan grinned.

      He reached behind him and pulled out a condom. "Put this on," he
      ordered, and Scott complied immediately. "I hope you don't mind," he
      then said to Rogue as he released an inch of adamantium and cut a slit
      in the crotch of her pajama bottoms. She just blinked and shook her
      head. His smile was ferocious.

      Scott wore a matching grin as he said, "All fours, Rogue." Still dazed,
      she did as told her, rearranging herself on the bed so her face was
      practically in Logan's lap. She licked her lips at the sight of his
      erect penis, glistening with pre-come. And then she felt Scott's cock at
      her entrance. "This okay?" he asked through gritted teeth.

      "Yeah," she breathed, so turned on by the whole experience she couldn't
      form sentences.

      He moved oh-so-slowly, wrenching a moan from her as he sheathed himself
      in her slick passage.

      Logan was looking at them, eyes heavy-lidded with desire. He covered his
      lap with the scarf and said, "Come on, darlin'. Do this for me."

      She ran her hands over his thighs, and then licked at the sensitive skin
      where his thigh joined his groin. He growled, but didn't protest as she
      ran her tongue all over, everywhere except where he needed her to be.

      She squeezed his balls, rolling them gently between her fingers as Scott
      continued to slowly pump in and out of her. She jacked him slowly, and
      his hand covered hers, increasing the pace and tightening her grip. She
      swallowed hard as Scott gripped her hips and slid one hand around to
      finger her clit.

      She needed to concentrate, to give Logan what he wanted, what they both
      wanted. She kissed the head of his cock, dusky with blood and slick with
      pre-come that she could taste through the sheer silk. She heard a moan
      and realized it was her own voice. She swirled her tongue over the slit,
      then took him slowly into her mouth. His hands tangled in her hair, just
      holding her, not pushing or forcing at all.

      Scott was still torturing her, bringing her to the edge but not letting
      her go over. She squirmed, slamming her hips back against him, trying to
      get him to increase his pace, but he just chuckled and whispered, "I'm
      in charge here."

      "He likes to think so," Logan managed, "but we know who the real boss

      She grinned wickedly and swallowed as much of him as she could, working
      her throat muscles.

      "God!" he shouted in surprise.

      "She showed you," Scott said hoarsely.

      Rogue laughed, and Logan's hips came off the bed. He was fucking her
      mouth and then he roared, and she could taste the warm spurt of his come
      through the silk. He pulled out and she whimpered, licking her lips.

      Scott leaned over and kissed her, pulling Logan in close, so their
      tongues tangled with each other through the silk. She came hard for the
      second time, muscles convulsing around Scott, trying to draw him all the
      way inside her as the world shattered into bright lights behind her
      eyes. He followed her over the edge, losing all sense of rhythm as he
      reached his climax.

      They fell into a sweat-soaked heap on the bed, arranging themselves so
      Rogue was cuddled between her two lovers. Scott pushed his damp hair off
      his forehead and nuzzled her neck sleepily. Logan's hands continued to
      explore her body as she rested her head on his chest. Both he and Scott
      threw one leg over hers, and she was more comfortable and warm than she
      could ever remember being.

      She had so many questions to ask, but was so drowsy, blissful and sated,
      she couldn't think coherently..

      "We need to talk," she mumbled.

      "In the morning," Logan whispered, stroking her hair gently. "Sleep

      And they did.





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