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FIC: Choices, 16/?, R/NC17, W/R R/G W/f

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    DISCLAIMERS REPOSTED IN PART 0 * * * It wasn’t a very satisfactory situation. Cissy’s growing frustration with her husband cropped out in unpleasant ways.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2001
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      * * *

      It wasn’t a very satisfactory situation. Cissy’s growing frustration with
      her husband cropped out in unpleasant ways. Logan wished she would
      finally get upset enough with him to stop pushing him for sex, but so far
      that didn’t seem to be happening. Instead, she seemed if anything to be
      almost begging for attention to ease the increasing tension between them.
      Logan, on the other hand, found her annoyance (and more to the point her
      resulting shrewishness) to be a severe turn-off. And as for the premise
      that a resumption of marital relations would help soothe his wife and
      make their relationship more mutually tolerable — well, it felt too much
      like coercion to him. Contrarily he refused to comply on general
      principles, even when the urge to fuck her just to get her off his case
      for a while briefly and occasionally arose.

      So. Cicely was unhappy because her studly but unpredictable (and
      sometimes even intractable) mate had done absolutely nothing to indicate
      that he found her remotely attractive anymore. This left her feeling not
      merely frustrated but undesirable as well, and let to the increasing
      worry that she no longer had sufficient interest to hold her husband’s
      roving eye. The desperation came out as anger, aimed squarely at the
      culprit in the crime of blinding himself to his wife’s regained sexual
      appeal. Which led to fighting and even a few blows.

      Frankly, Cicely was trying to provoke a reaction. Outrage, shouting, a
      sweaty furious fight that would hopefully lead to some of that
      adrenaline-charged sex that she so missed. Cissy had been placed on the
      other team after returning to active duty — it being deemed safer not to
      send both parents of small children into the same combat situation, just
      in case of disaster — and she and Logan never trained together any more
      either. "Domestic disputes" were the only form of action the pair saw
      together now.

      She just wanted him to *fight back*. Defend himself, show that he cared
      what she said and did to him, even try to retaliate. But all she got was
      — nothing. Passivity, agreement, excuses — and not a sign of temper.

      Sometimes there were these little ... flashes, of something displeased in
      his eyes. But judging by how easily Logan seemed to dismiss the feeling,
      it could rate no higher than annoyance.

      It was as though nothing she said or did to him struck him as worth being
      angered over — and this, coming from a man whose favorite hobby seemed to
      be daring people to push the chip off of his shoulder, was close to the
      ultimate insult.

      Cicely felt she was being considered only a peripheral matter in her own
      husband’s life . So she pushed and argued and even hit, trying to force
      his attention

      Trying to get him to wake up and acknowledge her position (alongside Max)
      as one of the two most important people in his life.

      Wasn’t she?

      * * *

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