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FIC REPOST: Choices, 0/?, R/NC17, W/R R/G W/f

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  • fyrdrakken@JUNO.COM
    HO-freaking-HO! Well I ve been having a blasted wonderful month -- gainfully employed unlike many, in tolerable physical condition, having fun in real life,
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 26, 2001
      HO-freaking-HO! Well I've been having a blasted wonderful month --
      gainfully employed unlike many, in tolerable physical condition, having
      fun in real life, and able to enjoy the season without letting the
      stresses get me down. And in keeping with my bouncy mood, of course I've
      only been able to write angst. (Balance must be sought in one's
      existence.) So here's another dose of marital angst, to celebrate the
      season and (more importantly) to celebrate my breasts having gotten more
      attention last weekend than they've gotten in the past two years. (As if
      I needed another reason to be chipper now! :-D )

      By FyrDrakken <FyrDrakken@...>

      Rating: R/NC17, for language, eventual smut, and nasty adult situations.

      **WARNING**: This fic portrays an abusive relationship. Sensitive or
      easily offended readers be advised.

      Archive: Earlier parts of this story may be found on my fic archive site
      at www.wolverineandrogue.com/fyrdrakken/ — also to the WR Fanfic Archive
      and X-Men Movie Fanfic Archive when completed. Others just ask first and
      permission will no doubt be given!

      Classification: Angst, eventual smut. Logan/Marie, Marie/Remy,
      Logan/female — in no particular order.

      Series: Unrelated to anything else I’ve written or plan to write, and
      once you get a few scenes into this you’ll be glad...

      Disclaimer: Lots of corporations like Fox and Marvel, and people like
      Bryan Singer and Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin, hold more rights in the
      characters and settings I'm playing with than I do. But I'm even more
      broke than Marvel, so I'm not worth the time and trouble of suing... The
      only "profit" I'm getting out of this is getting the demons out of my
      head without resorting to my family's traditional substance abuse, serial
      marriages and/or self-mutilation...

      Feedback: Questions, comments and snide remarks directed to
      <FyrDrakken@...> will receive guaranteed responses. Messages sent to
      a list may go unnoticed indefinitely, me being on so many now that I've
      had to go "no mail" on most of them. ;-) As an Elitist Fic Bitch in good
      standing, I welcome constructive criticism — if there's a problem in
      something I've written I *really* want to know about it so I can fix it!

      Thanks: To all those whose feedback on my prior stories (and
      repeated requests and demands for sequels!) have given the incentive to
      continue to lose sleep slaving over an overheating laptop! And again to
      jenn for her betaing and AIM encouragement...

      [ ] = Thoughts
      * * = Emphasis
      / / = Rogue reliving a bit of borrowed memory

      * * *

      She Whose Quotations Are Both Exotic and Appropriate
      Keeper of his Deadly Startle Reflexes, Guardian and Examiner of the
      Adamantium-Revealing X-Rays, and Official Listener for the Occasional
      Aussie Vowels

      "Associated with the unconquerable power of the sun, the Roman Mithraic
      feast of Sol Invictus gave the traditional birth date of Christ, 25
      -- "Mithra," _Encyclopedia of World Mythology, Arthur Cotterell ed.
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