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Fic: Dark Midnight: Tea Paradox 12/12

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  • Shaz
    Weclome to the end! I hope you enjoyed the ride.... :) [part 12] ~*~*~*~ The first clue that something was actually happening was the bright white flash that
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      Weclome to the end! I hope you enjoyed the ride.... :)

      [part 12]

      The first clue that something was actually happening was the bright white
      flash that exploded over the crowd, the group gasp yanking away the
      concentration of each of the team members as they weaved through people,
      hunting the blonde.

      Giving in to the smile, the tension in her jaw released suddenly, Jean
      pointed towards the side. Already moving, she turned briefly to face the
      others. "That way. It's Fred."

      Wesley and Gunn exchanged confused glances. "Well, we assumed that much,
      but how do we know she's that way?"

      Scott cocked his head to the side before following his fiancée quickly.
      "It's an X-Men thing. Come on!"

      Gunn shrugged. "And this Reece girl?"

      "We'll find her soon enough, I'm sure."

      "Yo, works for me."


      The light show was perfect for his needs as he jogged a large circle around
      the area, cutting through a planter full of flowers and well trimmed bushes
      to creep up behind the boy's position. Shielding his eyes as he stole
      towards a gawking pair of students-- apparently they weren't used to a
      little homemade flash and dazzle-- he locked gazes with the brunette girl
      long enough for her to recognise him from the crowd.

      Dammit. Turning a heel and breaking into a run, feinting to the left as the
      girl tried to bolt, Angel opened his arms and full on tackled her, dragging
      them both to the ground in a series of grunts and startled cries, his hands
      quickly grabbing her arms and pinning them at her back.

      A swift backwards kick connected with his back, making him growl through the
      struggle to hold the brunette down. The pain lancing up to his shoulder,
      tightening his fingers at her wrists, he waited until she squeaked and
      relaxed unwillingly.

      "Sit here and be a good girl."

      Turning her head up to him, her blue eyes narrowed briefly as she spit in
      his face.

      "Fine." Despite his one hundred percent human body and soul, the echo of
      the demon rumbled deep in his chest and he released a single hand to lace it
      around the girl's scalp, hitting her head to the ground just hard enough to
      knock her out. "Don't listen to me."

      Standing up and crossing to the boy, barely getting a fair glance at the
      tome on the ground before feeling the wind blow past him, Angel had seconds
      to duck the first swing of the crowbar being swung at him.

      "I thought--" dropping to his knees as he tried to anticipate the next swing
      of reinforced steel towards his head, Angel extended a hand out away from
      him. "I thought you were supposed to go after Wesley!"

      His assailant, bulkier than most of the male students milling around and
      bearing a symbol that matched the one on the book cover, grunted and
      staggered back, ignoring the jibe.

      "Great, just great." Standing up and narrowing his eyes as the man came
      towards him again, Angel steadied himself, tensed his muscles and braced for
      the move he was about to make. Anticipating the power behind the swing, he
      reached out both hands to grab the open section of rebar, grasping it
      tightly and dragging his attacker across the pavement as he yanked his arms
      towards his body.

      Dropping the rebar before it crashed against his chest, instead getting an
      armful of bulky male, Angel brought a leg up, kneed the brute sharply and
      shoved him away. Watching the man fall, curling into a fetal position on
      the ground, Angel moved to the boy, picked him up and set him away from the

      "You okay, kiddo?"

      The boy nodded quietly. "Can I go home now?"

      "Let's get you cleaned up first so your mom doesn't get angry, okay?"

      Pausing for a moment, young eyes nearly welling with tears, the boy nodded.
      "Um, okay... um..."

      A rush of sympathy tugged at Angel as he took the boys hand and led him away
      from his cringing assailants. "Everything'll be okay, I promise."


      "You stole my glory!"

      Angel, sitting on the dining room table as he relented to Jean's
      examination, held out his hands helplessly. "Sorry, Cordelia. I saw the
      chance, figured it was the boy and--"

      A different voice interrupted Cordelia's response. "Dove in without calling
      in backup."


      The Seer crossed her arms. "Glory stealer!"

      The ex-vampire ignored the poke at his side as Jean continued to shake her
      head. "Team. T-E-A-M. As in, good for you and Fred working together, but
      you have more than two or three people to rely on. There's no need to get
      stupidly heroic."

      "You were busy getting the blonde ringleader and I didn't want to wait.
      Ow... OW! What ARE you doing, Jean?"

      Walking around and patting Angel's leg, the redhead tsked. "You're not
      impervious or immortal anymore, Angel, start acting like it. You strained
      your shoulder trying to swing that man around like a toy."

      "We did get Reece, though," Scott commented from his safe perch in a chair
      scooted towards the wall. "And the authorities have more than enough to
      incarcerate her."

      Gunn nodded, his hand absently stroking Fred's arm. "After we took her
      mojo witchy stuff away."

      "Strange though," Wesley frowned, cleaning his glasses, "that Angel stepped
      into the role of the one facing off with the rebar."

      "No it's not."


      Shrugging deferentially, she pointed at Angel and then Wesley. "Ya got
      attacked by that wiry girl before anything started, so it changed things.
      And because we were all anticipatin' you gettin' creamed in the rescue
      efforts, Angel's move to intercede before that crowd did anything rowdy was
      enough to keep ya alive. If the magic had started, ya might have been
      killed anyways when they got all mystically riled."

      Cordy snorted, waving her hands in the air mockingly. "Gooo magic."

      "Spells, though. I just can't... get used to the concept." Scott sighed,
      ignoring the offhand glance both Jean and Xavier shot him. "Could someone
      find an easy way to make it make sense?"

      The LA four exchanged a round of looks, each battling internally with the
      sheer amount of knowledge they each carried from all their experiences.
      There was just too MUCH to try and cover in one sentence. When Gunn
      shrugged and Fred opened and closed her mouth, pouting her lip out in
      frustration, Angel shook his head. "No better than you can explain being a
      mutant to any of us."

      Jean crossed her arms, disappointed, even though she understood the weight
      of the matter. But still... "Like trying to explain a vampire with a soul?"

      Angel opened his mouth partially. "You've been reading about--"

      The recent memory of a night spent reading dusty tomes floated back to her.
      "You. You're intriguing, Angel."

      Wesley buried his head in his hands, groaning. "You've no idea, you truly

      Fred and Cordelia nodded. "Big time no idea."

      The telepath smiled gamely. "Good."


      "So 'fess up, Mister Broody."

      He sighed lightly, sliding his hands behind long brown hair as Cordelia
      rocked her hips against his, swaying to the music. "Confess to what?"

      "Being human. What do you think?"

      Arching an eyebrow as he shuffled the step, the slow beat of a Michelle
      Branch ballad playing on the basement stereo lulling him along, Angel
      inhaled the scent of her shampoo, sweet and tangy. "I get you-- that's
      enough to make it worth it. How's being a mutant?"

      "Mmmm." Nuzzling against his neck, she closed her eyes, drinking in the
      moment, letting slip that teensy bit of control to mix his emotions with
      hers. "I can see the appeal behind knowing one's lover so much better.
      Jean kinda brought that home to me, being psychic and happy-- and all that.
      But... you have no idea how much I need you."

      "I have a good idea."


      "Her story, right?"

      "What," there was a slight pause as Cordy let her mind drift, enjoying being
      held, "the whole thing with hooking up with her lucky ace? Yeah, she told
      me earlier."

      "Lucky ace?"

      "Scott, duh. It's just so funny. We come together in disparity, in the
      face of chaos. Maybe it makes us closer, or something."

      "I don't need chaos to want you."

      "Mmm-hmm, sure. Your heart beats for me, mister."

      Drawing back from his shoulder, studying his eyes as his gaze fell on her
      face, she felt them stop moving. Slipping a hand along his cheek as she
      licked her lips, she kissed him, pressing herself wholly against his body.

      When she finally slid back and laid her head back against his shoulder, he
      half-purred and shifted them back into the slow dance, the movement feeling
      right. "Yes, it does. My heart beats because of you."




      "Life? Life's pretty much a knife fight in a dirt covered bar; and if they
      get you down, you best get back up." "Last Call at the Broken Hammer,"
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