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Claustrophobic 2/2, R

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  • Serena Michaels
    Disclaimer, notes, ect. in part 1 **************************************************************************** ~I was ready, willing and able to leave the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2001
      Disclaimer, notes, ect. in part 1


      ~I was ready, willing and able to leave the mansion that had now become my home.

      Ready to leave my surrogate family.

      They didn't want me to.

      And faced with incredible determination in and out of my head.....

      Well, saying you're gonna do something and actually doing it is another thing all together.~


      "Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens!" I scrubbed my head, singing a song I swear I heard on an old Friends episode. I was trying to cheer myself up before I left the mansion.

      It wasn't exactly an easy task.

      "Slaybells, and snowbells, and something with mittens!" Wait, that's not right. It's...oh you don't care, you're just trying to forget that confrontation with Logan and Scott yesterday.

      I poured a few dollops of generic Wal-Mart shampoo on my head, rubbing it over my scalp furiously, as tears dripped down my cheeks. Somehow, crying in the shower is easier than crying anywhere else. It must be all the water, or something.

      My voice rose as the tears dropped, "Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smelly cat...." I let the water flow down me as suds puddled around my feet. My hands skimming a bar of Irish Spring across my body as I choked on grievous tears.

      I reached out, turning the shower off after I'd cleaned myself thoroughly, grabbing a short, black towel from a rack next to the sink. Enfolding it around my body, and curving it under my arm I grabbed a smaller one, twisting it over my hair. I stared at my reflection in the foggy mirror, noting the flushed flesh of my cheeks. and the dull glint in my chocolate-colored eyes.

      "You're pathetic, Marie." I told myself, the dull glint fading angrily, replaced by an dark shade of gloom.

      //Rogue, you're not pathetic, but running away is NOT the right decision.//

      *How the Hell am I supposed to stay here with you two drooling all over her?*

      //Marie, baby....I....//

      *Oh so now Ah'm baby? Now Ah'm Marie? For ah month all you guys did was fight, and now when Ah'm actually tryin' to save mahself from insanity you come out and act all sweet?//

      //Rogue, we were just.....//

      *Yah were just what? Playin'? Pretendin' to love Jean? Are ya'll kidding me!? Yah live inside mah head, Ah know everything 'bout you -every thought, every fantasy, every dream! This isn't goin' ta work guys! Ahm not stayin' here! It's too hard!*

      //Rogue, PLEASE, listen to us!//

      *Why? So you can persuade me to stay? I'd end up killin' mahself. IS that what ya'll want?*

      //Fuck Marie! You think that's what I want? I lo-//

      "SHUT UP!" Marie pounded the pale, green wall next to her head, burying her fist in the thick plaster. "DON'T FUCKIN' LIE TO ME!"

      My towel fell, blood dripping from a scraped, raw hand. "Shit!" I leaned against the cool, minty green wall, bloodied hand hugged tight against my stomach as I groaned aloud. The two in my head were silent, but for the soft sound of faint growling. "Thanks a lot guys."

      I crouched, picking the towel up and trying to wrap it back around my body. With an injured hand it wasn't an easy task and I gave up after a few moments, letting it drop to the floor as I opened the door to my bathroom. I stepped out, walking blindly towards my bed as I stared at my dribbling hand.

      "Even when they're not around they fuckin' irritate me tah de-"


      I glanced up at the sound of a strangled gasp, eyes widening to saucers as the sight of the two men sitting on my bed. My jaw dropped, and I twisted my hands, one barely covering my pert breasts and the other moving down to hide my uh.....most womanly part.

      "What in thah Hell are ya'll doing!?" I screamed, eyes frantically searching for some kind of cover. Why in the Hell did I pack everything? My eyes scanned the bed, glowing at the sight of Logan's ass covering my only free pair of clothes. I noticed Logan's mouth curve into a smirk as he leaned back, his shock drifting away, amusement lighting his eyes now.

      "Just enjoying the view darlin', "His smirk grew, his hands resting behind wildly hair as his back pressed against the wall.

      "God Logan, all ya think about is sex."

      //Can ya blame me Marie.//

      *Didn't Ah tell you ta shut thah Hell up?*

      I ignored Logan and the flush I felt covering my entire body, and turned towards Scott, expecting him to help me.....or something. Imagine my surprise when I saw the SMILE on his face. He grinned at me, copying Logan's relaxed pose.

      //I am human you know.//

      *Well, that's just...just great! The one guy Ah thought was a gentleman turns out to be ah walking penis!*

      I'm sure my body-blush deepened as I turned, inadvertently mooning them. I grabbed the nearest cloth -my hunter green curtain- and pulled it around my nude flesh, before turning back to face them.

      "Ah though Ah told ya'll not to come here and try to convince me tah stay?" I shook my head, anger coloring my voice as I spoke quietly.

      They nodded, still silent.

      The anger grew, burgeoning into frustration and rage. "Well then, what thah fuck possessed ya tah visit me again? Wanna talk some more 'bout Jean? Compare stories? Fantasies? How great she is in thah sack?" When I'm angry, my drawl thickens, and I lash out like that. It's completely irrational, and I hate belittling Jean, it's not her fault they want her.

      Well, maybe it's a little her fault.

      Their smiles fell and they sat up, standing in front of me. They reached out and I backed away, hitting the wall a few feet behind me.

      "Marie, baby-" That's the second time I'd heard that phrase today and for some reason it fanned the fire of my anger -and lust- and I lashed out, pissed off that they had the gall to come here.

      "Yeah, Logan let's talk about fantasies? How 'bout thah one where ya take her in the kitchen? Fuckin' thah daylight's out of her against thah fridge." I smiled bitterly as I spoke, the words acidic in my mouth. He stopped short staring at me, then over at Scott. They communicated silently, and I arched an eyebrow. When had they become so buddy-buddy?

      "How' bout you Scooter? Wanna discuss your honeymoon? Dancing in Santa Monica? I got a bundle of your Jean memories Ah can share."

      "Dammit Marie! Will you just listen to us!?" Logan moved forward, his body a foot away from mine scantily clad one. I watched as his arm stretched, moving quickly towards my arm. I barely flinched as he grabbed my slender limb in his gloved hand.

      I looked down at the brown leather, frowning. Why was he wearing gloves anyway? My eyes trailed over to Scott, taking in the thin, black motorcycle gloves covering his lean fingers.

      Why were either of them wearing gloves?

      "Marie, please."

      I winced, using my enhanced strength to pull from his grasp, stumbling back into the bathroom I'd exited only moments before. I turned towards the mirror, forgetting I'd punched a nice-sized hole in the plaster next to the door.

      A hole that was just big enough to fit a certain leader's hand through, and allow him to open the door right next to it. Thereby, allowing both of them access to my tiny sanctuary.

      Access to me standing naked, holding a scraped hand under the sink......and why was I scratched anyway. I'm supposed to be invulnerable dammit!

      "Damn, shitty-ass powahs ain't good for anythin'!" I said, oblivious to the still men behind me. "All they do is cause me grief......" I continued. "Oh Jean, we love ya so much! Why don't you let us fuck ya into the next century!" I scrubbed furiously at my hand, before looking up at the mirror, meeting dark gazes once more.

      "Shit!" I scrambled backwards, which consequently led my ass into the sink. I was pissed off, depressed, and my breasts were slowly turning into ice-cubes. I really didn't need to deal with their shit right now. "I told ya'll! Get the Hell outta mah room!"

      They shook their heads in unison.

      "We can't do that, Marie." Logan said.

      "Nope." Scott agreed. "We can't do that right now." He moved closer, "We're on a very important mission."

      I was still trying to remove my ass from the sink, and cover my breasts when they moved even closer. "What mission?" I said, "Ten ways tah annoy Rogue?"

      "No." They shook their heads, and finally moved that last inch until there were millimeters away from my naked, stuck-in-a-sink body.

      "We're on a mission to seduce the pants off of you." Logan growled, his eyes glued to my chest, he licked his lips slowly.

      "Looks like that parts already been taken care of." Scott whispered softly, smirking at me. "We were going to try and ease you into it....but I don't know if I can wait that long."

      And there I am, ass wiggling in a cold sink, breasts and everything else on display for the two men I want more than anything. Two men who were now telling me that they wanted to seduce me. It was absurd, so I did the only thing I could.

      I shook my head, and burst into hysterical laughter.

      "That's really amusin', but do ya'll think you can help me outta here so Ah can get some clothes on?" I choked out between the laughter.

      They shook their heads, and didn't answer as their hands reached up.

      And then they started removing clothes.

      I was squirming, and trying to break free as they removed their shirts, and unzipped their pants. When I finally managed to pull myself away from the hell-spawned sink, they were down to their skivvies.

      Well......Scott was, Logan doesn't exactly wear undergarments.

      So like any red-blooded woman, I stopped for a moment to admire their manly physiques. Then I booked it out the door -forgetting that I wasn't exactly clothed either.

      I mean, I was fully petrified. I couldn't believe these two men. I'd been living out their Jean-fantasies for weeks. Now, all of a sudden, they want ME? All I could think was they'd been smoking some heavy cheeba in the lab before venturing up to my room. And I knew just the person to go to for answers.

      So there I was, an entirely too naked Marie, running through the school's halls, being chased by two very fine male specimens -one who's penis was bobbing around excitedly- shouting at me to, "Stop!"

      I slammed into Jean's door, leaving a lovely full frontal imprint, but continued on into the room.

      "Ahhhh!" I stood in shock at the sight before me.

      I was thrown onto her bed when Logan and Scott rammed into me from behind, and we all toppled onto the silken sheets.

      I looked up nervously, blushing bright red. "Ahm sorry, guys." A mortified giggle managed to spew forth from my mouth. "Ah didn't mean to interrupt."

      Chocolate brown eyes smiled down at me, "That is quite alright, Rogue." Ororo pulled the sheet up over Jean and her breasts as she spoke, her arm curving around the redhead's shoulders. "Did you want to inquire about something?"

      I stumbled from the bed, and shook my head quickly. "Nope, ah nothin' to inquire about." I staggered backwards, and grabbed a sheet from the floor. "Mind if I use this?" Without waiting for an answer I wrapped the black silk around me, and forced a grin. "I'll just be moseyin' on outta here...."

      I turned, and let out a gasp as a strong arm wrapped around my waist, effectively stopping me. I was then flipped up, and thrown over an extremely muscular shoulder.

      "Logan!" I wailed, chagrined at his cave-like behavior. "You're gonna hurt yourself!" If he hadn't already, we had touched when they'd toppled into me before. Actually...Scott and cave-man should be on the floor, unconscious by now. "Why aren't yah hurt?!"

      "The professor found a chemical compound that negates the effects of your mutation." Scott answered, his hand grabbing mine. Bare skin to bare skin. He smiled cheekily up at me. "We wanted to surprise you."

      "Oh." I exhaled, closing my eyes.

      It was all a little too much to take in at once.

      Scott and Logan apparently want......want to share me. Jean and Ororo were cavorting in her bed only moments ago. And the Professor found a chemical compound that allows people to touch me.

      It was all just too much.

      So I did the only thing a lady can do during times of extreme emotional upheaval

      I passed out.


      When I woke up, I groaned loudly, and sat up. Stretching my arms above my head, and smiling -what a crazy dream I'd had.

      Then I opened my eyes, and realized, it hadn't been a dream.

      Because there sat Logan and Scott, on the end of my bed, looking at me like I was the last bottle of Black Velvet in the fridge. Like they wanted to drink me up, and swallow me whole.

      "Uhh....hey." I managed to stutter out, "What's goin' on?"

      They smiled at me, and I let out a relieved sigh.

      "Guys, I just want to-"


      I fell back onto the bed as they jumped atop me. Both growling as I gasped.

      "Guys!" I whimpered." Guys, this is so wrong...."

      Logan's lips covered mine, cutting off the rest of my words, as Scott's mouth moved to cover a nipple.

      Then I did the only thing I could again.

      I lay back and enjoyed it.


      "Mmmmmm....." I murmured, allowing a satiated smile to cross my face.

      I could feel Scott's grin against my breast, and hear Logan's rumble of agreement as he pressed a kiss against beneath my ear.

      "Believe us now, Darlin'?" Logan purred.

      I shook my head vigorously, "Oh yeah."

      Scott leaned up on his elbows, looking down into my eyes. "You're not going to need any more convincing?"

      She smirked up at him, "Well, Ah might need a =little= bit more." She ran a hand through his hair. "Convincin' that is."

      They both grinned at me, eyes dancing sinfully.

      It was a long time before anyone saw the three X-Men.

      If they heard them?

      Well, that's another story.


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