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Reap The Wild Tree PG-13 1/1

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  • rocketjnyc
    Title: Reap The Wild Tree (Movieverse) Author: RocketJ (rocketjnycb@hotmail.com) Rating: PG-13 Category: Comdey (hopefully) Summary: Logan chaperones the kids
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2001
      Title: Reap The Wild Tree (Movieverse)

      Author: RocketJ (rocketjnycb@...)

      Rating: PG-13

      Category: Comdey (hopefully)

      Summary: Logan chaperones the kids on a trip to find cut down the
      mansions's Chrstimas tree and well....you know :-).

      Disclaimer: Marvel you're broke, I'm broke, we're all broke. It
      woudl cost you more to sue me than you'd ever get and I will fully
      accede they all belong to you and not me.

      Feedback: My patented "Fugu me, man!"

      Archive: If you want it feel free, just drop me a note and tell me
      where it's gonna live

      Author's Notes: It's that time again! This would loosely be a
      sequel to "Devil in My Egg Nog," "Jim Beam is My Valentine,"
      and "Erin Go Blah." My husand was my Beta on this one so blame him
      for any errors!

      For DD and all the WXF crew.


      Logan stood in the school's garage angrily pacing back and forth in
      front of one of the SUV's. He looked at the clock on the wall. It
      was already 1:30! Dammit, he'd told those kids one o'clock, no
      later. Didn't they know it got dark early in the winter and the damn
      tree farm wasn't going to stay open all night! They had to get up to
      the farm and choose a tree (which would probably take all afternoon
      knowing them) before it got dark. He'd reminded them half a dozen
      times at least that the farm they'd chosen was an hour and half away.

      He turned at the sound of loud chatter and stomping footsteps coming
      from the stairwell leading up to the mansion. Here comes the Wild
      Bunch, he thought ruefully. Iceman, Pyro and Gambit accompanied by
      Jubilee and Kitty were all talking and gesturing at once. Rogue
      followed behind them quietly. They were all wrapped in a motley
      assortment of parkas, tasseled scarves and pom-pommed hats (Cripes,
      who dressed kids these days?) since it had already snowed in Columbia
      County, their eventual destination.

      He had crankily questioned Rogue as to why they had chosen a
      Christmas tree farm that was practically in Albany when they had some
      perfectly serviceable ones right in their own backyard here in
      Westchester. She patiently told him that she and the others had been
      over every web site of every tree farm within driving distance of the
      school and this one had everything; a live Santa, sleigh rides,
      refreshments and a large variety of trees. She'd also informed him
      that they'd chosen him to be their chaperone because he was "Canadian
      and probably knew all there was to know about cutting down Christmas
      trees." How could he argue with that?

      This whole "cutting down and taming the wild tree" thing had been
      Marie's idea in the first place and after she'd gotten the okay from
      Xavier how could he turn her down? She'd asked so sweetly and looked
      at him with those big soulful brown eyes of hers. He'd never been
      able to deny her anything since that first day he's stopped to pick
      her up on the road. He wasn't about to start now. And since this
      was probably the closest he'd ever come to parenthood he'd learned to
      accept that she had him wrapped around her little finger. He just
      wished her loud friends and that shifty boyfriend of hers weren't
      included in the bargain.

      "You okay, Marie? You look a little pale?" He asked as she climbed
      into the passenger seat next to him.

      "What, Logan? Yeah, I'm ok, just have a bit of a sore throat today."

      "Maybe we should do this some other time. If you're getting sick I
      don't want to drag you around a cold field all afternoon."

      "No! If we don't go this week all the good trees will be gone! We
      can't wait until next week because the plan is to put the tree up

      How could argue with that kind of logic...and the soulful brown eyes?

      "Whatever you say, darlin'," he said dubiously and shifted the truck
      into reverse. As he turned to check the space behind him he caught
      sight of Jubilee loudly cracking her gum and blowing bubbles.

      "Let's get something straight," he said sweeping them all with a
      patented Wolverine glare, "I don't want any singing. No 'John
      Brown's Body,' no '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,' nothing! And if
      you don't wanna listen to the classic rock station, I suggest you
      pull out your Walkmen because I ain't taking any requests!"

      He nodded curtly to keep himself from smiling at the satisfaction he
      got watching them all cower back into the seats.

      The trip to the farm was relatively uneventful except for Bobby
      shoving a snowball down the back of Remy's jacket and the Cajun
      retaliating by incinerating Bobby's portable CD player. He'd growled
      at them and opened the window to clear out the stench of melting PVC
      and the rest of the ride proceeded quietly.

      Upon their arrival Santa greeted them with a hearty "Ho Ho Ho" that
      made Logan want to string him up by his red suspenders and give him a
      very painful wedgie.

      The girls all gathered around while St. John took pictures of them
      with the jolly old elf. He contented himself with retrieving the
      tree saw from the back of the truck.

      "Geez, Wolvie! That's what you're gonna use?" Jubilee yelled
      incredulously, pointing to the tree saw. "Id've thought the big bad
      Wolverine would use his adamantium claws or something. Or at least a
      hatchet for some rustic atmosphere."

      "Can it, Lee," Logan growled.

      Marie grabbed a map, which indicated the fields for each variety of
      tree. After careful consultation, the kids decided they wanted a
      Fraser Fir since according to Kitty they smelled the nicest had the
      best needle retention and Logan had given his begrudging approval as
      the most knowledgeable woodsman out of all of them. He couldn't
      figure out why the kid even cared since she was Jewish.

      Of course the Fraser Fir field was at the complete far end of the
      property necessitating the obligatory sleigh ride in an honest to
      goodness horse drawn sleigh, complete with bells, which made a
      circuit of the entire farm dropping people off at whatever field they
      wanted to visit. He rolled his eyes as Marie tried to drag him onto
      the sled and told her he'd walk and meet them there. A slight grin
      curved the side of his mouth as she and the other girls giggled and
      started a rousing chorus of "Jingle Bells" as the sleigh pulled
      away. He was still concerned that she looked a little pale and
      reminded himself to make sure she was all buttoned and bundled when
      he met up with them.

      He arrived at the field to find all hell had broken loose in the ten
      minutes they had been without him. Bobby was busy building an
      elaborate snow fort. St. John had built them all a fire to stay
      warm, which was a great idea except anyone passing by would wonder
      why the hell there was no wood burning. Jubilee and Gambit were
      running around 'decorating' trees. She was paffing madly into the
      needles and Remy was balancing charged cards on the ends of the
      branches. They had a couple of trees close to the point of
      combustion. Kitty was phasing in and out of the trees trying to get
      the "all around view of the bare spots." And in the midst of this
      chaos, Rogue was eyeing trees with the look of a connoisseur.

      "Judas Priest!!!!" Logan roared. "Are you six out of your Milk Dud
      sized brains?"

      They all stopped what they were doing and stared at him mouths agape.

      "Don't you realize that anyone can walk by and see you all using your
      powers? This ain't the woods, as much as you'd like to pretend it
      is. It ain't even close. It's a FARM where they grow these things
      so people who've never been to the woods can pretend they've gotten
      back to nature and judging by the crowds in the parking lots we're
      not the only ones here trying to live the fantasy.

      "So you," he pointed at Bobby, "ice down those damn trees the flake
      and the Cajun almost torched. Pyro, put that fire out! Kitty stay
      the fuck still."

      When everyone had done as they were told and stood before him
      properly subdued, he nodded.

      "Alright, now let's get a freakin' tree and get the hell out of here!"

      "Gosh, Logan. You don't have to be so loud about it!" Marie huffed
      at him. "If they didn't know we were mutants before they sure as
      hell do now with all you're yellin'."

      "I'm sorry, Marie. I didn't mean to yell. I know this means a lot
      to ya and I'm really trying to go along with it like a good sport for
      your sake, but you know what kind of riot could take place if people
      saw them using their powers."

      She pursed her lips and looked at a spot somewhere over his left
      shoulder and nodded, then turned to join her friends.

      Shit. He'd fucked up big time. He spoiled a "Marie day" and he
      always felt lower than dog shit when he did something like that.
      He'd have to make it up to her big time.

      Being the resilient kids they were they bounced back from his
      scolding almost immediately and were soon running around like crazed
      banshees checking out trees.

      Bobby surreptitiously made an ice slide and perched at the top of a
      tree in the beatific pose of an angel.

      "What do you think about this one?" He called down.

      "Bobby! Get down from there now!" Kitty hissed, warily eyeing a
      momentarily distracted Logan.

      "Drake you've got no taste! That tree is all scrawny on top and has
      a big naked spot in the back," Jubilee told him disgustedly. "Why
      don't you guys just stay out of this and let us women handle it?"

      This brought gasps of outrage from the boys, particularly from Remy
      who couldn't imagine anyone questioning his taste about anything.

      As Logan had suspected this bickering and haggling went on for almost
      an hour. They had gotten him down on his hands and knees at least a
      dozen times ready to make a cut when one of them would shriek and
      stop him because they'd found a better tree.

      Next year, he vowed, next year I'll be far away from Westchester when
      Christmas comes around and this will all be One Eye's problem!

      Finally, finally Marie gave her final approval and he cut down the
      tree that would grace the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngster's
      parlor in all its dead glory.

      The three boys dragged it back to the front of the farm and paid for
      it while the girls followed along behind.

      He caught up to them just as the boys were securing the tree to the
      top of the truck. The girls were all drinking hot chocolate out of
      Styrofoam cups.

      Marie had opened the passenger side door and was sitting on the
      running board.

      He approached her. "So it all turned out ok, eh?"

      She looked up at him, face white as a sheet except for two scarlet
      spots on her cheeks. He could see her eyes looked glassy and he
      became slightly alarmed.

      "You feeling ok, Marie? You look a little flushed."

      "Actually, I'm not feeling very well Logan."

      Alarm bells went off in his head. He'd heard that before several
      times. He took a cautious step back but it was too late. Rogue, his
      little Marie, was doubled over ralphing all over his feet. He
      gingerly held her hair back while she emptied the contents of her
      stomach in the pristine snow.

      The other kids just stood rooted to their spots. Bobby blanched
      white, flashbacks of St. Patrick's Day running thorough his brain.

      Logan gently lifted Marie into the passenger seat and felt the heat
      of her skin through all her layers of clothing. Poor kid had the flu
      and hadn't wanted to spoil anyone's day. Meanwhile he'd spoiled hers.

      He turned to the other kids.

      In an unnaturally calm voice he said, "Alright everyone, back in the
      car. It's time to go home now."

      Damn! He knew once he got Marie settled back at the school One-Eye
      was gonna have a field day with this one. Bastard! He could hear him
      now - "Logan the puke magnet." He'd have to make sure to get Scotty
      some nice thumbscrews for Christmas!
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