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    Now that chapter 9 of CHILDREN is finished and I can see light at the end of the tunnel, I m going to post HEYOKA and then commence with CHILDREN. But first, a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2001
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      Now that chapter 9 of CHILDREN is finished and I can see light at the
      end of the tunnel, I'm going to post HEYOKA and then commence with

      But first, a few words.

      HEYOKA isn't new. In fact, it's the first X-Men fanfic story I
      wrote. It was finished a year ago (God, it seems like it should be
      longer), and has been up on my website all that time. The first six
      chapters of CHILDREN have also been up for a while now. So many
      folks have already read both.

      But neither novel was ever posted to groups, in part because when I
      finished HEYOKA, I hadn't realized that groups even *existed*. :):):)
      Because it's long, I just never got around to posting it later. When
      I started on the second novel in the series, I figured I'd post
      HEYOKA in advance. Some folks do most of their reading on groups,
      but to understand events in CHILDREN, you must have read HEYOKA, so
      it's fair to post it in preparation. Those who've read it already
      can cheerfully ignore it, or re-read it again if it's been a while
      and you'd like a refresher.

      (N.B. I'm sending only the announcement to my updates list and
      X_Men_the_movie; I won't be posting chapters on either group to avoid
      redundancy and undue cross-posting. If you haven't read it and want
      to, follow the link below or check the other groups.)

      SUMMARY & NOTES....

      HEYOKA: The Advent of Grace

      Summary: A new arrival at Westchester sets Scott Summer's
      well-ordered life all a pother. And I don't mean the return of
      Logan. The school gets a secretary, Rogue gets a big sister, Jean
      Grey gets what she wants for Christmas, and Cyclops gets a grace note
      in his days. And everybody gets a little fry bread on the side.

      WARNINGS: This story contains adult situations, and deals with the
      games that people play in relationships.

      NOTES: One of the protags in this story is an original character, but
      don't look at her enthnicity and assume she's a Mary Sue. I work
      with original characters most of the time, and I'd be a piss-poor
      writer if they were all just extensions of me. Grace doesn't save
      the universe single-handedly, isn't a mega-powerful mutant, a
      brilliant scientist, or a kick-ass fighter. She's not even
      beautiful, much less always right. Perfect characters are dull --
      that includes superheros. I've introduced an original character for
      a reason.� She's a catalyst.� I've read a good deal of filmfic which
      presents Jean and Scott as breaking up, broken up, or about to break
      up, and most seems to gloss over the break-up part.� But it's the
      break-up part that interests me.� Why do relationships fall apart?�
      How do the small silences and little dishonesties breed in the dark
      until they kill love?� That's what this story is really about.

      Does that make this angst-fic?� I don't know.� Parts of it are
      painful, to be sure.� But other parts are meant to be funny.� Native
      people have known for a long time that the best way to heal pain is
      by laughing at it.� That's one of the purposes of the heyoka -- the
      sacred clown.� He (or she) keeps us from taking ourselves too
      seriously.� It seems to me that Scott Summers could use a heyoka
      around sometimes.

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