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Fic: Alter-Eighteen: I'll Be Your Hero 2/2

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  • kittenrescue
    Disclaimers in part one. Author s notes: Magellan is the Portuguese explorer (1480 - 1521) noted for being the first person to circumnavigate the globe. Alex
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      Disclaimers in part one.
      Author's notes: Magellan is the Portuguese explorer (1480 - 1521) noted for being the first person to circumnavigate the globe. Alex Trebek is the host of the American game show "Jeopardy".

      Logan's POV

      My first reaction when I became aware that someone was attempting to stick a needle in me was to make them stop and then get the hell out of there. I leapt off the table and got Vampira in a choke hold long enough to make my escape. I then charged around in some corridors that looked suspiciously like a research facility until I took an elevator to another floor and found myself in what appeared to be a hotel of some type. To say I was more than a little confused by this point was an understatement. I darted into one of the rooms to find a bald guy sitting behind a desk and a bunch of kids staring at me. The bald guy dismissed the kids and they quickly left, one of 'em without bothering to open the door first.

      "Good morning, Logan," the bald guy said, "I'm Professor Charles Xavier. Would you like some lunch?"

      No, I would, however, like some fucking answers.

      "Where am I?" I asked, cutting to the chase.

      "Westchester, New York. You're at my school for the gifted. For mutants, actually. You were attacked and my people brought you here for medical attention."

      "I don't need medical attention."

      "Yes, of course."

      Okay, buddy enough with the small talk. "Where's the girl?" I demanded.

      "Rogue? She's here. She's fine."

      "I wanna see her." I wasn't about to take his word for it.

      "She's in class right now. You can see her later. I assure you she's perfectly fine."

      "She better be."

      "What exactly is your relationship to Rogue?"

      "That's none of your damn business."

      "I'm afraid it is, Logan. I ran a routine background check on her and discovered she's a runaway. I've already been in contact with her parents and they've given me legal guardianship over her. As she's now my ward, I think I have the right to know what your relationship is to a seventeen year old girl."

      "What did she tell you?"

      "I was asking you."

      Okay, I'll give him a morsel of information. "I'm not her lover if that's what you wanna know."

      "Yes, that certainly does ease my mind a little."

      He still looked at me suspiciously. I think he understood that if I wanted to be her lover, I wouldn't let him stop me. I decided it was time to veer the conversation away from my love life.

      "What was the deal with the overgrown housecat that attacked us?"

      "His name is Sabretooth and he's an associate of a very powerful mutant by the name of Magneto, although why he attacked you remains a mystery."

      "Sabretooth? Magneto? So what's your secret code name? Wheels?"

      "Yes, that's very witty, Wolverine," Chuck replied slyly.

      "What is this place anyway?" I asked him, remembering the girl who walked through the wall.

      "Let me give you a tour," he offered, "we can check in on your *friend*." I noticed the emphasis on the word friend, guess he's still not sure if I told him the truth or not about the girl.

      I let him give me a guided tour of the place. He introduced me to the two who'd brought us here, Scott Summers or Cyclops - wonder if that constipated look was permanent, and Ororo Monroe or Storm - weird hair, nice rack. He showed me that Marie appeared to be okay and that she'd been dumped into a class already. She looked about as thrilled to be here as I was. I accepted Chuck's offer to stay for a few days, I didn't have anywhere I needed to be and I could find out what Marie wanted to do and get her out of here if she's not on board with the whole school for mutant's scenario. Jean, the doctor who I'd choked earlier had recovered enough to show me to a guest room and flirted outrageously in the process. She also questioned me about my relationship with Marie. Christ these people sure are nosey.

      "I had a little chat with Rogue while I was doing her routine exam, I think she's a little taken with you," she told me.

      "Yeah, well I'm a lot taken with her, so that works out rather well doesn't it?"

      She was pissed off at that comment, if the pinched look was any indication. Red certainly was a looker and at any other time I'd have been making a move on her, but I was only interested in one female at the moment and she wasn't it. Cyclops, apparently, was Red's boyfriend and he immediately got the wrong impression when he saw us together in the bedroom. Her excusing herself hastily compounded the guilty atmosphere, but maybe that's what she was aiming for because he warned me to stay away from his girl. Listen, asshole, she's cute, but not every guy who crosses her path is gonna fall at her feet. Didn't you pay attention to the one I came in with? Though I might keep flirting with Red just to piss him off, as I needed some entertainment and he looked easy to provoke.

      "Where've you put the girl?" I asked him as he was leaving.

      "She's down the hall sharing a room with a couple of the other students. I don't think I need to remind you that her room is off limits," he warned.

      First they told me that Marie is a minor, therefore, I need to keep my hands to myself and then they put me in a room just a few doors down from hers. That's like hiring a pyromaniac to be a security guard at a fireworks factory, handing him a book of matches and telling him to behave.

      As I didn't have anything to unpack, I decided to go find Marie. I found her with two other girls about her age; one was dressed in bright yellow with huge sunglasses perched on her head and the other one was the girl who'd walked through the door earlier in Chuck's office.

      "Logan!" Marie screamed when she saw me and launched herself into my arms, much to the surprise of her little friends, who just stood there with their mouths hanging open. To be honest, it surprised me, too, but I wasn't about to complain.

      "I'm so glad you're okay," Marie said, running gloved hands over my face, "I was so pissed off when Dr. Grey wouldn't let me visit you."

      Just then Windy or Storm or whatever her name was came out of the classroom and I realized that Marie was still in my arms with her legs wrapped around my waist. I put Marie down as the teacher glared at me with daggers.

      "Mrs. Chambers made chocolate cake. Why don't the three of you run along to the kitchen while I speak to Logan," she said in a tone that was more of a command than a suggestion.

      Marie blew me a kiss she made sure Windy noticed, before she took off for the kitchen.

      "Listen, Windy, before you give me a lecture, too, don't bother."

      "It's Storm," she corrected, "and I wanted you to know that Scott, Jean and I don't believe it's a good idea that you stay here. We have a lot of vulnerable young girls here and....

      "Listen, *Storm*!" I snapped, "I'm not a fucking pedophile. Until your Professor told me how old she really was, I assumed she was an adult. When I met her she was working in a bar."

      I decided that this conversation was over and walked away from her before she could say another word. After a few wrong turns, Christ this place is huge, I finally found the kitchen. Marie was sitting at the table digging into a gigantic slab of cake. She took a chug of her milk and looked up at me with a milk moustache, which I wanted to lick off. She wiped her mouth with a napkin, flashed me a million-watt smile and I found myself grinning back at her. She formally introduced me to her roommates, Kitty and Jubilee. I mumbled "Hi", but couldn't think of anything else to say to them. Marie was the only teenager I was interested in getting to know better.

      "You're gonna ruin your appetite for dinner," I said, for lack of anything better to say.

      "Yes, daddy," she replied saucily, which garnered a strange look from the woman I assumed was Mrs. Gardner.

      "Oh, I didn't realize your father was with you, my dear," Mrs. Gardner said.

      "She's just kidding," I told her, "I'm not really her father."

      "Nah, he's actually my lover. Aren't you, sugar?"

      I fixed her with a look that said, I'm gonna take you over my knee and spank you. She'd definitely relaxed her attitude toward me and I wasn't about to protest. I was just gonna go with the flow.

      "I promised Chuck I'd submit to some medical tests, but I'll catch up with you later, okay?" I said, changing the subject.

      "You gonna give Dr. Grey another opportunity to feel you up?" Marie said with a hint of irritation in her voice.

      I musta smiled weird or something cause Marie suddenly looked more than a little irritated, she looked downright pissed off. The little tease was jealous.

      "It's just some tests, Marie," I felt the need to explain, "I ain't gonna fuck her or anything."

      "Are you telling me that if she fell over on her back with her legs in the air, you'd say thanks, but no thanks? Liar!"

      She threw down her fork and stomped out of the kitchen, with me chasing after her like a whipped dog. I easily caught up with her and spun her around to face me.

      "What the fuck was that little tantrum about?" I demanded.

      "I had to submit to a medical exam, too, and Dr. Grey asked me if I was still a virgin. So when I told her that yes I was, she laughed and said she figured you weren't my lover, because a man like you would never be interested in a kid like me."

      That fucking bitch! Suddenly I was no longer sorry that I'd bruised her earlier.

      "What else did she tell you, Marie?"

      "She said that you flirted with her, that obviously you wanted her, and that it was only a matter of time before you'd be fucking each other's brains out."

      "Look, Marie, I don't know why she told you that bullshit, but it's not true. I'm not interested in screwing her," I reassured her, "it's you I want."


      "Yeah, since the minute I laid eyes on you back in Laughlin City," I told her as I gathered her toward me.

      "But, my skin.."

      "Baby, there are a lot of creative ways around that and I'd like the opportunity to show you."

      I was just about to lean in for a quick kiss, when her two new friends came bounding down the hall, so I whispered in her ear, "Come to my room tonight after everyone's asleep."

      She nodded in acknowledgement and allowed herself to be dragged off.

      I glanced over at the neon light of the clock on the nightstand - 11:45 pm. Where was Marie? Maybe she'd changed her mind, gotten scared. My eyes were growing heavy. Come on, baby, where are you?

      I was submerged in a tank of green liquid, lines marked my body like a map and there were people surrounding the tank drinking champagne. What were they celebrating? Drowning me? A guy wearing a surgical mask descended on me with a needle about a foot long.

      I bolted upright, prepared to fight, but when I opened my eyes instead of the guy in the mask impaled on my claws, it's Marie. Oh, my God, it's Marie! What have I done? I retracted the claws immediately and Marie staggered a little.

      "Help me..Somebody HELP!" I heard myself yell.

      Oh, God, baby, I'm sorry. Just then she reached out to touch my face and I felt it, this pain, like I was being drained of all my energy. I watched the wounds I'd inflicted begin to heal and saw Jean come charging into the room. It's the last thing I remembered before the blackness overtook me.

      When I opened my eyes again, I was back in my bed and Chuck was sitting to my right.

      "What happened? Is she all right?" I managed to ask.

      "She's fine," Chuck replied.

      Jesus, is that his standard answer? I attempted to raise myself up to get out of the bed. I gotta go check on her for myself. She's probably scared shitless. She probably needed me.

      Chuck put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me backward. I was still weak and fell back against the pillow.

      "Logan, you're in no condition to get up. Trust me, she's fine. You can see her in the morning, but right now I suggest you get some rest."

      The next time I opened my eyes there was bright sunlight filtering in through the window. I looked at the clock again and it read 1:30 pm. Shit, she musta really zapped me or whatever it was she did to me. I sat up and swung my legs out of the bed. I'm naked. I didn't go to bed naked, which means Jean must've thought it was necessary to strip me off during her exam last night. Her actions were beginning to creep me out. I needed to have a talk with her about appropriate doctor - patient behavior.

      I searched all over and couldn't find Marie anywhere. Nobody seemed to know where she was. These people kill me. Here this poor kid had gone through something traumatic, now she's apparently disappeared and nobody seemed concerned. I wondered if that lackadaisical attitude was promoted in their marketing literature for this place. Doubtful. Chuck said he'd try to locate her using Cerebro - some kinda mutant tracking device. Meanwhile, I looked for her little friends. If she wasn't with them, maybe they knew where she was hiding.

      I found the one who performed the door trick in the kitchen eating ice cream.

      "Hey, Fluffy, have you seen Mar..Rogue?"

      "It's Kitty," she said, before she shoveled in another spoonful of green ice cream.

      Whatever. Like I cared.

      "And no, I haven't," she continued, "Try asking Jubes, she's in the rec room."

      I stalked into the rec room and scanned it quickly. She wasn't difficult to find. That yellow she wore was like a beacon for a traffic accident. She was nonchalantly playing pool with a couple of teenage boys, Iceberg and Fireball; I think Chuck had told me.

      "Hey, JuJu Beans, you seen Rogue?"

      "It's Jubilee or Jubes. And no, not recently. Why, is she missing?"

      I shot Jubilee a glare that I hoped conveyed the fact that I thought that was one of the stupidest questions anyone had ever asked me. Yes, I'll take the fucking obvious for two hundred please, Mr. Trebek.

      I turned sharply and almost collided with Chuck.

      "She's at the train station. I've sent Storm and Cyclops to bring her back."

      Oh yeah, she's gonna be real thrilled to see those two. I brushed past Chuck before he had a chance to stop me and headed out to the garage. I found a decent looking bike and took off in the direction of the station. I walked into the crowded lobby of the station and noticed that Storm was at the ticket counter trying to get some information and Cyclops was surveying the departure schedule trying to figure out which train Marie had taken. While they were otherwise occupied, I used my tracking skills to locate her on a train bound for Winniepeg.

      "Taking off without me?" I asked as I parked myself in the seat next to her.


      "I'm sorry about last night. It's not exactly what I'd planned," I said as I reached out and caressed her cheek with my gloved hand.

      "I heard everyone was mad at me," she replied as she leaned into my touch.

      "Who told you that?" Cause I'd like to know who I'm gonna gut.

      "A boy at school." Who's gonna have an important body part hacked off next time I see him.

      I took a deep breath. Those people were really something else. Something unprintable.

      "Well, I'm not mad at you and shouldn't that be the only thing that counts?"

      She just nodded her head yes. I leaned forward and brushed a kiss across her lips.

      "I'll take care of you."

      "You promise?" she asked, eyes all watery.

      "Yeah, I promise."

      "I don't wanna go back there."

      "So we won't. I have a cabin up in Canada that even Magellan couldn't find. We could go there."

      She smiled. It was a good smile and I smiled back. The train began to move and I saw Cyclops run out onto the platform just as we pulled away from the station, but luckily he didn't see us. I pulled Marie toward me and cradled her against my chest. I didn't need a leather suit to be her hero.


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