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FIC: Causa Anima [8/18] [PG-13]

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  • tosh
    Causa Anima by Nancy Lorenz. E-mail: tosh@opera.iinet.net.au Rating: PG-13. Some violent, disturbing themes. Swearing. Archive: XMMFF, WRFA. All else, all
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2001
      Causa Anima
      by Nancy Lorenz.

      E-mail: tosh@...
      Rating: PG-13. Some violent, disturbing themes. Swearing.
      Archive: XMMFF, WRFA. All else, all ya gotta do is ask.
      Classification: General, slight L/R UST, S/J content.
      Series: Manus Mortiferum
      Spoilers: The Movie.
      Synopsis: Continues on after the movie. The Mutant Situation is
      worsening and Erik Lenscherr escapes from prison. Rogue suffers
      a terrible mishap during the mission to stop him that shakes the
      foundations of her psyche and changes her life completely.
      Disclaimer: All characters copyright Marvel and Fox.
      Feedback: Enjoyed, responded to, adored and worshiped. Respond
      to the email above :)
      Author's Note: This is beta read, but not to the fullest extent
      that it can be. Some comma and semi-colon confusion occurs. Does
      that really bother you? I figure it's only fan-fic, and I have a
      comic to ink so I don't have the energy to break my back over
      this thing. But I did get rid of the spelling mistakes and the
      grammar mistakes. Most of them anyways :) Very big thank you
      to my Betas - JennyEdu, Jennifer Hallmark, Shaz Nolan, and I
      swear there must be someone else. I can't remember right now.
      E-mail me, smack me up the side of the head and I'll rectify it
      in the next chapter posting. Love ya's alls mates! Oh - and I
      know I said I'm releasing it a chapter a day, but I'll forget to
      do that I think, so I'm just doing it bunch by bunch :)
      Dedication: To the WRGrrls. You've been around for over a year,
      and the fandom is still going. That's majorly cool. Without
      your support, your enthusiasm and love, I'd be nowhere. This
      tenacity and companionship has helped me improve the crafts that
      I want to take into a career. For that, I thank you and love you
      always. Thank you girls.

      Chapter Eight
      Healing Moves

      When consciousness embraced her, she wasn't tired. In fact, she
      felt bright and awake, just aching to leap up out of bed. The
      mornings were kind to her when she got all the sleep she needed,
      and in the recent days she got all she wanted. She hadn't
      opened her eyes yet. She was wallowing in that uncertain haze of
      waking, letting her senses join her one at a time.

      Touch... her flannel pyjamas, the soft cotton pillow cover
      against her face, a wide bed. Wide bed...

      Smell... A familiar scent as she breathed in, a spicy delicious
      smell of shampoo - men's shampoo. She rubbed her face in the
      pillow, devouring the softness and the smell. Oh she liked

      Where was she, where was she? Smell, touch...

      Sound... A light snoring, as if a large cat were asleep in the
      room, a rough snuffle to it.

      It fell in her mind and a knowing that it just took a moment to
      remember claimed her. Yes, she was in Logan's room. She
      smiled at that, writhing in the bed a moment, just enjoying the
      sensations around her that were all a part of Logan's life too.
      His bed... his pillow... his smell... his breathing. She felt
      safe here. So safe, so happy, content.

      Finally she opened her eyes, and looking next to her on the bed,
      she saw she was alone. Alone? Then who was breathing?

      Rubbing the corners of her eyes, she slid over the other side of
      the bed, sticking her head over the edge.

      Logan was stretched out on the floor, limbs like a big star, his
      head tilted back and jaw hanging a little open. She tilted her
      head, watching him sleep, amused that he was still fully
      clothed. The amusement soon waned as she realised he'd slept on
      the floor that evening, no blanket, no pillow. With a frown she
      pulled the blanket from the bed, and she slid down off the bed
      and down next to the sleeping man. She dragged the blanket
      over him, covering him well, and grabbing a pillow she tilted her

      How was she going to get that under his head?

      Pressing her lips together, she gripped the pillow. She wanted
      so badly to put the pillow under his head, but she knew he had
      those instincts of his, those waking nightmares. Clenching her
      teeth, she leant forward, wedging her glove-covered fingers under
      his neck, sliding them up the back of his scalp, lifting his head

      She pursed her lips together, trying not to laugh. When he
      wasn't having a nightmare, perhaps when he knew it was her moving
      him... he was as floppy as a sleeping tabby. She let his head
      fall back onto the pillow, and he ticked a nostril, sniffling.
      She smiled, patting the blanket around him, satisfaction welling
      within her and comforting her regret that the poor man had spent
      the night on the floor.

      A small lick of his fringe sat against his eye, and she
      frowned. Leaning forward, she drew it away from his face with a
      careful fingertip. She wasn't as careful as she wanted to be,
      because she brushed his brow, and it twitched down.

      Hands slid around her suddenly, roving, checking, and she blushed

      Oh... *dear*.

      After having a good feel around as to what was against him, he
      grunted in approval. Poor Rogue didn't know whether to laugh or

      She opted for keeping still, just watching his satisfaction as he
      embraced her, the slight upwards curve of the corners of his
      mouth, the lightness in the lines around his closed eyes. She
      wondered if it was her that made him smile so, or just the fact
      that she was a female body against him so early in the morning.

      So she hummed, a little sweet tune that made itself up as she
      went along, dragging slivers of his hair away from his face.
      She battled the smile on her features, and a part of her was in a
      delightful slice of heaven. He grunted, shifted his head, and
      his hand came up and seized hers. He didn't open his eyes, just
      massage the hand in his, taking a long breath in, and gave a
      squeeze of the flesh that happened to be in his other hand. He
      didn't know he was clutching Rogue's behind.

      Rogue knew. She blushed, looking away, dying and swooning all at

      The hazel eyes snapped open, and glancing to her he frowned.

      "What are you doing?"

      She looked back at him, raising her brows. What was *she* doing?

      "Ah just gave you a blanket and pillow to make you more
      comfortable. You were the one that made yerself at home."

      Logan looked around her to see where his hand sat. His eyes
      widened with a mix of horror and embarrassment, and he slid away,
      red tingeing his cheeks.

      "Geez, I'm sorry, Kid..."

      She just smirked, the blanket still around her as Logan leapt to
      his feet.

      "That's okay, it's not every day I get that sort of treatment."

      He narrowed his eyes at her, pressing his lips together. He
      didn't really need to say anything, the look said it all. He
      said something anyway.

      "You know you're a flirt?" he said, turning and striding over to
      his wardrobe.

      Rogue smiled, "Oh I know it."

      Logan grabbed a few articles of clothing and made for his
      bathroom, eyeing Rogue as he went.

      "I'm gonna shower, then I'm gonna eat. You're free to wait for

      She nodded, "I'll get changed and come back n' wait."

      Logan kept his eyes on her for a moment longer, a little smile
      gracing his features. Rogue was sat on his bed, looking
      wide-eyed and hungry. That hungry look had his blood a little
      hot in his veins. Damn it all. Okay - he was going to
      shower. And she could smell *his* shampooed wet body through
      the damned door.


      Upon exiting the ensuite Rogue was quite composed and relaxed,
      lying on his bed and reading one of his motorcycle magazines.
      Okay, maybe he didn't affect her as much as he thought he did.
      Not that he was supposed to *care* if he affected her or not! Oh
      God, he groaned in his mind, This isn't right, this isn't right.

      He tipped his head towards the door, and Rogue pulled herself up
      to her feet smoothly, smiling a little after straightening out
      her purply-red long-sleeved top.

      "Ya hungry?" he said, waiting by the open door as Rogue joined

      "Gee, how couldya tell?"

      Logan just smirked, "You got that look in your eye."

      He closed the door behind them and they made their way to the
      mess hall.

      "What kinda look is that?"

      He glanced back at her. "That you'd devour a omelet at 30

      She tipped her head, "Ah dunno, I could really go for a sausage
      about now."

      He coughed, disbelief seizing his chest, and he shook his head.

      "Okay, I don't think I wanna know where you got that sense of
      humour from but it's really inappropriate."

      "You like it," she said smoothly.

      He smirked, "That's not the point."

      She gave a silky chuckle and went around the corner of the
      corridor, striding into the mess hall. All heads, strangely
      coloured or not, lifted as she breezed into the room. Kitty and
      Jubilee squealed, falling over themselves to get up to their feet
      and over to her.

      "Baby!" Jubilee wailed, finally getting her balance and racing
      over to Rogue.

      Kitty was close behind, and Rogue staggered as the girls launched
      themselves into her arms. Tears were in the girls' eyes,
      Jubilee huffing and cradling Rogue's face with grey-gloved hands.

      "I was so worried about you!" Jubilee mumbled, "I couldn't

      "Ah came to get some stuff last night," Rogue said with a weary
      smile. "You guys were asleep, you missed me."

      "You should have woken us!" Kitty said, her eyes overflowing with
      tears. "We were terrified that you would be in that stupid room

      She whimpered and hugged Rogue tightly, Jubilee hugging her too.

      "We love you so much," Jubilee said, "Don't scare us like that

      "Ah'll try not to," Rogue said, an overwhelmed smile on her

      Logan watched the scene with a strange rush of happiness, envy
      and pride. Marie was lucky that they all cared about her so
      much. The way she bonded with those girls was special, he could
      tell that. Not everyone could boast such a companionship, and
      he knew that Rogue would be lucky enough to always have that.
      Logan knew that a good portion of the adult population in the
      school didn't care what the hell happened to him, and the other
      portion was female. Didn't take a scientist to know what their
      interests in him were.

      He was as relieved as those girls at Marie's improved condition,
      cause unlike them, she was all he had.

      He felt a little strong hand drag him towards a table, and he
      kept quiet as Marie sat him down at the table with her
      girlfriends. Had he a choice he wouldn't sit there.

      Today he'd give the kid a break. Just today.

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