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FIC: Stuck In A Moment

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Title: Stuck In A Moment Author: Autumn E-mail: eddievedderismylife@hotmail.com Summary: The events of the movie from Logan s Point of View, set to song
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2001
      Title: Stuck In A Moment

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: eddievedderismylife@...

      Summary: The events of the movie from Logan's Point of View, set to song

      Dedication: For Jonas. And Happy Birthday Nadja!

      Rating: PG-14 for language

      Category: Romance

      Pairing: Logan/Rogue

      Disclaimer: I built the pyramids, I invented the Internet, and God owes me
      money. But I�m willing to share credit for the song with U2.

      I'm not afraid
      Of anything in this world
      There's nothing you can throw at me
      That I haven't already heard

      I'm just trying to find
      A decent melody
      A song that I can sing
      In my own company

      I�m a loner. Always have been. Always will be. Or so I thought. Turns
      out God didn�t like that plan and sent a cute little brunette after me to
      change my mind. Fuckin� fate. Bizarre. See she wedged her cute little
      self into the back of my trailer, and instead of leaving her on the road,
      like I would have with most people, I took her with me into the truck.
      Don�t know why the hell I did it. It just felt right. I�m more animal
      most of the time, so I�ve learned to follow my instincts. Having Marie with
      me feels more right than anything else ever has in this world. I didn�t
      question it, just accepted it.

      Then the little punk started asking me more questions than a damn reporter
      did. I answered all of �em, which was the weird part. She even ate all my
      food, and instead of being pissed about that I thought it was cute. I
      don�t even like that word much, but it suits Marie. Everything about her is
      cute. Her attitude, her smile, her face, hell she�s the definition of that
      So we were driving across the country, flirting or teasing, whatever, when
      out of nowhere this big fuckin� tree hits poor Jeff (my truck). When you
      travel around as much as I do, with no real attachments you�re bound to give
      inanimate objects names. Makes them more important somehow. Anyway, Jeff
      got whacked, and I went through the windshield. Obviously something was up,
      cause trees don�t just jump out at ya every day. So, I was lying on the
      ground with a big fuckin� headache, when this giant pussycat leaps out at
      me. I thought he was going to go after my gi- Marie, so I had to get up and
      kick some ass.
      Next thing I know is I�m in a fuckin� lab. I hate labs more than words can
      ever say. This doctor was tryin� to stick something in my arm so I jumped
      her. Felt bad later, she was only trying to help. Anyway, I got out of
      there, and I had to check on the girl. It occurred to me that I'd never
      given two shits about someone else. Why was I starting now?

      I never thought you were a fool
      But darling look at you
      You gotta stand up straight
      Carry your own weight
      These tears are going nowhere baby

      You've got to get yourself together
      You've got stuck in a moment
      And now you can't get out of it

      Don't say that later will be better
      Now you're stuck in a moment
      And you can't get out of it

      The next time I saw Marie was in my room when she tried to wake me up
      from one of the hellish nightmares that are my inheritance from the most
      sadistic government fucks you can imagine. I mistakenly took her for one of
      them and impaled her. The moment of connection lasted a lifetime. I saw
      everything swimming in those deep brown eyes of hers. Pain, surprise,
      sadness, and guilt. I begged whatever was out there to let me take away her
      pain, and for some reason She took pity on me and allowed me to heal Marie.
      It was one of the best moments of my life. Unfortunately it cost Marie
      a lot of emotional pain, and she seemed stuck in what had happened. While I
      was recovering she hightailed it out of there and went to the train station.
      I went to get her back, and to apologize for what I'd done.

      I will not forsake
      The colors that you bring
      The nights you filled with fireworks
      They left you with nothing

      I am still enchanted
      By the light you brought to me
      I listen through your ears
      Through your eyes I can see

      Marie told me she had all of my thoughts, memories and senses. I wanted
      to kill myself. How the hell could I have pushed something like that onto
      an innocent girl? God must hate me, even when I try to do something good
      and decent I fuck it up.
      She told me about her past and what had happened and I wanted to kill
      everyone who had ever hurt her before. How the hell could they judge her
      like that, obviously they didn't really know her. If they had, they
      wouldn't have thought about hurting such a caring and kind person like
      Marie. Bastards.
      With a little more prodding on my part, Marie decided to return to
      Xavier's. I held her in my arms and promised to keep her safe, which was
      more than I'd ever done for anyone before, with her it just felt right
      Naturally disaster had to strike, and the Magnetfucker gutted the train
      we were on. He threw me against the back of the train and the last thing I
      saw was Marie falling towards me. When I woke up, she was gone and I was
      mad as hell.

      And you are such a fool
      To worry like you do
      I know it's tough
      And you can never get enough
      Of what you don't really need now
      My, oh my

      You've got to get yourself together
      You've got stuck in a moment
      And you can't get out of it

      Oh love, look at you now
      You've got yourself stuck in a moment
      And you can't get out of it

      I don't remember much about the fight at the Stature of Liberty. My
      mind was focused on exactly one thing: getting Marie. Other than that, I
      was running on autopilot. The promise I'd made rang through my head over
      and over. Her laughs, her smile, the beautiful person she is inside and
      outlaws just so organic and worth fighting for, damn the cost.
      Hearing her trapped completely helplessly in that machine made me loose
      it. I stabbed myself and released the others, or so I'm told. I was going
      on instincts, they're never wrong. The only thing I remember about that
      night was seeing Marie, who was clearly dead.
      My heart recoiled in the thought that she'd suffered so much and I
      couldn't do a damn thing about it. It hurt to know that she'd gone through
      so much because of me. If I hadn't picked her up none of this would have
      happened. But I would have been without the best and worst thing I've
      encountered in my life. The best thing is of course meeting Marie, and the
      worst is having held her lifeless body in my arms. It almost killed me
      once; I couldn't face doing it again.

      I was unconscious, half asleep
      The water is warm 'til you discover how deep

      I wasn't jumping, for me it was a fall
      It's a long way down to nothing at all

      You've got to get yourself together
      You've got stuck in a moment
      And you can't get out of it

      Don't say that later will be better
      Now you're stuck in a moment
      And you can't get out of it

      Waking to Jean's touch was not something I really appreciated. Hell, I
      think what she wad doing probably violates some kind of doctor/patient
      thing. Point is, she was there and probably knew how Marie was, so I had to
      play nice. The image of Marie taking on some of my traits turned me on more
      than it should have. I know Jean was starting to pick up on that, so I
      diverted her attention by making some smart-ass remark.
      Chuck came around a little bit later, and was up and going almost as
      quickly as me. The old man's got some seriously hidden strength reserves.
      Anyway, he gave me a lead on what might give me some answers to my shity
      past. More than I had before. Only thing is I couldn�t bring Marie with
      me. Who knows what I might find out there? So, for the first time in my
      life I said goodbye to someone I cared about.

      And if the night runs over
      And if the day won't last
      And if our way should falter
      Along the stony pass

      And if the night runs over
      And if the day won't last
      And if your way should falter
      Along this stony pass

      Marie teasin� me and lookin� all cute like that made me sorely tempted to
      stay put. Only problem with that is I wouldn�t be able to keep myself away
      from her, and that�s not what she needs right now. She�s still got a lot of
      mental stuff to deal with; hell I�ve got a lot to deal with. Being together
      now just wouldn�t be a smart idea. And despite what Scooter thinks, I�m not
      a complete dumbass.
      A break will do us both a lot of good. It will give us time to adjust to
      the situation. She can process her new sets of memories and I can bury my

      It's just a moment
      This time will pass

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