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Fic: Code Name: Gemini (3/?)

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  • Emily and Sarah Mackenzie
    Title: Code Name: Gemini (3/?) Author: Tanya Miller Series: Gemini (which can be found at my site http://go.to/tanie) Rating: Strong R to maybe NC-17 later for
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2001
      Title: Code Name: Gemini (3/?)
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Series: Gemini (which can be found at my site
      Rating: Strong R to maybe NC-17 later for violence
      Summary: Rogue and Sarah go on a mission
      Feedback: Love it....Please send some. Would love to
      hear what you think of it.
      Disclaimer: Not mine....never will be mine.....Except
      Distribution: My site X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers
      (http://go.to/tanie) and list archives.


      "Logan, slow down!"

      "Don't got time Scooter. Marie and Sarah are in

      "At least give us time to do a prelim scan."

      "Fine but hurry up about it." Logan growled.

      Seeing a kid running out of the corner of his eye, he
      turned and saw him getting into a car that looked a
      lot like...."Hey Scooter. Isn't that your car?"

      Not waiting for an answer, Logan took off across the
      parking lot. Reaching the car just as the boy was
      closing the door, Logan grabbed the door frame and
      pulled it open. Reaching in, he yanked the kid out.

      "Hey! Let go!" Jared yelled.

      "Don't think so, bub." Logan growled, holding on to
      the squirming kid.

      "I have to go! Now let go before you piss me off!"

      Logan gave a smirk. The kid had guts that's for sure.
      Stupid to attack an unknown but gutsy. "Don't make
      me laugh."

      "Fine. I warned you." Before Logan could react,
      Jared hit him hard in his stomach. Logan would have
      laughed it off if it hadn't been for the three bone
      claws that had accompanied that punch.

      "What the hell? Who are you?"

      "Name's Jared. And I got to go. Got some new friends
      that need help and you are not stopping me."

      Pulling the claws out and retracting them, Jared
      reached back and hit Logan, this time in the jaw.
      Shock and pain flickered in his eyes.

      Logan had to smile. "You're not the only one with

      Cradling his hand against himself, Jared tried to back
      up only to run into Cyclops. "What the...?" His eyes
      looked around for some sort of exit only to find Storm
      and Jean blocking them. Eyes turning back to keep
      Logan in sight, Jared watched with fear as Logan came

      "You know. You reminded me of something today. Never
      attack the unknown. I forgot and got your claws in my
      gut." Jean, Storm and Cyclops felt a start of shock at
      Logan's comment but said nothing. "But you don't know
      everything about me either." Lifting his hand, he
      extended his claws. "I got my own."

      Jared's eyes widened in recognition. "You. You're
      the one."

      Logan frowned at the comment. "I'm the one what?"

      "You're the one they came here to kick ass for. You
      got to help them."

      Logan felt fear fill his heart. "Marie? Sarah?..."

      "Marie?...No she said her name was Rogue. She and
      Sarah are in trouble. They got the head guy and the
      troops showed up. They attacked me to make them think
      I was a victim so I could get out and contact Xavier's

      Jean's voice addressed Jared. "Where are they?"

      "This way. I'll show you." Jared started to head
      back to the building, only to have Cyclops stop him.

      "It's too dangerous. You should..."

      A quick turn and Jared had his claws at Cyclops'
      throat. "No. You should take your hand off me. I am
      not leaving them, One-eye."

      "You know, this young man reminds me of someone."
      Storm said, with soft laughter in her voice.

      Turning away, Jared ran for the building, only to have
      the door thrown open and men come rushing out. "Shit.
      Looks like they got smart."

      The team got into position, ready to do battle when
      the sound of a helicopter caused them to look up.

      "Marie!!" Logan yelled. A flash of brown hair with
      white streaks could be seen blowing out the open side



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