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FIC: X-Men Children's Books: The Christmas Version, Volume 1

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Tile: X Men Children s Books The Christmas Version: Volume 1 Author: Autumn Summary: More crazy book titles Rating: I for ireverent ... Logan s books: 1.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2001
      Tile: X Men Children's Books "The Christmas Version: Volume 1"

      Author: Autumn

      Summary: More crazy book titles

      Rating: I for ireverent


      Logan's books:

      1. Santa Ain't Real, Deal with It.

      2. Scooter, the Pansy Assed Reindeer

      3. Reindeer: the Other Venison

      4. Santa got Run Over By a Trucker

      5. Don't Trust Old Men Who Like Kids Sitting on Their Laps

      6. Frosty the Snowman Melted


      1. There is No Land Of Tolerance, Not Even at the North Pole

      2. Rudolf: A Colection of Stories of Repression

      3. Elves are like Nazi's

      4. Good Little Boys and Girls Get Great Toys, Bad Little Boys and Girls
      Steal From Them, Life isn't Fair

      5. Nobody Celebrates Haunukah Anymore


      1. I am Santa Clause

      2. I was Afraid to Go to School as A Child Because the Christmas Displays
      Scared Me


      1. I Ate Santa, Rudolf, and the Elves, no Christmas for You, You Little

      2. Christmas Decorations Make Good Weapons

      3. Grilled Reindeer Taste Better Than Chicken

      No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition! -Monty Python

      Why must I be surrounded by frickin' idiots? -Dr. Evil

      Scully: That was Detective Manners. They just found you're bleepin' UFO.

      Scully: Mulder, your sister called. Just kidding :)

      Cliff O'malley: I really shouldn't be driving you know. My license was
      Josh: Oh? Why?
      Cliff: For attempted vehicular manslaughter, whatever the fuck that means!-
      Dead Man on Campus

      Lt. Valley: How can I be sure that you're really here? How can I be sure
      that these mashed potatoes are really real?
      Mulder: I can only assure that they and I am real.

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