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Ficlet: Holy Hell!

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Title: Holy Hell! Author: Autumn E-mail: eddievedderismylife@hotmail.com Summary: ‘Tis a silly ficlet. Rating: PG-13, for irreverence and language POV:
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      Title: Holy Hell!

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: eddievedderismylife@...

      Summary: �Tis a silly ficlet.

      Rating: PG-13, for irreverence and language

      POV: Guess!

      Author�s Notes: Okay, this idea came to me from a conversation with Jonas.
      Went something like this:

      A: Yes, one of it's earlier memories of being nearly drowned by one's

      J: And relatives looking on with amusement in their eyes...

      It�ll make more sense later, promise:)


      Okay, I�ve only been here for six weeks and already I want to leave. I
      mean what is it with this place? More freaks than a freak show. First off
      I spent way too much time being poked and prodded by this red headed thing.
      Hasn�t she ever heard of limitations? There�s only so much a person can
      Then there�s this annoying guy with these strange eyes. He always looks so
      smug. What the hell for? He can�t even see for cryin� out loud! And he
      always talks to this really hairy guy that I see a lot, so I think he�s
      important. The eye man is annoying though. Soon as I�m able too, I�ll
      knock those stupid things off his head. See if he leans over me again.
      Oh there�s this other one that is just real good, and gentle with me all
      the time. She has kind of weird looking hair, but I like her so I�ll keep
      her around. Only thing that annoys me is she makes me wear these stupid
      little torture things. They�re all pink, and I�m sure they�re some kind of
      evil thing. Doesn�t she understand that we�re not supposed to wear clothes?
      If we were, I woulda had them where I stayed before.
      Let�s see who else. Oh there�s this one thing, cause I don�t really know
      what it is cause it�s all yellow all the time. The rest of the giants
      change color, but the one in yellow is always the same. And she�s loud too.
      Got mad when I screamed in here ear once, that�s what she sounds like
      Anyway back to the leaving thing. I thought that at least some of them
      were good, like the weird haired one and the furry guy, but not after today.
      First off the weird one put some stupid thing on me that was like 80 times
      as long as me, then the took me to some holier than thou place. It was
      annoying, and this scary guy dressed in, well a dress tried to drown me! I
      thought the hairy guy would try to stop him, but he didn�t and the strange
      one just told me to shhhh. You �shhhh� when someone is trying to drown
      All those other people were around too, and they just sat there and
      laughed. I guess they think it�s funny when someone is drowning. Stupid
      things, I�ll get �em all.
      And then as soon as I learn how to walk, I�m outta here. I mean it. Least
      out there aren�t attempted drownings and stupid pink dresses.

      No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition! -Monty Python

      Why must I be surrounded by frickin' idiots? -Dr. Evil

      Scully: That was Detective Manners. They just found you're bleepin' UFO.

      Scully: Mulder, your sister called. Just kidding :)

      Cliff O'malley: I really shouldn't be driving you know. My license was
      Josh: Oh? Why?
      Cliff: For attempted vehicular manslaughter, whatever the fuck that means!-
      Dead Man on Campus

      Lt. Valley: How can I be sure that you're really here? How can I be sure
      that these mashed potatoes are really real?
      Mulder: I can only assure that they and I am real.

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