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Genesis Prologue/? PG

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    Title: Genesis Author: Pandora Email: moirae19@hotmail.com Rating: PG Summary: Continuation of the X-Men s story, starting where the movie left off.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2001
      Title: Genesis
      Author: Pandora
      Email: moirae19@...
      Rating: PG
      Summary: Continuation of the X-Men's story, starting where the movie left
      Disclaimer: If Marvel would share their toys, I wouldn't have to steal them
      from time to time.
      Notes: This part is little more than a quick update of what, in my version,
      happened after the movie ended. It brings to story up to my current
      timeline, adding in the characters I want to use and setting the stage for
      future parts.


      In the two months since Logan's departure, Xavier's School for Gifted
      Youngsters had undergone numerous changes. With the sudden influx of mutants
      seeking asylum at the mansion (no doubt stemming from the recently passed
      Mutant Registration Act), Professor Charles Xavier had taken on several new
      instructors. Some of the new instructors were former students who hoped to
      join the X-Men, such as Lorna Dane, code name Polaris. Other instructors
      were new to the school and the X-Men. One such instructor was known as Dr.
      Henry McCoy. Dr. McCoy had been employed at the Brand Corporation until his
      mutation became agitated thanks to exposure to a chemical serum. The serum
      altered McCoy's physical appearance to that of a large blue beast. His new
      physical appearance had isolated him to his home until the day Dr. Jean Grey
      appeared on his doorstep, bearing an employment offer from Xavier.
      After Liberty Island, anti-mutant tension had risen to an all-time high.
      Friends of Humanity, previously considered a radical fringe group, found
      their membership numbers swelling by the week. Loud debates broke out
      between the FOH and the American Civil Liberties Union. It seemed that
      everyone had an opinion on the mutant situation.
      There was even dissension among mutants. While Xavier's nonviolent approach
      appealed to the vast majority of mutants, there were those in the community
      who sympathized with the Brotherhood's less diplomatic resistance. One
      underground mutant magazine had even declared Magneto as "Mutant of the
      Year," comparing his actions to Malcolm X and even the American colonists
      who fought in the Revolutionary War. After Magneto's imprisonment, however,
      the Brotherhood was disbanded. Toad and Sabretooth were missing in action,
      and Mystique had disappeared after staging Senator Kelly's withdrawal from
      politics. A month earlier, the news media had reported that Senator Kelly
      was missing and presumed dead after failing to return from a solo fishing
      trip. Mystique hadn't shown up since, and the X-Men could only assume she
      was laying low. It was too optimistic to hope she would stay out of trouble,
      especially with whispers of a Second Brotherhood of Mutants banding
      Rogue had finally found a niche in the school. She and Bobby Drake had
      officially been together for over a month. Kitty Pryde and Jubilee occupied
      the bulk of her time, usually involving her in Jubilee's harebrained
      schemes.. The rest of her time was spent with St. John Allerdyce, her new
      best friend. St. John, a runaway himself, was the only person since Logan to
      take an active interest in protecting Rogue, which often got on Bobby's
      nerves. Unlike Logan, St. John had shown romantic interest in Rogue, only
      backing off because of Bobby's interest in her. He had recently started up a
      relationship with the new Scottish student Rahne Sinclair, although St. John
      maintained they were "completely casual." Rogue didn't bother to inform St.
      John about the little doodles proclaiming "Mrs. Rahne Allerdyce," that
      decorated the Scot's notebooks.
      Despite the high scrutiny on mutants, the School had garnered little
      attention. With the Brotherhood temporarily broken up, the X-Men were
      indulging in a well-deserved break. Ororo Munroe had even departed on a much
      needed sabbatical to New Orleans. Life at the mansion stayed fairly quiet
      until Logan's sudden reappearance at the gate early one morning.
      When he returned, he wasn't alone.

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