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Wolverine/Rogue: The Zine

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  • fyrdrakken@JUNO.COM
    I was reminded of this little project a few weeks ago, and tonight I once again checked the zine inbox at . To no avail -- the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2001
      I was reminded of this little project a few weeks ago, and tonight I once
      again checked the zine inbox at <zine@...>. To no
      avail -- the last message received was September 21st. To refresh
      memories (and for the newbies among you), some months ago I had proposed
      to edit and publish a zine of Wolverine/Rogue stories, to be completed no
      later than Memorial Day weekend for premiere at MediaWest*Con.

      For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the zine format of story
      presentation, it's for the benefit of fans with less online access than
      many of us are blessed with, and fic readers who just prefer stories in
      hard copy. A printed and bound booklet about the size of two or three
      _National Geographic_ magazines, containing fic and illustrations,
      perhaps even a bit of poetry, and sold for only enough to cover the costs
      of production to keep the venture in the quasi-legal area of nonprofit
      fan enterprise. Authors and illustrators each receive a complimentary

      It costs a few hundred dollars to produce a minimal batch of 50 or so,
      making zine production something of a risky enterprise -- the
      editor/publisher *really* wants to sell all the copies to get her money
      back, and zine buyers are more likely to drop $20 (or more, depending on
      size and whether there's a color cover) for a zine containing new fic
      available nowhere else. Zines full of stories already seen online just
      don't sell as well.

      Given that this fandom has no zine tradition, I was expecting there to be
      a scarcity of authors willing to send all-new fic to me for the zine for
      later publication, rather than to the lists for immediate viewing and
      instant feedback gratification. So I was willing to compromise by mixing
      new fic with much-loved previously-posted fic (authors willing). But I
      *did* want as much new fic as possible -- and so far, I have received a
      number of messages expressing support for the project back when I first
      mentioned it, and a number of suggestions for favored pre-existing
      stories to include -- but absolutely *no* fic submissions. Zip. Nada.
      None. Which means that I'm no longer sure I want to risk this little

      End of whine. Further info at
      http://www.wolverineandrogue.com/zine/index.htm, submissions or queries
      to <zine@...>. (Come *on* guys, all that fic being
      written out there...!)


      "The words 'strategic withdrawal' are beginning to hold a special magic
      for me."
      -- Lord Fanny, THE INVISIBLES, Volume 1 #9, by Grant Morrison

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