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Re: Cat Attack 1/? PG-13

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  • CattyGirl
    Title: Cat Attack Author: CattyGirl (therealcattygrrl@yahoo.co.uk) Rating: PG-13 Genre: Silly fic Summary: Cats at the mansion. Lots of them. Need I say
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2001
      Title: Cat Attack
      Author: CattyGirl (therealcattygrrl@...)
      Rating: PG-13
      Genre: Silly fic
      Summary: Cats at the mansion. Lots of them. Need I say more?
      Archive: Sure. Just let me know
      Disclaimer: Not mine. I own nothing - not even my life. Muses stole
      that away years ago.
      Notes: Someone wanted foof? I'm not sure if this quite counts, but it's
      close *g*
      Blame this on five plot bunnies disguised as cats. Any bad characterisations
      are purely my fault, though. And I have no idea whether Jean has an aunt or
      not... if she didn't, she does now


      It all started about three weeks before Christmas. Innocently enough, with
      a phone call for Jean.

      She'd taken it in the office for privacy. It wasn't a long call, but it
      certainly affected her badly. She was distinctly white about the lips when
      she returned to the rec room, where most of the students and teachers were
      sprawled out in various attitudes of repose, watching a news broadcast.

      "Hey, Jeannie," Logan greeted her, raising one eyebrow curiously as he
      noticed her distress. On his return to the mansion, he'd resumed flirting
      with her as if he'd never been away, although with somewhat less
      enthusiasm. Of course, that probably had something to do with Rogue, who
      seemed to have been superglued to his side from the moment she saw him
      driving up on his - or rather, Scott's - motorbike. "Eat something that
      disagreed with you?"

      "Not exactly." She looked down and twisted her fingers together. The
      Professor had said it was all going to be all right, but he'd kindly left
      the task of announcing it to the others to her. And she had no idea how to
      go about it.

      "So what's up?" Logan persisted. "Dead white ain't your normal skin colour,
      that's for sure."

      "I've got something to tell you."

      "You've finally come to your senses and you're leaving Cyke to run away
      with me?" The rejoinder earned Logan an exasperated stare from Scott and a
      smack round the head from Rogue, cuddled up next to him on the sofa.

      "Be nice, sugar." Rogue chided, wrapping herself a little more securely in
      the blanket she was using to protect the others from her skin and leaning
      her head against his shoulder. "So what's really the matter?"

      "It's my aunt. She's going into hospital for a while..."

      "Your aunt Margaret?" Scott interrupted suspiciously. At her nod, he buried
      his head in his hands. "I think I know where this is going. Just kill me
      now, someone."

      "She's going into hospital," Jean stubbornly carried on, ignoring her
      husband's melodramatics. "Which means someone has to look after her cats.
      Meaning me."

      "Cool!" Jubilee exclaimed, from the midst of the pile of students on the
      floor. Looking suspiciously at Scott, who'd redoubled his groans and
      sounded like he was in his death throes, she carried on, "How many does she

      Jean steeled herself. "Somewhere around twenty, last time I visited. She
      may have picked up a few since then, though."

      Kitty's gulp was quite audible in the sudden hush of the room. Even the
      television seemed suddenly quieter. "T-twenty? Are they coming *here*?"

      Jean nodded. "You guessed it. I tried to persuade her to let me look after
      them at her home, but she wouldn't hear of it. They're arriving sometime

      ~ to be continued....

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