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Fic: Fun at the Beach/ Series:Cutting Loose #7 (NC-17) Pairing:S/R

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  • banime78@aol.com
    Special Thanks to Karen and Nadja Lee for previewing this. And also for Karen picking up on some major flubs I made. Thank-you both. Title: Fun at the Beach
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2001
      Special Thanks to Karen and Nadja Lee for previewing this. And also
      for Karen picking up on some major flubs I made. Thank-you both.

      Title: Fun at the Beach
      Author: Bani
      Email: banime78@...
      Series: Cutting Loose # 7
      Rating: NC-17
      Genre: S/R
      Summary: There's a beach, fun, a special discovery and sex. Need I say more.
      A/N: This is the one you asked for Karen sorry it took so long.
      Archive: Yes Please. Just leave an Addy.
      Disclaimer: Marvel and Fox own them not me. No money made.
      Dedication: For everyone who gave me feedback ya'll know who ya are. Also for
      Nadja Lee who is one very special chica. Oh and Susan K in Texas.

      *Note I'm doing this story from both characters POV's so it might get a
      little confusing. Whenever it is Rogue's POV she always refers to herself as
      Rogue. When it is Scott's he refers to her as Marie. Got it. Hope that helped
      a bit.*

      After the previous day's gravity they both needed to unwind. And since
      they were in Florida what better way to do that then a day at the beach.
      Scott found a little out of the way spot where they had the beach all to
      themselves. Getting out of the car they both looked around until they found a
      place to set up the little picnic they had brought with them.

      The day was unseasonably warm, making it a perfect day for a picnic.
      Scott shook out the blanket he had found in the trunk of the Lexus and Rogue
      helped him to smooth it into place. Going back to the car Scott grabbed the
      bag of goodies they had brought with them.

      Digging into the bag, Rogue set about making their lunch as Scott stared
      out at the ocean. Rogue watched him wondering if he was still thinking about
      what he had told her yesterday. She'd told him she still loved him and that
      what he had told her didn't change that, but something told her he wasn't
      quite convinced.

      He was like a puppy that had been kicked one too many times by its
      master; afraid to accept kindness for fear that pain would follow. A profound
      sadness enveloped her heart as she thought of what he had divulged to her. So
      much pain and suffering for one man to bear. How he had survived through that
      was a mystery to her.

      She shook herself to get rid of her unhappy thoughts and went back to
      fixing their meal. She smiled as she slathered some peanut butter on a
      sandwich for Scott. It amazed her that such a simple thing could bring him
      such comfort. She'd have to remember to make sure there was always a jar in
      the kitchen cupboard at the Mansion.

      Finishing up with lunch she handed Scott his sandwiches and a container
      of fruit salad. Settling down beside him she started to eat her salad. She
      followed Scott's gaze and found him watching as seagulls dove down into the
      water to catch their own meal. It was quite relaxing actually and she soon
      found herself dozing off.

      When she woke up, she found herself alone. Looking around she spotted
      Scott at the water's edge, tossing stones from the beach into the frothy
      waves. Sitting up she pulled her knees under her chin, wrapped her arms
      around them, and watched him. He leaned over and picked up another stone and
      Rogue admired the way his jeans molded to his ass.

      Scott drew back his arm and let fly the stone he had just picked up, the
      movement caused the muscles in his shoulders to bunch up and she could feel
      her pulse speed up as desire took hold of her. Sweat popped out on her brow
      as her core temperature rose. Too bad, she couldn't act on her desire, she
      thought in frustration.

      He was a fine specimen of a man, tall and leanly muscular with broad
      shoulders and slim hips. It was odd really; she had always, in the past, been
      attracted to larger more muscular men like Logan. Well, maybe it wasn't all
      that odd. After all, it hadn't been his body she had been attracted to after
      all; it had been his caring and understanding nature.

      She continued watching him and noticed that he had taken off the shirt he
      had been wearing earlier. Now he wore just his white undershirt and his
      jeans, which he had rolled up his calves to prevent them from getting wet.
      The waves lapped at his feet and suddenly she got an idea.

      Getting up she walked down to where he stood and wrapped her arms around
      his waist. He jumped a little in surprise before laying his own arms over
      hers. "What ya doing sugah?" She asked.

      "Just waiting for you to wake up." His tone held just the slightest edge
      of teasing; giving her hope that she could break him out of his dark mood.

      "Sorry about that. Ah didn't mean ta conk out on ya like that." She lay
      her cheek against his shoulder blade, feeling the warmth of his skin through
      the thin barrier of fabric that was all that stood between his flesh and her

      "No big deal. It gave me a chance to watch you sleep. Did you know you
      snore?" He was definitely teasing her now.

      Drawing back from him, she punched his shoulder. "Ah do not ya liar. Take
      that back."

      "And if I don't?" He asked turning around.

      No sooner had he turned all the way around than he found her hands
      planted against his chest giving him a firm shove. Taken off guard, he flew
      backwards into the water. He came up sputtering only to be pushed back under
      by the next wave.

      Rogue stood on the beach doubled over in laughter. Her laughter was
      abruptly cut off when a pair of wet arms wrapped around her waist and lifted
      her up and over an equally wet shoulder. "Scott." She squawked. "Now wait a
      minute sugah, can't ya take a joke? Come on now, don't ya dare throw me in."
      She could feel his shoulders shaking as he laughed. "SCOTT!!" She screamed as
      he lifted her off his shoulder and then tossed her into an incoming wave.

      She went under and swallowed what felt like half the ocean. Surfacing she
      coughed and sputtered. Slitting her eyes she glared in mock anger at Scott,
      who was laughing so hard he had fallen to the ground. She tossed her sodden
      hair back and stalked toward him. Stopping before him she swung her foot back
      and then forward splashing him with chilly salt water.

      "Hey now, I was just paying you back. If you do that again I'll have to
      retaliate." He warned.

      Grinning she pulled her leg back again and was about to swing it forward,
      but didn't get the chance as Scott lunged forward tackling her back into the
      water. They both went under and came up gasping for air. "Why you rat!" Rogue
      cried out slapping her hand into the water in front of him. Scott put his
      arms in the water behind him and then swung them forward causing a large wave
      of water to crash into her.

      "Okay this is war." She declared.

      The next ten minutes were spent splashing, dunking, and half drowning
      each other. They both stopped when a big wave slammed into them and washed
      them back onto the beach. Scott grabbed her arm to keep her from being
      dragged back out as the wave pulled back. It wasn't until Rogue felt his
      callused thumb stroking circles against the inside of her elbow that she
      noticed he was touching bare skin.

      Rogue was frozen in place with horror unable to pull away. She waited in
      dread for the pull to start, but it never did. "Marie what's wrong?" Scott

      "Scott yah touching me." She said in awe.

      "So I always touch you." He said not understanding what she meant.

      "No, Scott. What Ah mean is yah touching my bare skin." She motioned to
      his hand, which still held her bare arm.

      Scott looked at his hand and went completely still. Marie's shirtsleeve
      had rode up on her arm and the water had plastered it above her elbow. This
      meant that he had been holding onto her bare arm for about two minutes and
      nothing had happened. Looking back up at her face, he saw the same surprised
      pleasure he felt reflected in her expression.

      "Marie.." He was cut off as she threw herself into his arms and kissed
      him. He let go of her arm and wrapped his arms around her middle. Her lips
      were just as soft and sweet as he had known they would be. Opening his mouth,
      he snaked out his tongue and slid it over her lower lip. She gasped and
      opened up for him. Sliding his tongue inside her mouth, he explored her

      Getting impatient Rogue slid her tongue out to duel with his. The kiss
      grew more passionate. Teeth clashed as they each feed from the other's mouth.
      Hands roamed freely over bodies that craved sensation. Falling to their knees
      they lay down on the wet sand.

      The waves splashed up against their overheated bodies causing each to
      gasp and shiver. Rolling over, Scott held Marie to his chest as they
      continued to explore each other. Marie pulled away and sat up, straddling
      Scott's hips; she reached down, yanked her shirt over her head, and threw it
      up on the beach away from the water.

      Scott raised his hands and touched her through the thin wet material of
      her bra. Her nipples, already peaked from the cold, seemed to tighten even
      more as he settled his hands over them. Sitting up, Scott lowered his head,
      took one of the little buds into his warm mouth, and suckled her gently
      through the silk bra.

      Reaching behind her, she unhooked it and Scott pulled back long enough
      for her to take it off. She threw it up in the general direction of her shirt
      and Scott went back to worshiping her breasts. Taking off her gloves, she
      tossed them away also and slid her fingers into Scott's thick wealth of hair.

      The waves beat at them until even their passion heated bodies started to
      grow cold. Scott drew away and lifted Marie off his lap. Rising up he swung
      her into his arms and carried her to the blanket they had laid out earlier
      for their picnic. Setting her down on her feet, he helped her peel off her
      wet jeans. When she stood before him in nothing but her panties he could only
      stare at her beauty.

      "Marie you are so beautiful." Grasping her hips, he pulled her forward
      and buried his face against her stomach. She raked her hands through his hair
      and pulled his face away from her body. He looked up at her and saw tears
      running down her cheeks. "Hey. What are the tears for?"

      "Oh Scott. Ah'm just so glad Ah can touch someone again. It's been so
      long." Scott drew her down until she was kneeling before him and then kissed
      her with all the love and tenderness he felt inside. Tenderness soon turned
      to passion once more as the both of them continued to explore each other's

      Pulling away from Scott's lips Rogue yanked at his undershirt
      impatiently. "Ya have too many clothes on sugah."

      Scott remedied that by standing up and pulling the shirt off. Reaching
      down he worked the buttons of his jeans through the stubborn wet material.
      Once he had the buttons undone, he worked the waterlogged pants down his
      legs, kicking them off his feet. His underwear had been shed along with the
      jeans so he stood before Rogue in nothing but a smile.

      Rogue looked him up and down and swallowed convulsively. She'd never
      actually seen a naked man before. Sure she'd seen plenty of pictures, with a
      roommate like Jubes you saw a lot of pictures of naked men. But never up
      close and in the flesh. And speaking of flesh, whoa boy, Scott's erection
      stood at attention like a good soldier.

      She forced her eyes away from his aroused flesh and back up to his face.
      He fell to his knees before her and pressed her back to the blanket. Leaning
      over her, he continued the attention he had been giving her breasts earlier.
      Rogue squirmed as sensations she had never felt before ricocheted through her

      Working his way down Scott swirled his tongue into her navel and down
      around her hip. When he reached the apex of her thighs, he gently pulled them
      apart. Looking down he saw the glistening wetness that awaited his aching
      arousal. Leaning down he flicked his tongue over the little bud hidden at the
      top of her slit. Marie bucked underneath him and grabbed his head in her

      There was a moment of pain as her fingers pulled the hair around his
      stitches, but then he was beyond caring as her scent drove him crazy. He dove
      down, caught her nubbin with his lips, and suckled it. Marie moaned and
      shifted her hips beneath him. He added to the exquisite torture by slipping a
      finger inside her tight slick passage. Moving his finger in and out, he
      looked up at her and through the red haze of his glasses; he could see her
      eyes roll back as she approached her climax.

      Adding a second finger Scott increased his tempo until Marie stiffened
      beneath him and cried out as her body succumbed to her release. Moving back
      up her body, he kissed her and then nibbled his way down her jaw until he was
      once again suckling at her breasts. He waited patiently as Marie recovered
      from her orgasm and when she started to move restlessly below him once more,
      he rolled to the side taking her with him and raised her leg over his hip.

      Feeling his erection nudge her wet heat, he froze as a thought occurred
      to him. "Shit!" He exclaimed burying his face in her hair.

      "What is it?" She asked running her hands over his shoulders.

      Scott laughed mirthlessly. "I didn't exactly pack with this kinda thing
      in mind."

      "Wha..." She trailed off as understanding hit her. "Oh, ya mean ya don't
      have a condom?"

      "Exactly." He pulled away from her and lay on his back trying to control
      his ardor.

      "Scott," Rogue leaned over him and smiled. "ya don't have ta worry about
      protection. Ah'm on the pill."

      Scott looked at her for a moment. "Are you sure this is what you want?"

      "Yes." She sighed as she kissed him.

      Rolling back to his side he repositioned her leg over his hip and guided
      himself to her entrance. "I'll try and be gentle, but it's going to hurt a
      little." She nodded and he thrust forward quickly.

      Rogue felt a pinch as Scott took her innocence and then only a pleasant
      fullness. Rocking her hips forward, she heard Scott gasp. "Lay still for a
      minute." He pleaded. But she couldn't, the feeling of him seated so deeply
      inside her and stretching muscles she'd previously never thought about was
      too much. She rocked her hips again and Scott grabbed them. She could hear
      his teeth grind. "This won't last long if you continue to do that."

      She grinned impishly at him. "Who says I want it to last long? If it
      lasts too long you might give me a heart attack sugah."

      Scott chuckled and pulled her knee up deepening the angle of his entry.
      "Okay, but just remember you asked for it this way." That said, he started
      plunging in and out of her with such swiftness that the friction created by
      it drove her over the edge almost immediately.

      Feeling his own release approaching Scott slid his hand between them and
      pressed against her pleasure point. Her arms locked around his neck and
      nearly chocked him as she came for the third time. Her inner muscles
      contracted around him and he was a goner. His climax was so violent he bucked
      against her and threw his head, back neck straining, as every muscle in his
      body clenched.

      Both of them lay panting, arms around one another, trying to control
      their raging heartbeats. Scott looked deeply into her eyes and saw everything
      he could ever want to know. Bowing his head, he kissed her tenderly. She
      returned the kiss and the dance began again.

      Unfortunately, while they had been otherwise occupied a storm had rolled
      in. Thunder shook the ground as Scott rolled on top of Marie intent upon a
      repeat performance. Chilling drops of rain fell in torrents upon them as the
      heavens opened up above them.

      Rogue giggled as Scott groaned his frustration. "Looks as if we need to fi
      nd a hotel, sugah."

      Scott agreed and they hurriedly grabbed their clothes and picnic and ran
      for the car. No sooner had they reached the car than lightening cut across
      the sky and thunder boomed again. They both dressed in their chilly, wet
      clothes and waited for the car to heat up.

      Scott put the car in gear and pulled back out onto the road. Rogue
      shivered as the heat from the cars vents hit her. She felt queasy all of the
      sudden. She rocked back and forth, as the queasiness intensified. Scott drove
      on, oblivious to her discomfort. What was wrong with her she wondered? Bile
      rose in her throat and she swallowed it back down. It didn't help though and
      soon it rose up again.

      "Scott, pull over." She croaked.

      Looking over at her Scott saw how pale she had become. He hurriedly
      pulled to the side of the road and Rogue shoved the door open and fell to the
      ground heaving. She was violently ill. Scott ran around to her side of the
      car and held her hair back as she continued to vomit. Rubbing his hand over
      her back in soothing circles, he asked if she was all right. Nodding weakly,
      she allowed him to lift her up and redeposit her in her seat.

      Hurrying back to the driver's side Scott got in and opened up the jockey
      box, retrieving the cell phone he dialed up the Mansion's number. When Ro
      answered, he told her to come and pick them up, giving her their location.

      No more than twenty minutes later and two more rounds of dry heaves, the
      Blackbird touched down near them. Getting out of the car, he went around to
      Marie's side and lifted her into his arms. Striding towards the Blackbird, he
      was met by Remy and Jubilee halfway. "What are you two doing here?" He asked.

      "We gonna be driving da car back, Mon aime." Remy replied with a grin
      that made Scott worry just a bit about the Lexus. "Just be careful you two. I
      don't want to get a call saying you got in a wreck."

      "Scooter man, chill. We'll be good. Promise." The two youngsters ran to
      the car and Scott hurried into the Blackbird.

      Inside he found Hank waiting for him. "What seems to be the problem?" He

      "I don't know, she just started getting sick all of the sudden." Scott
      said as he laid Marie down on an examination table. The Blackbird lurched
      then as Ro took off and both men grabbed for the wall to steady themselves.

      "Well what were you doing right before she got sick?" Hank asked.

      Scott blushed as he thought of exactly what they had been doing. Then his
      eyes widened in horror as a thought occurred to him. "Hank could I have made
      her sick?"

      Hank frowned at him. "I do not understand the question."

      "What I mean is we uhm...discovered that we could touch. You know without
      her absorbing anything." Scott blushed again.

      Hank stared at him a moment before his face split in a huge grin. "Why
      that's marvelous my friend. How did you come upon this discovery?"

      "Well we were playing around in the ocean, I grabbed her arm, and then we
      realized that I was touching bare skin But nothing happened and we
      uh...sorta..that is to say we..." He trailed off as Hank raised his hand.

      "I quite understand Scott. The two of you became intimate. Is that what
      you were trying to say?" The Blackbird lurched and Hank looked around Scott
      to see Ro staring back at them, mouth open in shock. Hank motioned for her to
      pay attention to what she was doing. Looking back at Scott, Hank was
      surprised his friend hadn't passed out by now with the amount of blood now
      suffusing his cheeks.

      "I will have to look into this discovery further before I know if it is
      why Rogue is sick." Turning to his patient, Hank began to run some
      preliminary tests. Scott hovered around him and Hank had to ask him to go sit
      down. Before they had even reached the Mansion Hank had a good idea of what
      was wrong.

      After they touched down and Scott had brought Rogue into the med lab, he
      confirmed his suspicions. Turning to Scott, he smiled. "She will be all
      right. She is suffering from dehydration from ingesting too much salt water.
      I gave her a diuretic and she should be okay by the morning." Scott sighed in
      relief and hugged Hank.

      "Thank God." Scott said as he picked up Marie's hand and placed a kiss in
      its center.

      "I have also found out why it is that she can touch you." Scott whirled
      around at that.

      "Tell me."

      "Well after running some extensive tests I have found that she has a high
      level of radiation in her system." Scott looked as if he might ask a question
      so Hank raised his hand to forestall him. "Normally I would be worried about
      what effect the radiation is having on her. However, it does not seem to be
      having any effect. Her mutation is treating the radiation as if it is just
      another energy source. And since she got the radiation from you, it is just
      another energy source." Pausing he made sure Scott was following him.

      "Your mutation is powered by the sun's ultra violet radiation. Therefore,
      when Rogue touched you her mutation soaked up the radiation, which fuels your
      mutation. It is actually quite interesting. This means that any mutant with a
      power fueled by an outside source is immune to Rogue's touch. But seeing as
      you are the only mutant in my acquaintance with such a power, than I do not
      see it as a hindrance to her performance on the team." Hank grinned at
      Scott's dumbfounded expression. "I think, Scott, that you should take off
      your glasses."

      Scott frowned at the sudden change of topic. "Hank, you know I can't do

      "It is my opinion that after prolonged contact with Rogue that she might
      have soaked up enough radiation that your power levels are to low too be of
      any danger. In other words, your optic blasts will most likely be useless
      after you and Rogue make love."

      "But that's impossible." Scott said touching his glasses. But what if it
      were true. Scott rubbed his temples; the ache that had been his constant
      companion over the last ten years was gone. "I'll be right back." He said as
      he rushed out of the room. Going outside he stood facing away from the
      Mansion. Reaching up he closed his eyes and took his glasses off. Slowly he
      opened his eyes and was greeted by color. All the colors swamped his vision
      and he had to close his eyes for a moment.

      It wasn't possible. It had to be a dream. Opening his eyes again he
      focused on a tree off in the distance and saw the orange, yellow and red of
      the autumn leaves. Turning back around he ran back to the med lab. Throwing
      open the door his eyes collided with Marie's. She gasped in wonder as she
      slid from the examination table.

      Moving toward him, she raised her hand and touched his face. "My God,
      Scott. Ya have the most beautiful blue eyes Ah've ever seen." Scott drunk in
      all the colors that made up the woman he loved. He never wanted to forget how
      brown her eyes were or how the light turned her hair to darkest gold.

      Hank cleared his throat behind the two lovers and they both turned to
      him. "There are some things I think the both of you might want to take into
      consideration. Like the fact that Scott will not be able to use his powers
      after prolonged intimate contact. Moreover, once his reserves are completely
      diminished than your power Rogue will treat his skin like that of a human.
      Meaning that you will both have to be careful. If I were you, I would not
      tempt fate by touching skin to skin all the time. And Scott I think it might
      be a good idea for you to spend as much time in the sun as you can. We
      wouldn't want to be left without our leader if a mission ever came up and you
      were unable to use your power. Other than that I am very happy for the both
      of you." Turning he left the med lab and two very shell-shocked people

      "Scott.." Marie began, only to have Scott cut her off with a kiss.

      "Let's not worry about it right now okay." He said.

      "All right, but Ah think maybe we should wait until yah've been in the
      sun awhile tomorrow before we try to make love again."

      "I agree, but we could still share the same bed tonight. I mean if that's
      all right with you."

      "Of course it's all right with me. But aren't ya worried about what the
      others will say?" She asked.

      "It doesn't bother me. We're not doing anything wrong." He said kissing
      her again.

      "Well then it okay by me." Smiling they linked hands and went to Scott's
      room. When they reached it, they found that Jean had thankfully moved all of
      her things out. After they had both taken a shower to warm their chilled
      bodies they got dressed for bed and slipped under the covers. They fell into
      an exhausted sleep in each other's arms.


      Okay that's it for this series, but some time in the not so distant
      future I will be going back to this story in another series. I am doing this
      because I want to explore some of the relationships I started during the
      Intermissions and also further explore Rogue and Scott's relationship. So
      stay tuned for that. <G>

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