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Fic: End Of The Road 1/2

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  • kittenrescue
    Title: End Of The Road Author: Karen Email: kittenrescue@hotmail.com Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: The characters belong to Marvel, Fox, yada, yada, yada. Archive
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2001
      Title: End Of The Road

      Author: Karen

      Email: kittenrescue@...

      Rating: PG-13

      Disclaimer: The characters belong to Marvel, Fox, yada, yada, yada.

      Archive Rights: Any site with automatic rights.

      Category: Drama

      Feedback: Second only to ice cream.

      Summary: Marie moves to Alaska and when she returns to Westchester, she's not alone.

      I think it was Jean's realization that Marie had a crush on me that spurred her into action. I guess Jean thought I'd try and find out just how big of a crush the kid had and maybe even act on it, cause she suddenly became a lot more receptive to my flirting and even initiated a little of her own. That naturally pissed off both Marie and Scooter. I enjoyed inflicting torture on Scooter, it was a fun hobby, but I didn't like knowing I was hurting Marie. She was still just a kid and deserved someone better than me, so I never acted on my attraction to her, which of course she took as total rejection. Marie sulked, pouted and tried to make me jealous by dating Bobby. Scooter handled it by giving me the most dangerous assignments; which usually only landed me in the medlab, so that plan kinda backfired. The last time I was down in the medlab I woke up to discover Jean skimming her hands over my stomach in a light caress. I grabbed a hold of her wrist and told her if she wanted to feel me up could she at least wait until I was awake so I could enjoy it, too. Of course, Marie chose that exact moment to come visit me and walked in to find Jean demonstrating a new definition to the expression *bedside manner*.

      Jean didn't appreciate it when she hit the floor with a hard thud when I quickly shoved her offa me. I grabbed a pair of sweats and took off after the retreating Marie. By the time I reached her room she'd already gone inside and locked the door. When I pounded on it I was greeted by a slew of words that would be a sailor blush. After sitting outside the room for an hour, I took the hint she wasn't planning on talking to me anytime soon, so I reluctantly returned to my own room figuring I'd be able to talk to her in the morning when she'd had a chance to calm down. I hadn't planned on her being gone by the time I went back at daybreak.

      Scott had smuggled Marie outta the mansion in the middle of the night and took her to his grandparent's place in Alaska. My relationship with Marie was over before it even had a chance to start and Scott refused to forgive Jean. In the end, my fling with Jean turned out to be a one-time boink, but it had successfully destroyed two other people in the process.

      I knew Marie was still in touch with her little friends Jubilee and Kitty, but even under the threat of torture, they bravely refused to divulge her location. Even Scott's frequent visits to Anchorage didn't clue me in. I wouldn't find out where she was for two years.

      It was Scott's grandparent's retirement and the selling of their airline charter business that finally brought Marie back to Westchester. Scott warned me ahead of time that she was returning, but he failed to mention she wouldn't be alone.

      I was sitting in the kitchen nursing a Molson's, trying to act casual when I heard Scott and Marie approach. When she walked into the kitchen I caught my breath. I think she was even more beautiful than I remembered. She'd grown up a lot in two years, from shy sometimes awkward eighteen year old to confident young woman. All those curves that had held such promise two years ago had realized their goal. Unfortunately, balanced on the curve of one hip was a beautiful baby girl about a year old. Marie had had a baby! To say that you coulda knocked me over with a feather at that point was an understatement. I nearly choked on my mouthful of beer.

      "Hey, Logan." Marie said casually, like she'd never been away, like she'd never had a baby with some man who obviously wasn't me.

      "I'll warm up Sara's bottle." Scott said, taking the baby from Marie.

      Sara. That was the name of the baby who wasn't mine. My heart sunk into my boots and a lump formed in my throat.

      "Sara. She's beautiful, Marie. How old is she?" I finally managed to choke out.

      "Thank you. She'll be a year old in three days." Marie replied nonchalantly. If she noticed the pain that flickered across my face she refused to acknowledge it.

      "And we're gonna have a big party." Jubilee said, announcing her arrival in the kitchen. She walked over hugged Marie and then went over and placed a kiss on the baby's cheek, "You're even more beautiful than your pictures, cupcake."

      Marie had sent pictures? Just then Kitty entered the kitchen and threw her arms around Marie.

      "I heard you and Sara were back. It's good to have you home, Rogue." Kitty said and then went over to coo at the baby.

      A steady stream of visitors poured into the kitchen once word spread that Marie was back. Apparently, I was the only one who didn't know about Sara.

      When Marie got up to leave, I asked her if we could talk and felt like I'd been hit with something heavy when she informed me we had nothing to talk about. I sat there in stunned silence as she walked out of the kitchen with Scott.

      I avoided the baby's birthday party three days later, instead spending my time in a local watering hole slugging back enough booze to give an elephant alcohol poisoning and then going home with a willing cocktail waitress. By the time I got back the next day I discovered that Scott, Marie and the baby had left for a mini vacation in Jamaica. When they returned a week later rested and tanned I was beyond pissed off. Marie and Scooter appeared to be getting closer and *that* was not sitting right with me. Marie was allowing Scott to play surrogate daddy to Sara and seeing the three of them together acting like a happy little family was making me nauseous. If Marie was intending to pay me back for hurting her with Jean, she was doing a bang up job of it, cause my heart bled every time I saw her with One-Eye.

      I finally cornered Marie late one night when she was raiding the freezer for some ice cream. I demanded answers and was shocked when she not so politely refused to indulge me. She informed me that I'd given up the right to be a part of her life the minute I climbed onto Jean. I asked her how long she was planning on punishing me for that stupid mistake. She told me that she wasn't punishing me she'd simply gotten on with her life and recommended I do the same. I felt like I'd been sucker punched in the gut and just watched in a daze as she calmly walked out of the kitchen.

      The next afternoon I caught Scott in the garage working on Marie's SUV and decided it was time for a little *chat* man-to-man. I informed him that I didn't appreciate him taking up all of Marie's time and that I couldn't make the plan to win her back work with him constantly in the picture. He just laughed at me. The bastard actually snorted in my face. He told me that he had no intentions of stepping aside, that he was in fact making his own plans for Marie's future. Then he said something that made my blood run ice cold.

      "Logan, Sara is *my* daughter."


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