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Fic: Choices and Consequences (2/2) (R) - Rogue/Creed, Logan/Jean

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    * * * Two months later, they had settled into a comfortable routine - they would meet once or twice a week, in a bar in the more unpleasant parts of town. Then
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      * * *

      Two months later, they had settled into a comfortable routine - they
      would meet once or twice a week, in a bar in the more unpleasant
      parts of town. Then they would either go drinking, or head straight
      to a motel, depending on their mood.

      This suited Rogue just fine. Great sex, revenge and an opportunity to
      get away from the mansion - the perfect cure for a broken heart.

      There was only one thing she occasionally missed - touch. At first,
      she'd missed love, too, but Logan's departure had showed her that
      love would one lead to pain. She'd loved Logan, loved everything
      about him. The fact that he'd chosen Jean...it hurt. It hurt, and
      she'd felt more than enough pain as it was.

      That old saying about 'better to have loved and lost, than never to
      have loved at all' - bullshit. Rogue had quickly decided that whoever
      thought up that saying had obviously never been betrayed by the one
      they loved.

      With love out of the picture, there was only one thing she longed
      for - touch. To touch someone skin-to-skin, without fear and pain.

      After her mutation had manifested, only Logan had dared to touch her.
      With him gone, things didn't look too good.

      All that changed, however, one night when Rogue waited for Creed to
      show up. For once, she'd decided to stay outside the bar - the
      tension inside left no doubt that it was only a matter of time before
      a serious fight broke out. And while Rogue might like to live life
      dangerously, she wasn't stupid.

      She was leaning comfortable against a wall when she heard the
      familiar sound of Creed's bike. She walked toward the entrance of the
      bar, but hadn't gotten more than a few feet before Creed sped past
      her and brought the bike to a sudden halt in a nearby alley.

      Rogue frowned and headed towards him.

      Even before she reached him, she knew that something was wrong. His
      body was tense as a wire, and he acted more like an animal than a

      She slowly approached him and was greeted with a low growl. Rogue's
      eyes widened.

      "Yer hands..." she whispered.

      Creed got off the bike, his hands leaving blood-red marks on the

      Rogue took a small step back.

      "What happened?"


      "Who...who was it?" Rogue asked, her gaze never leaving the blood-
      covered claws.

      "A human," was the growled reply as Creed stepped closer.

      "Why?" Rogue demanded.

      "Was a member of the FOH. Tried to kill a mutie. I broke his neck."

      Rogue took another step back. Every instinct told her to run, run
      like hell, but she couldn't. She watched with morbid fascination as
      Creed stepped closer.

      "Yer curious, aren't ya?" he said. It wasn't a question, but more
      like a statement.

      "No!" she denied.

      Creed took a step closer and trapped her between himself and the wall.

      "Liar," he growled and leaned closer. "I can smell it on ya. Ya
      wonder what it feels like...to kill someone. Ya wonder how it feels
      to see 'em take their last breath. To feel their blood on yer hands"

      He reached out and caressed her chin with a claw, leaving a red
      streak behind. Rogue didn't dare to move. This wasn't the man she was
      used to. This was the ruthless beast that had nearly killed Logan on
      the Statue of Liberty. She closed her eyes and fought to stay calm.

      "I can show ya, girl," he growled.

      Rogue didn't answer. She wasn't sure she could have formed a coherent
      reply, even if she'd tried. Creed leaned even closer, and Rogue could
      feel his hot breath on her neck.

      "Let me show ya," he muttered.

      He didn't wait for her reply, just bit down in her neck. Rogue gasped
      and opened her eyes. The bite wasn't serious, but deep enough to draw
      blood. She had only fractions of a second to comprehend what had just
      happened, before a river of memories flooded her mind.

      Instinctively, she tried to push him away, but he was too strong.

      She gasped again, this time not from pain, but from surprise. She
      could feel Creed pour into her, until she knew his every thought,
      every desire, until she *became* him. She saw his memories of the
      murder he'd just committed, and suddenly *she* was the one who lashed
      out at the man, buried her claws in his warm flash and broke his neck
      as easily as had it been a straw. She felt, felt it in every cell in
      her body, as the last drop of life left her victim, felt the rush of
      adrenaline as the man fell lifeless to the ground.

      Creed pulled away, hardly more than a little weakened from the

      Rogue looked at him, and in that moment she felt more alive than she
      ever had before. When she absorbed Logan, she had been near death
      both times, so the enhanced senses had been pushed in the background
      while the healing factor did its work. Now, she found herself
      assaulted by a myriad of smells and sounds. Even the sudden feeling
      of invincibility, of immortality - it was nothing compared to her
      newly enhanced senses. She heard her own heartbeat, heard his, like
      the sounds of a deep drum. The stench from the alley tore in her
      nostrils - it reeked of garbage and urine, combined with a disgusting
      smell of vomit and alcohol.
      She tried to ignore it, and found that she could even smell the blood
      on Creed's hands - a metallic, strangely sweet smell. As she looked
      around her, she saw every little fragment of dust, every crack in the
      wall, every rat in the impenetrable darkness where the alley ended.

      A particular loud yell from the bar made her whimper and cover her

      "Ignore it. Ya'll get used to it," Creed said.

      Rogue frowned and discovered that he was right. Both scents and sound
      had already gotten a lot easier to handle. She waited for a few
      minutes to get used to it all before she focused on Creed.

      "Are ya...okay?" she asked, still dazed. "When Logan touched me,
      he...fell unconscious."

      "That's 'cause of the metal in the runt's skeleton. It slows down 'is
      healing factor."

      Rogue frowned and reached up to touch the bitemark...but found none.
      The healing factor had already taken care of it, along with the
      bruises from various Danger Room sessions.

      She looked questioningly at Creed.

      "Ya wanted touch, girl. I can give it to ya...if ya want it."

      She shouldn't. Every personality in her head, every thought in her
      mind - they all screamed at her to get away. This man was dangerous -
      he had just killed a human in cold blood. If he grew tired of her, he
      could kill her just as easily.

      But this was touch. And every cell in her body yearned for that,
      yearned to be touched by someone, anyone. Besides...what did she have
      to lose?

      She kissed him.

      "Thank you," she whispered.

      * * *

      It was two days later when Rogue discovered the first noticeably
      effects of Creed's touch.

      The enhanced senses were still there, although they were nowhere as
      good as Creed's. She still had his memories and could feel him in her
      head, stronger than Logan or Erik. But up until then, there had been
      no visible changes.

      The Fates wanted otherwise, though.

      Rogue had taken a shower and was about to put on some nail polish
      when she noticed something.

      Her nails were different. They looked a lot longer than the day

      She put down the nail polish and moved closer to the light.

      It wasn't her imagination. The nails were longer, and where they
      began, there was a thin stripe across the nail. She looked more
      closely. The stripe was dark brown and seemed thicker than the rest
      of the nail.

      Rogue frowned. The color seemed oddly familiar.

      Very dark brown, like...claws.

      Oh God...she was developing claws.

      * * *

      Two weeks later, it was impossible to see that she once had long,
      beautiful nails. The rapid growth had continued and now the nails had
      turned into one-inch claws.

      Like Creed's, they couldn't be retracted and for the first time,
      Rogue was glad that she was forced to wear gloves. Now, though, she
      opted for leather gloves instead of those made of satin and silk - it
      had to be a thick material to cover her new 'assets'.

      While the claws were far from beautiful, the more rational part of
      Rogue's mind made her aware that they might prove useful. They were a
      muddy, dark brown with a rough surface, but the tips were razor-sharp
      and much harder than her nails had been.

      They were strangely...graceful...in a violent way, she decided.

      Whereas Wolverine's claws were meant to cause maximum destruction,
      these claws were better suited for one-on-one fighting. Small, sharp -
      they could cause a lot of pain if one knew how to use them.

      And with Sabretooth's memories...these claws suddenly showed a whole
      lot of potential.

      * * *

      It was near the three months anniversary of Logan and Jean's
      departure when Scott finally noticed that something had changed.

      It was during a Danger Room session, in the middle of a mock battle
      between Scott and her, when one of her nails - claws - tore a hole in
      her right glove. She tried to hide it, but it was too late.

      Scott saw the claw and grabbed her before she could get away.

      "Scott! Let go!" Rogue snapped. "What the fuck are ya doin'?"

      "Show me your hand."

      "Wha-? I just tore a hole in my glove, that's all, damnit!" she
      objected and tried to get loose.

      "Rogue. Now!" he ordered, this time in the voice that had earned him
      the nickname 'Fearless Leader'. It was a voice she'd only heard him
      use once before - in battle.

      Rogue froze instantly.

      "Well?" Scott asked.

      Reluctantly, Rogue showed him her right hand. On the tip of the index
      finger, the glove had split in the seam and revealed a dark brown
      claw. In a swift move, Scott pulled the glove of her hand. He sent
      her a grave look, and unable to meet his eyes, she looked away.

      He shook his head.

      "I think we need to talk."

      * * *

      Scott had barely closed the door to his office, before his 'calm
      leader' mask evaporated and he allowed his feelings to show.

      "Who?" he demanded.

      Rogue flinched, but didn't answer.

      "This has something to do with all of your mysterious trips into
      town, hasn't it?"

      Rogue nodded, and Scott sighed.

      "Rogue, I was willing to let you keep your little secret because I
      know you hurt just as much as I do and that this is just your way of
      dealing with it. But now I want the truth. Who caused this?" he asked
      and motioned towards her claws.

      Rogue took a deep breath to calm herself before she answered.

      "Sabretooth," she finally admitted.


      "It was Sabretooth," Rogue repeated, this time a bit more defiantly.

      "*Sabretooth*?" Scott repeated, incredulously. "God, Rogue, what are
      you thinking?! He's with the Brotherhood! He's dangerous!"

      "So am I, Summers. Yer point bein'?" Rogue retorted.

      "Do you even know the consequences of what you're doing, Rogue? What
      if Magneto escaped? What if we have to fight the Brotherhood again?
      Can you honestly tell me that you would be able to fight Creed if it
      came to that?"

      Rogue glared at him.

      "Yes. This hasn't changed anything, Scott. Victor an' me, we're still
      on different sides. He wouldn't have it any other way, an' neither
      would I."

      Scott sighed.

      "Rogue...how can I even be sure that we still have your loyalty? How
      can I be sure you won't suddenly change sides in the middle of a

      Rogue shook her head slowly.

      "I can't give ya any proof, Scott. I can only ask ya to trust me. An'
      if ya can't...then make the professor read my mind or somethin'. I
      have nothing to hide."


      Rogue sighed.

      "Trust me, Scott. This thing between Victor and me...it isn't about
      loyalty, it's about revenge. Trust me. Please."

      Scott didn't answer, and Rogue knew that she'd hit a sore spot. As
      much as Scott hated to admit it, he wanted revenge, too. Revenge for
      the heartache and the ruthless betrayal by the woman he once loved.

      From the 'fearless leader' point of view, he shouldn't even be having
      this conversation. Rogue was sleeping with the enemy - quite
      literally. The enemy that once tried to kill all of them.

      On the other hand, this was the perfect chance to get even with Logan
      and Jean. Through Rogue's revenge, he would get even, too. Just the
      thought of Logan returning to find 'his' Rogue involved with
      Sabretooth...the idea was very attractive. And not even Cyclops could
      control all of his emotions.

      Finally, the need for revenge won the battle.

      "Just...promise me you'll be careful, okay? I don't want to lose you
      as well."

      There was a flicker of surprise in Rogue's eyes, then she nodded.

      "I will. I can kill 'im with a touch, remember? Weird as it
      sounds...I think he actually kinda respects me for that."

      Scott sighed.

      "For everybody's sake...I hope you're right."

      * * *

      After that, things seemed to settle down. Rogue continued her affair
      with Sabretooth, this time under Scott's watchful eye - like a
      protective older brother, he had made her promise to tell him
      whenever she met with Creed.

      The other residents at the mansion eventually stopped with the
      pitying looks, much to the relief of both Rogue and Scott, who had
      hated every moment of the whole 'poor them - they just lost the loves
      of their lives' - thing that had been going on among the others.

      With Jean out of the picture, Scott slowly grew closer to Storm and
      found himself spending more and more time with her. He became more
      outgoing and slowly learned to open his heart again.

      All in all, things looked better than they had in a long time.

      And then, two months after Scott found out about Creed, the earth
      shook again.

      Logan and Jean returned - separately.

      According to Jean, they had turned out to be too different, and they
      had decided to return to New York. She wholly intended to win Scott
      back, and Logan...she didn't know what he planned to do.

      Rogue just nodded and wished her the best of luck, and made a mental
      note to warn Scott.

      That night, Logan came to her room to talk.

      He told her that he regretted what had happened, that he hadn't
      thought about the consequences and that he had been a fool not to see
      what had been right under his nose. He told her that Scott had told
      him about Creed, that he hoped that the 'bastard' hadn't hurt her and
      that he hoped she would ditch Creed now that he, Logan, was back. He
      explained that he wanted to be with her now and that he regretted
      everything his mistake that put her through.

      "I'm sorry," he finally said.

      Rogue knew he spoke the truth. She could smell the regret on him, the
      sorrow. His body told of things he could - would - never express with
      words - desperation, hope...confidence? She hid a frown. She took
      another sniff, and realized that he firmly believe that they could
      just get together now and everything would be as before.

      She looked down at her black leather gloves, which she knew concealed
      ten hard, brown, claw-like nails. She remembered the five months that
      had passed. The anger, the feeling of betrayal, the pity from others.
      She remembered how heartbroken Scott had been. She remembered the
      need for revenge. She remembered her first night with Victor, their
      first touch, their time together.

      Finally she looked at Logan again and knew beyond a doubt what choice
      she'd have to make.

      Revenge...or forgiveness. A relationship based on sex and revenge, a
      relationship that had ever so slowly developed into something that
      could lead to friendship...or a relationship based on love. But it
      was a loved based on mistakes and forgiveness. And she wasn't sure if
      she could forgive anymore.

      "I'm sorry, Marie," Logan repeated, his voice barely more than a

      He looked at her and in his eyes, she saw that he took her silence as
      a sign of forgiveness. In that moment, five long months came crashing
      down on her and she knew her answer.

      "I'm not."

      * * *
      * * *

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