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Fic: A Halloween Tail 1/3

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  • Bonnie B
    A Halloween Tail Rating: R Category: L/R, foof Disclaimer: Not mine. I do, however, own a very nice Bic pen. Though, in all honesty, I stole that from the
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      A Halloween Tail
      Rating: R
      Category: L/R, foof
      Disclaimer: Not mine. I do, however, own a very nice Bic pen. Though, in all honesty, I stole that from the Hilton.
      Summary: Halloween foof for Jenn cause she rocks. And Hell, if it weren't for her, my lazy ass wouldn't be writing*g*
      AN: Okay, this is my response to Jenn’s Halloween foof challenge. I know, it’s a little late. Oh well.

      Part One of Three

      Logan frowned, eyes glancing up over the top of his crinkled newspaper, as Marie throw coy and flirtatious smiles over her shoulder at the little Popsicle. The fuckin' kid barely glanced Marie's way with the other girls’ prancing around with their tits pushed up to their eyeballs and their long legs rubbing together like a cat in heat. Marie’s covered arms and swathed in layers didn’t make for teenage fantasies. Her soft smile not covered in vixen red didn’t grab the attention of the boys. But, thought Logan, those girls didn't have what Marie possessed. That quality, that willingness to die for her...those overly-made-up Barbie dolls couldn't touch her.

      "Why don't you tell her?" Jean's voice, soft and warm in his ear, startled Logan. Smiling good-naturedly at him, she slid into the vacant seat at his side.

      "Tell her what?" Logan grumbled, his eyes still on Marie.

      "Okay, Logan, we'll play the game your way." Patting Logan on the knee, she stretched her arms and stood up. Her gaze wandered to the smiling girl. "It's all about the eyes."


      Jean couldn't help but laugh at his confused and lost expression. Her hand fell lovingly to his face, the rough mutton chops tickling her palm. "Her eyes, Logan. It's how she looks at him. But it's not how she looks at *you*."

      Logan didn't even have a chance to mull over Jean's words. His full attention was concentrated on the small frown lines that marred Marie's otherwise perfect face.

      Marie frowned as she watched Jean's hand linger on Logan's face. It hurt her to see the smile on Logan’s face, not because of any petty jealousies, but because she didn't want to stand idly by and allow him to get his heart broken. She knew full well the feeling of your heart trying to jump out of your chest to avoid the pain of heartbreak.


      "Huh? I'm sorry, Jubes. What did you say?" Marie smiled, embarrassed to be caught so spaced out in front of her friends.

      "Did you wanna play?" Jubilee gestured to the foosball table. Bobby smiled and nodded encouragingly at her as well.

      "Um, actually-" Marie's excuse to go see Logan was interrupted by the familiar gentle whirring sound of Prof. Xavier's wheelchair. The entire room sat up in recognition. The professor smiled benignly at his students and faculty. Flanked by Storm and Scott on either side, he raised his hands in a grand gesture.

      Logan rolled his eyes at Prof. Xavier's overly dramatic gesture. Everything the man said had to be a production.

      "Children." The professor nodded to the gathering crowd around the room. "As I am sure you are well aware, Halloween is this next week."

      An excited buzz filled the room.

      "We know that last year's Halloween bash, due to unfortunate circumstances, was cancelled." Scott smiled sympathetically at Marie then. "Which is why, this year, we're not only having the annual Halloween fair. We're going to follow it with a costume dance."

      Squeals of excitement erupted from the excitable teenagers. Jubilee and Kitty grasped hands and jumped up and down, their eyes already filled with ideas for costumes.

      "Oh my God! I have the best costume idea for this year."

      "I think we should worry, man." Bobby shared a mock-frightened look with St. John.

      "No! It's perfect."

      "All right, Jubilee, spill. What's this 'perfect' idea?"

      "Kit-kat, you'll love it. Buffy!"

      "Buffy?" The boys shared a concerned look at what Jubilee planned on doing with them.

      "Kitty can be Buffy and St. John can be Spike."

      "Oooh," Kitty nodded in agreement. "Cause Buffy and Spike so have the major mojo going on."

      "Annnnd, I'll be Cordelia and Bobby can be Angel!" The two girls squealed loudly again, giggling as Logan growled in their direction.

      "Hey, what about Rogue?" Bobby looked down at his friend. But her mind was already a million miles and a year away.

      One Year Earlier, Halloween night

      "Hey, Logan. I was just on my way to the fair."

      "Get back in your room!" he shouted at Marie and ran towards her. Pushing her back into the room, he slammed the wooden door shut, locking it behind him.

      "Logan? What's going on?" Marie's chin quivered in fear and nerves. "You're scaring me."

      He turned sharply to her. His eyes were wild and his nostrils flared, sniffing out the scents in the room. His voice was deep and gravelly, "Sabretooth escaped."

      She sank to bed, grateful it was there as her legs gave out.

      "Hey." Logan crossed the room quickly, sinking to his knees in front of her. "Hey, Marie," he grasped her face in his gloved hands. "I am not gonna let anything happen to you."


      "Yeah." Logan swallowed thickly. "Yeah, I promise."

      "It's not like he can get me here, right?"

      "I need you to listen to me kid," Marie nodded earnestly at his tone. "I need you to stay here. In your room, I mean."

      "Where are you gonna be?" she said, her panic rising in her voice at the thought of Logan leaving her to go after Sabretooth.

      "Right outside your window, Marie. I won't let him get to you."


      Cracking his knuckles and rolling his stiff shoulders, Logan paced the grounds of the mansion for the hundredth time that night. Scott and Storm had left in the Blackbird to patrol the airspace around Westchester, while the professor tried, in vain, to find Sabretooth on Cerebro. It seemed, however, that he dropped off the radar entirely. Logan had hoped he stayed that way.

      Tensing suddenly, Logan's body readied for action as he felt the air shift. Someone was coming.


      "Damn it, kid," he snarled at her. "I thought I told you to stay in your room."

      "Logan, you've been out here for hours. It's cold and wet. You need something hot to drink."

      "I ain't cold. Now get back inside." He grabbed hold of her elbow to steer her towards the back porch of the mansion.

      "No." She shook off his hand. "Come on, Logan. Scott and Storm are in the plane. The professor is in Cerebro. Jean is keeping tabs on me too."

      "I don't care! I don't want you out here." They stood face to face, arms crossed equally stubbornly.

      "Logan." Her voice, soft and seductive to his ears now, lowered. "Just drink the damn coffee I brought ya, all right?"

      "Coffee, huh?"


      "You gonna sit with me?"

      The smile that lit her face warmed Logan without the coffee. Marie lay the thermos and mugs on the nearby bench, carefully pouring the steaming hot coffee. Black, of course, the only way that Logan took it. She pulled several sugar packets and powdered cream from her pockets to doctor her coffee to make it remotely palatable for herself.


      "Hmm?" She nodded distractedly, setting the thermos on the ground to clear a space for Logan next to her on the bench.

      "What the hell are you wearing kid?"

      Giggling, Marie covered her red face with her gloved hand. "It's Halloween."

      "Wait...is that my shirt?" He tried not to let her know just how much he liked the idea of her in his shirt. Or even better, out of his shirt. Out of her pants would be good for him, too.

      "Don't you recognize me?" She twirled for him, her lips twitching from her barely concealed laughter. "Oh, wait! I almost forgot the best part."

      Digging around her bag, Marie pulled out a pretzel rod triumphantly. Chomping at the end, she glowered at him playfully. Taking in his flannel shirt, her jeans, the boots, (and was that a big foil belt buckle that he saw?), and the pretzel rod-

      "I'm you!"

      "Cute." He smirked at her, no longer thinking about escaped mutants and impending doom. He was just happy to sit next to Marie on a bench outside in the cold drinking-"Ugh, kid, you make this coffee?"

      "Why? No good?" She peered into her own mug. "I made it with four scoops. Too much?"

      Coughing, Logan tried not to gag on the hideous drink. "Did you, uh, remember the filter?"


      "Why don't we just forget about the coffee." Logan set the mug down, concentrating on Marie.

      "Oh," her shoulders slumped noticeably. "I guess I should head inside then."

      Standing, she smoothed her jeans down nervously, hands tugging at the cuffs of the shirt as Marie began to notice the cold.

      Logan noticed the cold on her, but in a slightly different manner.

      "You're missing something to your costume there."

      "What?" Marie peered down at herself, trying to figure it out.

      Logan lifted the tags from around his neck. The night he came a few months ago, Marie had appeared at his door, tags in her tight fist. He didn't know how to tell her that he didn't come back for the tags. He came back for Marie.

      "Try these." Hanging the tags around her neck, his hands lingered in her hair. She leaned her head back into his touch. "Perfect."

      The low, sensuous tone of his voice sent a shockwave down low in Marie's core. "Thank you."

      Pulling his hand back, Logan cleared his throat and nudged Marie playfully with his elbow. "So you gonna keep me company?"

      "Okay." She blushed as Logan draped one arm protectively around her shoulders. The late hour and the worry of Sabretooth, caught up to her, Marie's eyes drifted close as her head drooped to his shoulder. Logan remained still, not wanting to wake her. He leaned back and allowed himself to enjoy her embrace during the stressful night. The night air had that crisp quality common to the New England autumn.

      Logan smiled, a rarity except where Marie was concerned, and pressed a kiss to her hair. Not wanting Marie to get sick from the cold, he decided to bring her back inside. He could watch over her from inside her warm room. Bending carefully, so as not to wake her, he placed one arm under her knees. Standing slowly, Logan cradled Marie to his chest. Her face instinctively burrowed closer to his warmth and the steady, soothing heartbeat

      Tensing briefly, Logan sniffed the air. Turning his head towards the driveway, he nodded to the man in the shadows.

      "Hey, Logan." Scott nodded his greeting, whispering so as not to wake the sleeping girl, and feeling slightly embarrassed at seeing such an intimate display between Logan and Rogue. He had watched the careful mating dance of the Wolverine and the Rogue for a year and a half. He hoped that Logan would be half as happy as he was with Jean. And he hoped that Rogue was just as happy was he was with Jean.

      "You find him?" was Logan’s only gruff only.

      "Professor Xavier finally tracked him. He's in Siberia." Scott held open the door for Logan. "Guess he doesn't mind the cold."

      "Thanks, for uh..." Logan fumbled with his gratitude to Scott.

      "We all care for Rogue."

      "Yeah, thanks, you know, for doing that."

      "Good night, Logan." Scott smiled and shook his head ruefully. This conversation was probably as close to friendship as the two came. Respect as teammates had been earned long ago. Friendship however…remained elusive.

      Logan carried her up the stairs and pushed open the door to her room with his hip. Lowering her to the bed carefully, Logan slid his arm out from her shoulders gently, not wanting to jar her any.

      "G'night, Logan." Marie mumbled sleepily, turning her face into the pillow.

      "G'night, Marie.”

      Logan picked up the book he kept in her room and sat down in her chair. He’d wait with her until morning just to be safe. Or at least that’s the reason he told himself.


      Present Day

      “Hey, Logan.” Marie fell into pace next to him as he turned down the hallway away from the Danger Room. He grunted his usual greeting after a grueling practice session. Tugging nervously on her gloves, Marie bit her lip and glanced repeatedly at him. His muscles were tense and glistening with his sweat. Maria wondered what it would be like to trail her tongue up the line of his stomach, his sweat tasted sweet in her dreams.

      Logan noticed as Marie kept glancing over at him, her eyes darting around like minnows. Exasperated, Logan stopped his brisk pace and faced her. “What?”

      “What what?” Marie tried for the wide-eyed innocent look that Logan usual fell for. That look got her out of late curfews, speeding tickets, and pissed Wolverines.

      Logan groaned inwardly at the way her lower lip pouted. He had entire fantasies built around that lip. He also had entire fantasies about fucking that pout off of her face. Her lips curling into a scream of ecstasy as he sank himself deep inside of her. These days most of his fantasies revolved around fucking Marie. It was those fantasies, thoughts, dreams about watching her smile, hearing her laugh, and being the cause of both that disturbed Logan of recent.


      “Wha’?” He closed his eyes, shutting out her inquisitive eyes. Covering his eyes with one hand, Logan faked a yawn.

      “Oh, you’re probably tired.” Marie gestured absently behind her with her thumb. “I’ll just go.”

      “What’s going on, Rogue?”

      She smiled softly at the sound of her ‘name’. Logan never called her Marie outside of one of their rooms. That care that he took to guard her one secret created an intimacy between them. She reveled in that. That special-ness she felt at his thoughtful gesture. He never said her name in anger. Never yelled it. Never growled. ‘Marie’ fell softly from his lips in a tone that sent shivers down her spine. The kind of tone that raised the hairs on the back of her neck, wishing she could hear her name from his lips as his arms pulled her in tightly to his warm body.

      Watching her blush, Logan wished briefly for Professor Xavier’s ‘gift’, combined with Logan’s own ethics of course.

      “Will you be my cover?” Frozen now with a look of complete confusion, Marie couldn’t help but giggle at Logan. “You know, for the Halloween dance thing. This way I won’t have to fight off all the boys that want to dance with me.”

      The wide smile on her face never reached her eyes. That’s how Logan knew he wouldn’t be a cover for the horny teenagers. He’d be her rationalization for them not wanting to dance with her. A job that Logan happily took on. Hell, it was a job that he regularly did. Marie just hadn’t been aware of it. Grinning to himself, Logan remembered the look on that Bobby kid’s face as he woke up to find the Wolverine stalking him in the shadows. Sure, Jean scolded him for it. But damn it, it had been worth the smell of fear alone.

      “So you’ll do it?” Marie grinned excited at the smile on Logan’s face. She shocked him by throwing her arms around him in a tight hug. “Thank you so much, Logan! This really means a lot to me. Oh! And I have the perfect costume idea for you.”


      Costume, a word that strikes fear in the hearts of all bad-asses around the world, especially when paired with a doe-eyed excited kid.

      “I….I really appreciate this.”

      Damn it, Logan cursed to himself. How could he turn her down now when she was looking at him all….gooey-eyed. She had clearly been spending too much time with Scooter.

      “What’s this perfect idea of yours?”

      “Well, I know how much you like Stephen King-“

      “If I wanted to go as a dork in glasses, I could just be Scott.”

      Glaring at him, Marie crossed her arms. “Just for that, you’re going to have to wait and find out. I’ll give you a hint though. It’s not Stephen King, it’s from one of his books, well, movies actually.”

      Logan nodded thoughtfully. Marie could practically see the approval in his head. They had watched ‘The Shining’ last week. Or rather, Logan watched it as Marie spent the movie huddled into his chest not looking. The next week, Logan kept clawing her door and yelling, “Heeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”, until Scott told him that if he ripped open one more door that Logan would be assigned the next four weekends as curfew monitor. God, he hated doing that job. If he had to catch Jubilee sucking face with one more little mutie pimple face, he’d claw his own eyes out.

      “So, you’ve got my…costume”, Logan nearly choked on the word, “all worked out.” Marie nodded excitedly. Logan’s sudden feral grin suddenly worried her.


      “I can’t wait to see you in your costume.”

      “Yeah, well, I know it’ll hard to beat last years. But I’ll try.”

      Her loved her impish grin.

      “Don’t worry. You’ll look great in what I have in mind.”

      “Mind?” Her mouth fell open, frozen in shock.

      “Yeah, kid, you’ll look great in the costume I pick out for you.”

      End part one

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