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Ficlet: Logic and Reasoning

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  • Autumn Biggins
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2001
      >Title: Loginc and Reasoning
      >Series: Untitled as of now
      >Author: Autumn
      >E-mail: eddievedderismylife@...
      >Summary: A darker look at Rogue's thougths post-SOL.
      >Dedication: For Caroline and Laeto who wanted more DarkRogue stories.
      > The cautious glances, the hateful stares and nervousness exist only
      >when I am around. Caution for my skin is deadly. Hate for the part
      >of my psyche that belongs to a long established enemy. Nervousness
      >for the larger piece of the unpredictable man/beast living in my head.
      > They resent me, and I hate them for it. They treat me as if
      >I am a parasite and each of them a potential host. Erik was right.
      >There in no land of tolerance. Especially not here, in this mansion
      >where equality and acceptance are stressed. The people here are both
      >equitable and accepting, but not tolerant. Never confuse the three,
      >it is a deadly error.
      > Equality can get you hurt, when you discover it is nothing but
      >an illusion. Acceptance can get you killed when you accept the fact
      >that you have deadly adversaries, you may as well put a down payment
      >on a casket. Tolerance, will allow you to use both devices you your
      >advantage, it allows you to fully understand your opponent and
      >measure their ability. You accept the fact that they are not your
      >equals, and a good fighter will exploit that.
      > Charles does not understand this and over the years he has gone
      >from being naive to being a fool. And I cannot stay her any longer.
      >Being around his ideals is sickening. Seeing the X-Men and the
      >resident children emulate that believe brings forth the rage I
      >inherited from Erik and Logan.
      > Logan believes the X-Men's "attack only if provoked" mentality
      >will get me killed one day. I have to say, I second that opining.
      >Erik feels Charles is wasting his time on a Utopian idea that will
      >never be more than that, an idea.
      > Both men are right in their own ways. Were you to ask me, my
      >views are fairly similar. The X-Men can get you killed, my own
      >experience can attest to that. I can state with confidence that had
      >it not been for Logan, I would be dead. Scott wouldn't have gone up
      >there, nor Jean, nor Storm. Excuse me if I hold that against them.
      > The point is not that the X-Men are cowardly, it's the fact that
      >they fight for all the wrong reasons that pisses me off. Sacrificing
      >one, to save everybody and all that. Maybe I'm selfish but I can't
      >agree with their ideals. How do you ever know for sure that the one
      >life you let slip away wasn't the most important one? How can you
      >say that saving more people is the higher objective? How do you
      >justify what is in fact associated murder?
      > Logically and statistically you have a much better chance at
      >saving one person, than in saving hundreds or thousands. It's not
      >cowardly to aim for the logical answer. Better than overestimating
      >your own power and abilities and in the end loosing everything,
      >including the one life you could have saved.
      > Erik, may be a little extreme in his ideals, but at least he's a
      >realist. I understand him better than even Charles does. His
      >memories are now equal to mine. I have accepted the fact that he
      >tried to kill me. But most importantly, we can tolerate each other.
      >That's something the X-Men and I will never have.
      >"Logan, this is Charles Xavier. Rogue has vanished."
      >"I fear she has gone to Erik's."
      >To be Continued...........

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