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Fic: Code Name: Gemini (2/?)

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  • Tanya Miller
    Title: Code Name: Gemini (2/?) Author: Tanya Miller Series: Gemini (which can be found at my site http://go.to/tanie) Rating: Strong R to maybe NC-17 later
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2001
      Title: Code Name: Gemini (2/?)
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Series: Gemini (which can be found at my site http://go.to/tanie)
      Rating: Strong R to maybe NC-17 later for violence
      Summary: Rogue and Sarah go on a mission
      Feedback: Love it....Please send some. Would love to hear what you
      think of it.
      Disclaimer: Not mine....never will be mine.....Except Sarah
      Distribution: My site X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers (http://go.to/tanie) and
      list archives.


      "Marie. Are you ready?" Sarah asked quietly.

      "Yeah. Let's go."

      Moving quickly, Rouge passed her hand over the key lock, using traces of
      Magneto's power to unlock it. As the two girls past through the door
      and into the hall that was monitored by video cameras, they morphed into
      two men they had noticed leave.

      Walking down the hall, the twins and Jared, made their way to the next

      "Key tag please." the guard at the door asked without looking up.

      "That's why we came back. Forgot them in the office." Rogue answered.

      Looking up, the guard smiled. "Bob. How many times has that been?"

      Sarah relaxed. "More then he can count probably."

      Buzzing them through, the guard teased. "Don't forget them or I am not
      letting you out."

      Smiling, the trio made their way down the hall. Seeing a door marked
      Director of Research, the two girls stopped.

      "Stay here and keep an eye out." Rogue ordered.


      "No." Sarah interrupted. "Keep your face clean. They don't need to
      know about you. And if something goes wrong....Run. Head to Xavier's
      School for the Gifted and tell them that Rogue and Sarah are in
      trouble." Following Rogue through the door, Sarah quitely shut it.

      Jared could hear voices float out through the closed door.

      "Who do you think you are barging in here? How did you get in here?"

      Sarah's voice could be heard answering, "Name's Gemini. We have a
      message for you."

      Rogue's voice filled with rage finished "From the man you tortured. You
      gave him metal claws. We're here to say thanks."

      The man's screams could be heard clearly. Jared was suddenly glad they
      had insisted that he stay out here.


      "Logan, calm down. What makes you so sure that they are in trouble?"
      Storm asked, only to be interrupted when Scott and Jean came running in.

      "My car's been stolen." Scott announced.

      "Wonder where Rogue and Sarah learned that trick." Storm said quietly.

      "They took my car?" Scott asked, his voice revealing his surprise.

      "Logan seems to think that Sarah and Rogue have gone on a secret
      mission. I am starting to agree." The Professor quietly stated. "I am
      going to try and use Cerebro to locate them. The rest of you prepare
      for a recovery mission."

      As everyone left, Xavier's voice called out. "Logan. One moment
      please." Waiting till they were alone, Xavier spoke. "Do you have any
      idea what this mission of theirs is about?"

      "No. And I have a feeling that I am not going to like the answer when I
      found out." Logan growled.

      "Come with me to Cerebro."

      They made their way down in silence. The Professor entered Cerebro
      while Logan waited for answers.


      "Damn." Jared cursed, seeing guards heading their way. Knocking on the
      door loudly, he said. "We got company."

      Sarah opened the door. "Ok. I'm going to attack you so they think that
      you are just another victim. When I let go...run. And don't forget
      what we told you."

      Grabbing his shirt, Sarah pushed him against the wall. Feeling a guard
      grab her from behind, she let go and turned. Placing a hand on his
      chest, she focused her energy and threw him against the other guards,
      knocking some down.

      Rogue stepped through the doorway and Jared got a glimpse inside bfore
      she closed it. The man was crumpled over his desk, his mouth open as
      though he was screaming.

      Guards grabbed him and pulled him behind them. They didn't realize that
      he was on the twins side. Fighting the instinct to stay and help them,
      he turned and ran. He had promised that he would get help if they were
      in trouble. Running outside he ran for their car. He had to get to



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