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Ficlet: "Don't Hold Me" by Spyre

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    Title: Don t Hold Me Time Frame: Set durin the movie. Author: Spyre Rating: G Disclaimers: I disclaim if I ever claimed which I never did. Archiving: I don t
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2001
      Title: Don't Hold Me
      Time Frame: Set durin' the movie.
      Author: Spyre
      Rating: G
      Disclaimers: I disclaim if I ever claimed which I never did.
      Archiving: I don't care as long as I know where.
      Feedback: I don't expect any.
      Summary: I don't know yet. Haven't written it.
      Thanks: Boredom and obsession


      Marie walked into the med lab. Its cold, sleek features went unnoticed as she
      kept that steady gaze on his unmoving form, resting like a corpse on the
      steel gurney. She approached his side, brown eyes taking in every detail. He
      was shirtless, bandaged, hooked up to machines. The pulsation of the heart
      monitor laced her ears and her own heart with trepidation. She'd put him
      here. Lips parted in an attempt to breathe again. The professor was well, so
      why couldn't Logan wake up? Why had he done this to himself... and for her no
      less? She tore her eyes from the sight, looking around the room, warm tears
      crept into her eyes and everything went blurry at the bottom of her vision.
      She blinked back, feeling that sweeping confusion and worry slither through
      her efforts of retaining some sense of control. She couldn't keep away,
      looking back to him... She laid a gloved hand to the side of his arm on the
      metal surface, not daring or allowing herself to touch him even though it was
      safe. Safe? She could have choked out a laugh if she made the effort, but it
      snagged in her throat and she felt what control she had left waver, swaying
      in its feeble stand. She raised her forearm to her eyes, hiding them, feeling
      the salt water of her tears seep through the soft fabric, tears she wouldn't
      let herself cry. She'd cried too many times in her life. She lowered her arm.
      But wasn't Logan worth it? Logan was worth it... but she wasn't. It would be
      self pity if she gave in... but she did... "Why did you do it?"... her voice
      shivered in its quiet tones, disappearing into the sterile, unforgiving
      expanse of the room. Tears trained down her cheeks, dropped silently until
      one hit the metal... a plunk. The sound made her knees weak and her stomach
      turn. And her hand went to his face impulsively as she leaned in, she
      couldn't stop herself... Moving covered fingertips over the side of his face,
      "I'm not worth it," she whispered... Stepping over just enough to rest her
      cheek on the mass of hair near his brow...

      "Marie," a voice came ragged in her ear as if back from the dead. She jumped
      back, nearly falling. Her glistening eyes were wide, her mouth working to say
      something -- though what the hell could she say? Had she even heard it? He
      just laid there, like he had all along -- still, unmoving... the heart
      monitor beeping regularly as it always had. She covered her mouth with her
      hand as if in a dream, feeling sick, feeling things she didn't want to feel,
      especially the fact that Logan was still in her head... and especially the
      strange sensation that she might be going insane. She fled the room, her
      pulse pounding through her body as she swallowed the sobs and half-wobbled,
      half-ran down the corridor. Why did he do it? She wasn't worth it.
      Beep... beep... beep... beep... And -all- was as it had been before she'd

      "Marie," a whisper... and the blackness swept over him with its ebbing tide,
      washing him away from images of a girl he could barely hold on to...
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