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FIC: not like it should be 7/? R movie-verse

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    Title: Not Like It Should Be Part: Seven Disclaimers, Notes, etc. In part one-six. A/n: sorry it took so long for anyone and everyone who s been waiting ever
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2001
      Title: Not Like It Should Be
      Part: Seven
      Disclaimers, Notes, etc. In part one-six.
      A/n: sorry it took so long for anyone and everyone who's been waiting ever so
      patiently. I got a bit carried away with other fic's... writers block on one
      thing can be good on another! :)
      yet a/n: if you wanna catch up on the other parts... you can find 'em at my
      <A HREF="www.geocities.com/blackqueenphoenix/archive.html">blackqueenphoenix</A>

      "I had to see my best friend murdered. The one person beside Remy who I could
      open up to. The one person beside Remy able to make me laugh.

      And, now, it's so overwhelming, thinking I'll never be able to see him again.
      He'll never pull pranks on me again. He'll never smile that stupid grin of
      his ever again.

      I'm trying, so hard to not cry. To not be weak. Who wants a leader who cries?
      I wouldn't.

      And I know Jubilee is hurting... and right now, I'm probably the only one who
      feels this as much as her. But I can't be there for her.

      Bobby being dead is bad. And we would have all died... except Magneto came to
      our rescue.

      I hate the thought of being in debt to him. I hate that it was him, of all
      people, that saved our lives.

      I had hoped, when the island of Genosha was destroyed, that he'd died. The
      man's a monster.

      'Y'really okay wit' him bein' here?' Remy asked me, looking over to where
      Magneto sat with Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch.

      ''Course, Sugah.' I smiled weakly.

      'Sorry 'bout Rober'.' He said, taking my hand in his.

      'Wasn't your fault, Remy. Ah should of seen... Ah should of stopped them...'

      'It wasn't y'r'fault, Roguie.'

      'Ah was in charge, Remy. He was my responsibility. Ah let him down... and
      now... Jube's...'

      'Je sais, mais, nothin's gonna bring him back.' I'm sure he didn't mean to
      sound so cold, but that's how it came out. And it hurt a little.

      'Ah know.' I said, pulling away from him. 'We got some stuff from the palace.
      Papers, things that might say where 'Pocy and his folks might be. We'd better
      go over them.'

      'Chere, I know what I said sounded harsh, mais, it's de truth an' y'know it.'

      'Yeah... Ah know. And Ah hate when you're right, in case Ah never told you
      that before.'

      'I love y'Rogue.' I hate to say I was shocked, but, honest to god, I was.
      It'd been a long time since those words passed Remy's lips.

      'Love you too, Remy.' I went to go find Ariana. "Freeze, Sugah, you got those

      'Yeah.' She held them in her hands. 'Here.'

      'Thanks.' I tell her, going back to where Remy was. "Here, Mr. Know-It-All,
      see if you can figure any of this out.'

      'Merci.' He muttered, sarcastically. I'd tossed the papers at his feet none
      to kindly. I kissed his cheek and left him with the papers. Okay, so I said
      "we" needed to go over them. But, he's better at that kind of stuff than me.

      'Is there anything I can do to help?' Magneto asked, walking up to me.

      ~ Rogue ~

      Sorry that was short... and I probably won't be posting anymore of this for a
      while. I do have two more parts done... but I'm none too happy with them.

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