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FIC: A little understanding (PG) (1/1) Rogue/?

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  • avalonbnd@aol.com
    This is my first posting of any fiction at all please read the summary so you don t accidentally get squicked. Title: A little understanding Author: Avalon
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      This is my first posting of any fiction at all please read the
      summary so you don't accidentally get squicked.

      Title: A little understanding
      Author: Avalon
      Email: Avalonbnd@...
      Series: probably not
      Category: Romance, a little bit of suspense I hopes
      Rating: PG a couple swear words
      Pairing: Rogue/? Yep it's a surprise
      Archive: If you actually want it sure, just let me know first
      Feedback: Would be lovely, All flames will be used to toast
      marshmallows to make S'mores.
      Summery: Rogue's having a jittery night while her lover sleeps.
      Warnings: If unusual pairings freak you out or if you can't stand to
      see Rogue with anyone other than the usual suspects you better go now
      Disclaimer: I don't own I make no money, please don't bother suing.
      All hideous mistakes are mine alone.

      Marie's eyes flew open at the sound of the twig snapping outside of
      their cabin. Her senses permanently heightened due to her repeated
      absorbtions of Logan. She looked down into the sleeping face of her
      lover sleeping soundly. It always amazed her that when he was with
      her was the only time he ever let his defenses down like that. That
      after everything he'd been through and all the cruelties he suffered
      in his life, his trust in her was implicit.

      Marie knew she would never get back to sleep if she didn't
      investigate the noise she had heard and quietly slipped from their
      bed. As she put on her robe against the chill in the air she thought
      it's probably nothing. But she had to be sure, she had to be sure it
      wasn't the X-Men. They wouldn't understand why they were here
      together, hell they probably wouldn't even try.

      They weren't likely either to take that hint that when you
      purposefully leave in the middle of the night, from the only home
      you've had for four years and don't leave a forwarding address, it
      pretty much means you don't want to be followed or found. this was
      the main reason for Marie's caution, okay maybe paranoia she thought

      They would want to protect me, she thought. Poor fragile multiple
      personality Marie. Please come home with us, we'll protect you.
      You're only doing this because of all the absorbtions over the years.
      You don't really know your own mind anymore. Just come home with us
      and we'll protect you from him, he's only using you. Oh yes, she
      could hear them and their sanctimonious bullshit.

      No, they couldn't understand and they probably never could. She
      didn't need protecting from him and she had no desire to change him.
      Yes, he was a killer and he'd done amazingly cruel things in his
      life. Considering everything that had been done to him it wasn't
      really surprising and she understood, better than anybody. As Marie
      stealthily moved across the room she thought of the images and
      memories she'd gained when she accidentally touched him on a mission,
      due to a rip in her glove. More fodder for the nightmare factory in
      her mind. It's amazing how one act can change your life forever she

      He came to her in the woods behind the mansion where Marie was
      trying to work through all the new images and memories she had
      acquired. His eyes were completely cold, he wanted to know what had
      she seen, what memories had she taken from him. Marie had looked into
      his face and she started to tell him. Pain, abuse, and murder. She
      slowly told him everything she had seen and by the time she was done
      there were tears in her eyes. " I'm sorry, so sorry." Marie had said.
      Suddenly there was fire and anger in those eyes. " I don't want or
      need your pity, " He had yelled at her and whirled away to slip back
      in the woods. " It's not pity," Marie answered quietly, " I'm sorry
      that I hurt you too."

      That was how it all started meeting in the woods talking about the
      past. Friendship offered and friendship received. Although Marie
      wasn't exactly sure when the relationship changed if she had to pick
      one moment, maybe it's the moment when she knew it would change, it
      had to be when without really thinking about it she had went to
      remove a leaf from his hair and her glove covered hand brushed his
      cheek. She had immediately started apologizing. Telling him she was
      sorry and she didn't want to hurt him. He grabbed her hand and held
      onto it and told her it was okay, he trusted her, he wasn't afraid.

      Marie stealthily moved across the room and pressed herself against
      the wall next to the window. She looked out into the night in the gap
      between the curtains and the window. She scanned the area looking for
      anything unusual or signs of an animal in the clearing. Out of the
      corner of her eye she saw a flash of white heading towards the front
      of the small cabin. Damn, it was Storm. There was nothing to do now
      but wake him up and face them once and for all. She hoped against
      hope they would understand and leave them alone to live in peace.

      But how could they, how could they understand that he wasn't afraid
      of her, that he was always amazed that she would want to touch him
      knowing what she did about him. How could they understand that she
      knew she was safe with him? He would never hurt her. They would never
      believe the tenderness that he treated her with.

      Marie heard them grouping on the porch and moving into place around
      the perimeter. They weren't worried if she heard them now. There was
      no more time for musing. It was time to bring Rogue out of
      retirement. She walked over to the bed and laid her gloved hand on
      her lovers face.

      Mortimer, it's time to get up the X-Men are here

      Authors notes. This is my first fic which is probably pretty obvious.
      I don't know where this plot bunny came from but once it bit me it
      wouldn't let go. I had been thinking about the fact that Toad's
      backstory is pretty horrible and I figured if Marie knew she would be
      compassionate and caring about it plus I was also thinking movie
      Toad. All the makeup in the world can't cover up how adorable Ray
      Park is.
    • (no author)
      Hi all, Well, like I said I can t say no to a dare and Sorcier���� dared me to outdark her story Loss and Desire So, here is my attempt. Enjoy: Redefining
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 29, 2001
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        Hi all,

        Well, like I said I can't say no to a dare and Sorcieré dared me to outdark her story "Loss and Desire"

        So, here is my attempt.


        Redefining Happiness
        By Nadja Lee
        English is not my native language. Please forgive me my mistakes.

        Disclaimer: “X-men” and all the characters here belong to Marvel, 20 Century
        Fox and I intend no infringement, this is a piece of amateur fan fiction, and I
        make no money of it.

        Only the original idea contained within this work is the property of the
        author. Please do not copy this story to any website or archive without
        permission of the author.

        Timeline: Set in the movie universe. After the movie.

        Universe: Set in the movie universe; NOT the book which goes with it.

        Romance: Logan/Rogue, mild Scott/Ororo

        Summary: Logan has his own definition of happiness…

        Archiving: Want, ASK, take, have.

        Feedback: Yes, please. My e-mail address is neh@p...

        Rating: R

        For Sorcieré with all my love. Now, outdark THIS one *EG*

        Also thanks to Sorcieré for the Beta and suggestion of a new title. Hope this
        one works better *smiles*

        Part 1:

        It had to be this way, one day they’ll see it too. Jean yelled at me in fear,
        saying I’m a psychopathic killer who never deserved to have been born. Scooter
        just looked…shocked, disbelieving. He asked just one thing when he found us;
        why? If he needs to ask, then there is no point in explaining. No point in
        telling him that I did it because I loved her so much. Because she deserves the
        best. Because she don’t deserve to suffer any longer.

        I realised I loved her when I had left her. So I came back. Back to give her
        the one present I can give her; escape and freedom. She didn’t understand. Now,
        she does. Where she is now, she understands everything and she’ll thank me;
        thank me for having saved her.

        I remember how she looked at me as I stabbed her that first night; full of
        fear yet trust still in her eyes. The look she gave me now was different yet
        the same, it was filled with love yet sadness. She said just one thing as I
        held her in my arms - why?

        We always long for what we can’t have, that is true. For years I’ve lived with
        the knowledge that I couldn’t die and believe me; I did test that theory. For
        many death is something frightening but for me it is peace, freedom and escape
        from the torture of this life. Every night I relive a nightmare so vivid it
        must have been true, every morning I wake up and hope something has changed but
        it hasn’t. I still don’t know who or what I am. But I know this; the choice
        that is every human’s right, the choice of life and death is no longer mine.

        When I met Marie I figured she’d be my way to escape. The others thought it
        romantic and brave that I risked my life for her but in reality I had hoped she
        would grant me the escape I was seeking. But she didn’t and I left.

        I returned as I realised how much I love her and because of that I couldn’t
        just leave her like I had. I couldn’t leave her to the coldness and cruelty of
        life. A life where she would never be able to touch, never feel the sweetness
        of a kiss or feel the joy of seeing her children grow old. She would be
        condemned forever to live alone, isolated and feared by all. Not even I am
        cruel enough to leave her to that fate.

        I remember so clearly how she came to me in my bedroom as she had before. She
        sat by my bedside and talked softly to me, comforted me and eased my tormented
        mind. I woke up and looked into her lovefilled eyes. It was a sight I’ll never
        forget; she looked like an Angel and I knew I had to help her. I took her
        gloved hands in mine, told her how much I loved her and drew her into a hug.
        She threw her arms around me and whispered she loved me too. I drew back and
        smiled at her. I felt tears on my cheeks - though I do not know why - as I
        asked her to close her eyes. Full of trust she did as I bid. I whispered I’ll
        always love her…and then I popped my claws and drew them into her chest. Her
        eyes flew open yet still they held only love and warmth mixed with confusion
        and pain. I took her in my arms and held her close while I stroked her hair. I
        whispered calming words to her, words I don’t even remember what was. She
        mumbled a weak ‘why?’ before her eyes froze in place, a teardrop frozen halfway
        down her cheek. Why? Why, beloved? For love of course. Only for love.

        Suddenly Jeannie, Scooter and ‘Ro entered my room. Jeannie felt at once that
        Marie was gone and told the others so. Scooter seemed like frozen in place,
        shocked and disbelieving. Ororo whispered a prayer to her Goddess and fell into
        Scooter’s arms and cried by his shoulder. Jeannie exploded in anger and made
        all kinds of things fly at me. Scooter steeped between us and ordered us to
        calm down and told ‘Ro to take care of Rogue.

        In that moment I knew my chance was now. Jeannie had found out during one of my
        many stays in sickbay - which was really just her good excuse to take my
        clothes off - that only Scooter’s eye beams could kill me. Finally, I had found
        a way. But I knew Scooter would never kill me…unless I threatened someone he

        I observed ‘Ro and Jeannie for a short time and I noticed Scooter’s eyes went
        more to ‘Ro’s side than Jeannie’s. I’m enough of a warrior to know that in a
        potential dangerous situation you always look towards the person for whom you
        fear most and in this case that was ‘Ro for Scooter.

        All the better anyway. I like ‘Ro a lot better than Jeannie and I’ll rather
        give her my gift than Jeannie. I moved towards ‘Ro but Scooter stepped before
        me and demanded I left the Mansion at once in his cold leader voice while
        Jeannie was still screaming herself hoarse yelling at me. No matter what else I
        think of him I gotta admire the man’s guts. Without answering I knocked him out
        and moved in on ‘Ro. She stared frightful up at me and I noticed her eyes
        turning white and lighting forming outside. I had to move now. I got a hold on
        her and whispered that I wouldn’t hurt her, that I was making everything all
        right…then I broke her neck. I lay her neatly next to Marie on the bed. Maybe
        ‘Ro will now watch over my Angel? I think she will.

        Jeannie tried to use her powers at me but she was exhausting herself. Scooter
        woke up and told Jeannie to get help and she ran from the room as fast as she
        could. Scooter got to his feet and looked towards where ‘Ro had been
        standing…and found her laying next to Marie, looking like she was sleeping. A
        yell of pure agony escaped his lips as he ran to her and cradled her body in
        his arms. Tears ran down his cheeks as he mumbled words I had trouble hearing
        but I did get the general idea; why did I never tell you how much I loved you?

        I approached him and wanted to make him understand; she was in a better place
        now; a place which had no fear, no loneliness…no torture. Only love and peace.
        She was happy now. I said his name and he looked up and me and held ‘Ro tighter
        against him. His entire face seemed to change from one of sorrow to one of
        cold, calculated hatred as he looked from her to me. His eyes I of course
        couldn’t see because of the shades but if I had I know I’ll have seen such an
        intense hatred that I’ve never seen it before. I knew he wouldn’t understand at
        first but in time…in time he might.

        Then he spoke, his words soft yet with an edge of steel; the words filled with
        agony and hatred as he asked me the same Marie had; why? Why? Again, there is
        only one answer; for love…. only for love. The love I bear for Marie.

        He didn’t say anything as he took up a hand and removed his glasses. His eyes
        were closed yet somehow he still knew where I stood and I felt he knew…. I
        wouldn’t move. As I saw his eyelids begin to move I smiled and whispered a
        heartfilled thanks as my wish finally came true. I was joining Marie in a place
        far from here; far from pain.

        Then I felt nothing more as all went black but one thought was left in me;

        Where is the happiness I sought?

        I wondered because….it wasn’t in life and as I was at the edge I realised…it
        wasn’t in death either.

        The End
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