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Fic: Asylum (PG13) R/L/S

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    Hi I m coming out of delurking to post this. It s quite angsty. Title: Asylum. Author: Lateo Rating: PG13 Summery: A daughter comes to visit her father at the
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      Hi I'm coming out of delurking to post this. It's quite angsty.

      Title: Asylum.
      Author: Lateo
      Rating: PG13
      Summery: A daughter comes to visit her father at the asylum.
      Disclaimer: Not Mine.
      Feedback: Makes me happy.
      Comment: This is from a Khaki plot bunny that asked for a story where
      Logan and Marie had a daughter. Marie dies and driven insane by
      sorrow Logan ends up at an asylum. Jean and Scott raise the child,
      the daughter comes to visit and he mistakes her for Marie. I also got
      the impression Khaki wanted something quite angsty so I did my best
      to comply.
      This is my first attempt at writing a dialog fic and as always
      English isn't my first language.

      "Are you sure you want to do this?"

      "I need to see for myself."

      "He…he is very sick."

      "Tell me again what happened."


      "Dad, I need to hear it again."

      "Your mother…Marie, she were going to town when Sabretooth attacked
      her. She called out for the professor telepathic but it was to late.
      When we arrived she was already dead. Your father- Logan knew right
      away, I guess he smelled it and he ran to her and just tried touching
      her, but her neck was broken, nothing happened.

      He just held her and rocked her and held her…"

      "What about Sabretooth?"

      "I blasted his head of. I lost it too. I loved your mother. She was
      like a sister to me. She was such a kind person. I wished you could
      have known her, you are so alike in many ways."

      "What happened next?"

      "Her stomach moved. I guess you kicked in there, we knew that if we
      got you out fast you had a chance of making it she was already 8
      month pregnant. There was not time enough to get back to the med lab."

      "So he used the claws."

      "He used the claws and I think…I often wondered if that was what
      drove him over the edge. There was blood everywhere and with his
      senses, the smell death and of her blood must have been torture for

      "He didn't hold me."

      "Pumpkin, you have to understand how much he loved her. He once told
      Jean that she was the first gentle thing in his life, the only gentle
      thing. After he cut the umbilical cord he just went back to holding
      her. I held you, you were so tiny, pumpkin, I put you on my chest to
      keep you warm."

      "He talked to her."

      " …"


      "He kept saying that he had failed her, that he hadn't taken care of
      her, that he had failed to protect her and he wouldn't let go of her,
      when Jean arrived we had to knock him out to make him let go of her."

      "When did you know that he had gone insane?"

      "He kept walking the halls looking for her. He would enter a room and
      say he heard her talking in there. He accused us of hiding her from
      him because he had heard her, he said."

      "And then you showed him the body."

      "God! We thought seeing her would work, make him realise and accept
      the fact that she was gone. But he just lost it, he ripped his eyes
      out with his claws and the heallingfactor couldn't heal what wasn't

      "Don't cry daddy."

      "…sorry…after that we took him to the asylum. Are you sure you want
      to do this?"

      "You and Jean will always be the parents of my heart but I need to do

      "I understand. We have to wait for a nurse to let us in."

      "Oh, hallo Mr. Summer. I see you brought a new guest for our patient."

      "Yes Sally, this is my daughter Maryann."

      "Hi Maryann. Have you been told about the security precautions?"


      "Good. You will get to see him through armoured glass and he want be
      able to get at you. So just remember that if you get scared. Mr.
      Summer knows the rules."

      "Thanks Sally. I'll lead her in myself."

      "Logan?! Logan! Look I brought a new guest today."

      " Summers? I can hear it is you…and Marie baby! I know the couldn't
      keep hiding you forever."

      "No Logan! This is Maryann, your daughter. Marie is dead, she died 20
      years ago."

      "You liar! Just because I'm blind doesn't know I'm stupid! I can
      smell her! She's Marie!"

      "No, I'm Maryann…"

      "She isn't Marie Logan."

      "I'll find her! You can't keep hiding her forever!"

      "Mr. Logan, if you don't calm down. We'll have to medicate you."

      "Fuck you! You nazi bitch! It's Marie! Let me out!"

      "You better go Mr. Summers."

      "Yes it's no use talking to him when he is like this, goodbye Logan."

      "I will come again when you are better. Lets go."

      "I'm sorry about that Maryann."

      "It's ok daddy. I needed to see for myself."

      "Will you visit him again?"

      "I…I don't know."

      "Lets go home to mom."

      The End.
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