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FF: Love Magic (3/?), L/R foof - rated R

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  • Donna Bevan
    Yeah, you guys are never going to believe this, but... I actually started writing this again. Yeah. I m trying to control my shock, too. ::snork:: Wow.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2001
      Yeah, you guys are never going to believe this, but... I actually started
      writing this again. Yeah. I'm trying to control my shock,
      too. ::snork:: Wow. It's been a while.

      And it's FOOF! Oh dear, actual FOOF. Jenilou, are you taking note of
      this? Cause, babe, I have to say... This is ALL FOR YOU. ;)

      Rather than reposting the first two rather lengthy parts, I'm posting the
      link to the already-posted bits. I think it'll be easier for everyone, not
      to mention more mailbox-friendly. ;) If you haven't read the first two
      parts, or just need a refresher, go
      here: http://webpages.charter.net/dianthe/lovemagic.html That should do
      the trick. :)

      Now, on to the new stuff...

      Title: Love Magic (3/?)
      Author: Donna Bevan
      Rating: R
      Category: Logan/Rogue romance
      Summary: Inspired by a trip to a fortune teller, Jubilee and Kitty
      convince Rogue to lay some mojo on Logan. The result? A lesson learned, and
      some good old-fashioned, mortifying fun!
      Disclaimer: Oh please. Whatever. Go lord it over someone else, greedy
      Marvel people. I know they're not mine. :)

      Author's Note: I don't claim to be a Tarot reader. Neither am I a
      practitioner of voodoo, wicca, the black arts, Santeria, or folk
      magic. ;) Basically, I have books. LOL All facts and conjectures in
      this fic have been gathered from various sources. If you want endnotes or
      a bibliography, I could probably humor you and write one. Maybe. It's
      been a while since I've had to cite sources. ;) Anyway, what was my
      point? Oh yeah, don't mess with this stuff unless you know what you're
      doing. 'Cause, you know… You never know. :)


      It was an odd sight to see at noon on a Sunday. Two upperclassmen from
      Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters were standing underneath one of the
      school's sprawling oak trees, only they weren't just standing; it looked
      for all the world like they were trying to climb the tree.

      "Do NOT let me fall, Pryde," Jubilee ordered. "And if I do, you'd better
      catch me. And none of this 'you accidentally phased through me' crap, either."

      Kitty rolled her eyes and flinched. "Ouch, Jubes, you're pulling my
      hair. And couldn't you have worn sneakers? These boots hurt."

      "Dude, stand still!" Jubilee wavered and almost lost her balance as Kitty
      shifted below her.

      "Easy for you to say, there's no one standing on your shoulders."

      "Hey, it's not *my* fault the Prof keeps these trees so damn well-pruned,
      is it?"

      "I guess not," Kitty mumbled irritably, rubbing her itchy nose. "Just
      hurry up, would you?"

      "I am *trying*, all right?" Jubilee stretched farther, squeaking a
      little. "It's no use, Kit. I can't reach any of these branches."

      Kitty stood, a thoughtful expression on her face. "I think it's all a
      matter of balance," she said finally.

      Jubilee snorted. "My balance is fine, dude, I just have short arms." Then
      her brow furrowed. "Hey, I wonder if I could burn one of the smaller limbs

      The brunette on the ground rolled her eyes again. "Not *your* balance,
      dipwad. Rogue's. And don't even think about it! The last thing we need
      is for you to set the tree on fire."

      "What about her balance?" Jubilee asked, scrambling down from her perch on
      her friend's shoulders.

      Kitty grimaced as she brushed dirt off the shoulders of her favorite tee
      shirt. "The whole thing with Logan, I mean." She waved a hand vaguely in
      the air. "This spell stuff is all well and good, but the girl's gotta take
      some proactive measures. Make it happen, you know?"

      Jubilee nodded. "I guess you're right. Not like it's been working in the
      past," she pointed out, "but you're still right." She settled on the
      ground and picked up a book and a pencil, chewing pensively on the
      eraser. "Okay, no oak branches for this one…" She made a tiny mark next
      to a paragraph. "What was the next spell we were gonna try if the oak
      thing fell through?"

      Kitty picked a piece of leaf off her shirt and made a face. "Um, the hair
      thing. I think."

      "Hair thing." Jubilee blew her bangs out of her face and
      sighed. "Jesus." She squinted up at Kitty. "I don't suppose you'd be
      willing to try and harvest some of Logan's hair, huh?"

      Kitty stared at her for a moment, then threw back her head and
      laughed. "You're kidding, right?" she wheezed, wiping a tear from the
      corner of her eye.

      Jubilee grumbled as she slammed the book shut and climbed to her feet,
      brushing off the back of her jeans. "Fine. I'll do it myself."


      Logan had decided that it wasn't such a bad day to be in the TV
      room. Sure, it was packed with students, as usual, but apparently one of
      them had fairly good taste in music. Three Dog Night's "Never Been To
      Spain" blared out of the stereo, and Logan was actually enjoying himself.

      It was merely an added bonus that Rogue was also there, curled up on the
      soft leather cushions of one of the chairs.

      Logan surreptitiously eyed her as she sat, a magazine in her lap,
      half-heartedly watching a couple of the kids play foosball. He grimaced
      unconsciously; every time that Bobby kid scored a goal, he winked
      flirtatiously at Rogue. Logan's sole consolation was that she seemed bored
      by the game, and even more so by Bobby's playful winks.

      <Take that, Icecube,> he thought smugly before mentally slapping
      himself. He was being stupid and selfish. Honestly, she could do a lot
      worse than the Bobby kid; he was nice and respectful, and he seemed to
      genuinely care for Rogue.

      Logan hated him for it.

      He continued to glare at Bobby, rustling his newspaper and turning the page
      every so often, and occasionally Rogue would look up at him and smile. He
      was relieved that she seemed to have gotten over her melancholy from the
      previous night; he had no idea what the catalyst for her sadness had been,
      but seeing her in pain had made him lose more sleep than he'd ever
      admit. He'd lain awake for hours, wondering if there was anything he could
      do to help her.

      Bobby whooped as he scored another goal against St. John and Sam, and
      Logan's eyes slid to Rogue. She was playing with her hair, winding the
      platinum strands at her temple around her index finger in an obvious ploy
      to alleviate her boredom. Then her eyes met his and she straightened,
      smoothing her hair back into place. Before he could think better of it,
      Logan flashed her a wink of his own and watched as her cheeks flushed with

      <That's how it's done, Frosty,> he mentally crowed at Bobby Drake, who
      looked less than thrilled when he noticed Rogue *not* noticing him.

      Logan chomped his cigar to hide his smile, and the look Rogue cast him was
      decidedly coy. Then her full lips parted, forming an inaudible
      word. "Behave."

      Arching an eyebrow rakishly, Logan mouthed his own silent response. "No
      way." Rogue grinned widely and looked back down at her magazine, shaking
      her head slightly.

      God, he loved her smile.

      She flipped the page of her magazine and glanced up again. This time,
      instead of a smile, a frown darkened her face.


      Rogue was having the time of her life. Bobby was flirting shamelessly with
      her, and it seemed to be having something of an effect on Logan. He'd been
      glowering periodically at the younger man, looking as if he'd like nothing
      more than to rip him a new orifice…or two. Then, for some odd reason,
      *Logan* had started flirting with her, winking and smiling and making her
      insides tingle with his stares.

      So she was just sitting there, sort of pretending to read the latest issue
      of Popular Mechanics, enjoying Logan's attention, when she saw Jubilee
      steal into the room. Instead of being her usual loud self, Jubilee seemed
      to be…creeping quietly across the floor. That was when Rogue realized that
      the door was not only straight across the room…

      It was right behind Logan.

      Oh, jumping Jesus, what was that girl up to? Rogue's eyes widened then
      narrowed as Jubilee flashed her a jaunty thumbs-up. She held up a white
      cloth and waved it a little, and Rogue shrugged in obvious
      confusion. Jubilee rolled her eyes, running a hand through her hair, then
      mimicking claws with crooked fingers.

      <Oh, no. Oh, no. No.> Rogue shook her head, but Jubilee had decided she
      was having fun. She continued to curl her hands into claws, crossing her
      eyes and sticking her tongue out of the side of her mouth.

      Rogue bit her lip to contain her laughter, but it escaped in a
      whimper. She quickly averted her eyes, stiffening when she realized that
      Logan was staring at her, a perplexed frown crinkling the skin between his

      <Think fast, Rogue,> she admonished, biting her lip harder. It hurt and
      she flinched, then ran her tongue along the sore spot on her lip, keeping
      her eyes on Logan the entire time.

      His eyelids dropped to half-mast and his lips parted slightly, and she
      realized with a sense of wonder that he was staring at her mouth. Her
      lungs stopped working, and her skin prickled.

      Logan was…staring…at her…*mouth*.

      His eyes shot up to lock with hers again, and for one magical second, she
      read something in their depths - something that wasn't affection or pity or
      even fondness. It was hotter, deeper.

      "Oh my good God, Logan, do NOT move!"

      The high-pitched exclamation startled both of them, and Rogue watched in
      horror as Jubilee's cloth-covered hand descended toward the back of Logan's

      "Wha--OW!" Logan howled as Jubilee snatched her hand away. He jumped to
      his feet, adamantium claws unsheathed. "What the HELL was that?" he
      growled, retracting his claws and rubbing his injured scalp.

      "Bug," Jubilee answered simply, all smiles and wide-eyed innocence. "Ugly
      sucker, too."

      He was unappeased. "Well, you ripped my goddamn hair out."

      Rogue sprang to her feet, crossing the room to stand beside her suddenly
      nervous-looking friend. "Logan, I'm sure she was only tryin' to help," she
      placated. It wasn't a lie, really; in her own way, Jubilee *was* trying to

      Logan glared at her for a moment, nostrils flaring, then sighed. "Don't
      let it happen again," he muttered darkly before grabbing his cigar and
      stalking out the door.


      Kitty rolled on their bedroom floor, silent laughter racking her entire
      body. "Poor Rogue, she had to physically stop her pseudoboyfriend from
      hacking you into little bitty bits." Tears streamed from her eyes, and she
      gasped for breath. "Oh, that's priceless."

      Jubilee was unamused. "It didn't have to go down that way," she
      griped. "If Rogue here would have let me search his room…"

      Rogue rolled the short dark hair between her bare fingers. "I told you,

      "I know, I know! Out of the question. It's *wrong*, and all that
      crap. Really, Rogue," she huffed. "A little moral laxity never hurt
      anybody. You should try it."

      "Fine, it's all my fault," she hissed, eyes flashing. "Next time, I'll
      just let him gut you."

      "Oh, you're just pissed 'cause I hurt poor Logan.” She waved a hand in the
      air around her head. “Come on, girl, he's got that super healing factor
      thingie, doesn't he?"

      "That's not the point. You pulled his hair out by the *root*!" Rogue
      scowled darkly. "You see, they make these great things now. They're
      called *scissors*."

      "Bite me, babe," Jubilee retorted. "I could have taken the hair from his
      hairbrush, and he never would have known."

      Rogue stared at her, openmouthed. "Jubes! Logan doesn't use a
      hairbrush. That's a *girl* thing."

      "What, he doesn't brush his hair, ever? It just naturally goes into those
      pointy things?" She poked her index fingers off the top of her
      head. "What is up with that, anyway? They're like antennae."

      Rogue clenched her teeth. "No… I mean he uses a *comb*, like a man."

      "Whatever!" Jubilee yelled. "A man that hairy has to shed, at least. I
      could have found some hair somewhere."

      Rogue held up a hand. "Fine, whatever. Kitty, what the hell am I supposed
      to do with this, anyway?" she demanded, brandishing the tiny strand of
      Logan's hair.

      Kitty was still laughing her ass off. At Rogue's tone, however, she
      sobered slightly and crawled across the floor, pulling a book from
      Jubilee's bed. "Um, let's see… Okay, braid it into a section of your
      hair, chanting Logan's name and your desire for him."

      Jubilee smirked. "Logan, hot monkey sex… Logan, hot monkey sex… Got it?"

      Rogue hissed in a breath, then exhaled loudly. She carefully separated two
      tiny sections of platinum from the rest of her hair, then began to
      awkwardly plait Logan's hair together with the shining strands. "Um,
      Logan… Sex…"

      "*Monkey* sex," Jubes interjected quickly. "Gotta be specific."

      Rogue eyed her sideways and then squinted, trying to focus on the twisting
      sections of hair in front of her face. "Then shouldn't I say people sex
      instead of monkey sex? Otherwise, I may end up havin’ to skip the ape
      house next time I go to the zoo."

      "Don't be a smartass, Rogue," Kitty advised soberly. "There's no telling
      what Jubes will cook up next, just to humiliate and embarrass you."

      "Yeah, I love you, too, Kit. Keep chanting, Rogue. Visualize it."

      "I hear ya, Frau Bossybutt," Rogue snapped.

      The other girls' mouths dropped open. "Frau *what*?" Kitty wheezed,
      bursting out in gleeful gales of laughter…again.

      "Bossyb-- Jubes!" Rogue shook her head in exasperation. "This hair is
      too short. It won't braid, just keeps slidin’ loose."

      "Dammit!" she swore. "I *knew* I shoulda aimed for the top of his head,
      you know, where it's all long and shit..."

      Rogue sighed and blinked as Jubilee frowned and reached out a
      hand. "Kitty, the book."

      "Jubes, don't you think--"

      "The book," Jubilee repeated firmly. "We're not gonna let one little
      setback screw this thing up, okay? We'll keep trying until we find
      something that works." She grabbed the open volume from Kitty and began to
      flip through it. "Let's see… Oh, here's--" Her frown deepened. "Never
      mind. Where the hell would we get a live chicken?"

      Kitty snickered, then tilted her head to one side. "One of these days, my
      therapist is going to ask me when I *knew* my life was totally
      whacked. And you know what? I'm going to give him today's date, and tell
      him it was all your fault, Jubes."

      "Introduce your lips to my ass, Kit," Jubilee muttered almost absently,
      still poring over the pages of the spellbook. "Oh, jackpot. Here we go,"
      she grinned, glancing up at Rogue. "All it takes for this puppy is a cup
      of herbal tea sweetened with honey. You chant something, Logan drinks it,
      and it's all good."

      "Chant what?"


      "Don't forget to say it while you stir," Jubilee instructed excitedly. "We
      want this to work."

      "Yes, drill sergeant, sir!" Rogue ground the words from between clenched
      teeth, the spoon in her hand trembling a little. "Pass me the bear, Kitty."

      Kitty handed over the plastic honey bear, and the three girls crowded
      around the Star Trek mug on the kitchen counter. They eyed the mug with
      the same intense regard they might have afforded the Holy Grail. Slowly,
      Rogue upended the honey bottle, and a steady trickle of honey began to pour
      from it and into the tea.

      Clearing her throat, Rogue lowered the spoon into the mug and began to
      speak in a subdued tone. "The honey drops from my lips… He drinks my love
      in luscious sips." She repeated the phrases several times as she stirred,
      all her attention focused on the swirling amber liquid and the steam
      wafting from it.

      Kitty and Jubilee watched in silence until Rogue tapped the spoon against
      the rim and squared her shoulders. “Here goes nothin’,” she announced,
      grabbing the mug and heading for the door.

      Jubes called after her. “Update! We want an update!”


      Logan heard footsteps outside his door seconds before he heard the hesitant
      knock. Grimacing, he counted off one last pushup and levered himself to
      his feet. He’d dropped a towel across his bed earlier, and he reached for
      it, hastily rubbing it across his sweaty chest. “Coming,” he growled.

      He yanked open the door to find Rogue standing there, all wide eyes and
      nervous smile, a steaming mug of something in one hand. A smile lit up his
      face. “Hey, kid.”

      “Hey, Logan.” Her smile faltered, then reformed, and she held out the
      mug. “I, uh… I thought you might like some tea.”

      For a moment, Logan thought he'd misheard her. "Tea?" he queried, slinging
      his towel around his neck.

      "Mmhmm," she affirmed, then nodded uncomfortably. "Herbal tea."

      "Herbal…" For a second, he was tempted to look around for the hidden
      cameras. It had to be a joke; it was a nice gesture, but Rogue of all
      people knew that *herbal tea* was… Well, it was just *not* a Logan
      beverage. Still, the growing look of desperate mortification on her face
      had him reaching for the mug. "Uh…thanks?"

      "You're welcome," she choked, backing away. "Um…" Her mouth opened and
      then closed several times, and she finally emitted a sound that could best
      be described as a squeak. "Gotta go." With that, she took off down the
      hallway like a shot, leaving him standing there, half-dressed and holding a
      Star Trek mug.

      Filled with tea.

      Logan was still staring down at it when Professor Xavier wheeled by. "Good
      afternoon, Logan," he called with good cheer. "I trust this day finds you

      He shook himself from his musings. "Yeah. At least, I think so."

      "Not quite certain?" Xavier questioned, arching a brow in amusement at
      Logan's befuddled expression.

      He tilted his head and frowned. "I just-- Here." Logan thrust the cup at
      the older man. "Want some tea?"

      "Is that Earl Grey?" Xavier sniffed and eyed the mug with decided interest.

      "It's an herbal something or other. I think. You can, uh, have it. If
      you want."

      "You're quite positive you don't want it?" The school's benefactor looked

      "Uh, yeah. Quite."

      "Well, then, I thank you, Logan." Xavier accepted the hot tea gratefully,
      then continued on his way.

      Logan narrowed his eyes as he reentered his room and slammed the door
      behind him, contemplating the weirdness that had just crept into his
      otherwise normal day. Not that he didn't appreciate that Rogue was
      thinking of him, or anything; in fact, the mere concept made him want to
      grin like a moron. But what in hell had prompted her to randomly bring him
      tea, of all things?

      It made no sense. Then again, Logan had never been able to make heads or
      tails out of what went on in the female brain. Ever.

      With a sigh and a small shake of his head, he tossed his towel on the back
      of a chair and settled on the floor for a set of crunches.


      Rogue thumped down the stairs dejectedly. "Jubes… This insanity has *got*
      to stop."

      "Why? What happened? Spill."

      She hung her head, brown and white hair falling over her face. "Logan just
      looked at me like I'd grown a second head." She looked heavenward and
      groaned. "Tea? Tea! Why would anyone give him *tea*? That's so stupid…"

      Jubes bit her lip. "Yeah, maybe, but… He took it, right?"

      "Doesn't mean he'll drink it," Kitty interjected.


      “No,” Rogue interrupted, casting a meaningful glance at Kitty. “She's
      absolutely right. If I know Logan--“

      “And you do!” Jubes chimed in.

      “Yeah,” she agreed glumly. “He’ll pour it in the sink, then tell me later
      how good it was.” She pouted a little. “Bastard. Always tryin’ not to
      hurt my feelings.”

      Jubes shrugged her shoulders. "So, we try again. And we try to steer
      clear of food items that…aren't to Logan's liking. Right?" She looked
      around for encouragement.

      "Maybe we should look for a spell that has beer in it," Rogue sighed.

      Kitty frowned, then started mumbling to herself. “The fermented hops drop
      from my lips… He drinks my love in ice-brewed sips.” She grinned widely,
      then laughed. “Oh my God! That was actually good! You should use that,

      Before Jubilee had a chance to thwap Kitty for her irreverence to the
      craft, Professor Xavier entered the kitchen and greeted them. "Lovely day,
      is it not?" he asked. The girls watched in dumbfounded horror as he sipped
      merrily from the "enchanted" Star Trek mug.

      Kitty was the first to speak. "Uhh, sir?"

      "Yes, Kitty?"

      "Did you, uh, get that from…Logan?" she asked haltingly, indicating the
      blue and white mug.

      "Why, yes, I did…" His eyes grew sharp, and his next question was prompted
      by years of living with teenagers. "Why do you ask?"

      Kitty smiled half-heartedly as Rogue dropped her face into her hands. "No
      reason." Then she grabbed Rogue and dragged her from the room.

      A stunned Jubilee followed. "Dude," she breathed, making a face at
      Kitty. "That is…eww. Just eww."

      Rogue uttered a sound of distress and banged her forehead against the
      paneled wall.

      Kitty patted her back. "Maybe it's a stupid spell, and it won't work at all."

      Jubilee wasn't as helpful. "Ugh, or maybe the Prof'll start leching for
      you." She considered that for a moment. "Oh man, that's just gross."

      Rogue wearily rubbed gloved fingertips over her abused head. "I am goin'
      to my room," she said, slowly and precisely. "I'm gonna bury my head under
      a pillow and stay there for the rest of this godforsaken day. That way,
      nothin' else can go wrong. Excuse me." With that, she turned and headed
      for the stairs.

      Kitty swatted Jubilee on the arm.



      To be continued...in less time than it took me to write this part, I swear.


      You can't escape the fact that you're a grade-A dork when you start dusting
      your knick knacks with cylinders of compressed air.
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