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Rogue Reports 1/1 [PG]

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  • Astyala
    Title: Rogue Reports Author: Astyala (astyala@yahoo.com) Rated: PG for vague references to sex Summary: Rogue has a report due, but she s having some
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      Title: Rogue Reports
      Author: Astyala (astyala@...)
      Rated: PG for vague references to sex
      Summary: Rogue has a report due, but she's having some trouble
      getting it done. {Rogue POV} (A SO not serious story.)

      Notes: A little story for all my fellow readers that were infected
      by a blood sucking, cruel little bunny and ended up writing
      even though they fought against it with all their might.
      This hasn't been beta'd and it's like 2am so mistakes are
      all the bunnies fault.

      *Rogue thoughts*
      /Bunny thoughts/

      Disclaimer: I don't own jack or shit. Marvel, X-Men and characters
      therein don't belong to this poor little white girl. They
      were borrowed for my amusement and I get nothing for it.


      It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I was sitting at the desk
      in my room, working on an English paper. There were a million and one
      other things I wanted to do instead, but...

      Yes, I was doing homework on a Saturday. Okay? Do you want to hear
      this story or not? Well, don't interrupt then because I have better
      things to do than sit here and relive it just for kicks. So, like I
      was saying...

      There were two days left before the assignment was due and I had
      just started on the boring, twenty pages required, brain numbing
      monstrosity. I stared at the computer monitor with dull eyes, reading
      over the words eked out by my fingers.

      A Comparative Critical Analysis of Representational Symbolism in
      Post-Modernistic European Poetry of the Twentieth Century

      by Rogue

      The title was all I had managed in the fifteen minutes I had been
      sitting there. It was enough to turn anyone's brain into gelatinous

      I wondered what the hell was wrong with Ororo. Did she honestly think
      anyone cared about that stuff? How exactly was it supposed to help me
      in life? Maybe the next time I'm kidnaped by evil mutants I can start
      spouting off some of that crap and they'll happily return me. Nah,
      they'd probably kill me to put an end to their suffering and mine. It
      would have gotten me out of writing the paper so the prospect didn't
      sound too bad the time.

      I sighed hopelessly. There was no chance of Sabretooth showing up and
      maiming me just enough to get out my homework. Logan had come home a
      few weeks before and I knew he wouldn't allow me to be hurt again.
      There was a pleasant thought to distract me from my misery, Logan.

      A man too hot for words. Thoughts of his beautiful hazel eyes, wild
      brown hair, powerfully sculpted body, the way he's protective and
      not afraid of my skin. Did I mention the gruff attitude he uses to
      hide the marshmallow center? Well, it never fails to make me feel all
      warm and quivery inside.

      The words on the screen began to blur as I drifted off into a fantasy
      about Logan's glorious chest. I wondered what might have happened if
      things had gone differently when we met. What if Sabretooth and the
      X-Men hadn't shown up? Ideas flooded my mind and one in particular
      caught my interest. I entertained it for a moment unaware of the
      danger lurking silently. It wasn't helping me get that damned paper
      done any faster so I pushed it aside.

      A few minutes of productive work as all I was able to accomplish
      before the scene I had been imagining forced itself to center stage
      again. My fingers tapped restlessly on the keys as I got an urge to
      pound out the scene on the keyboard.

      *I'm not a writer.* I thought in irritation.

      There was a maniacal laugh and then a small voice whispered, /That's
      what they all say, honey./

      *I don't want to write,* I insisted stubbornly.

      /Oh, yes, you do,/ the mysterious voice prodded and then added
      encouragingly, /You have a good idea and it would be a shame to let it
      go to waste./

      *I don't have time for this. I have a paper due, classes and training
      to attend. Definitely no time for writing.*

      The voice grew stronger and took on a diaphanous physical form. It
      seemed to hop excitedly at the opening I had unwittingly left open for

      /You don't really need all that sleep at night. You'll write and live
      on three or four hours a night,/ it decreed. It didn't mention any
      thing about nights of even less sleep or none at all when the words
      were really flowing.

      *No, I must have a good nights rest for school. Besides I'd never
      make it through a training session if I'm not one hundred percent.*

      Foolishly, I thought the voice would understand that I'm very busy and
      it simply wasn't possible to work out all the details for some
      hare-brained plot in a story that no one would ever see. Boy, was I
      ever wrong.

      My paper was underway again when suddenly a conversation began to run
      through my head. I ignored it at first, thinking it was just a
      part of Logan that I had absorbed, but then I realized it was
      something else entirely.

      Logan was arguing with me about wearing his seat belt, but when the
      tree should have fallen across the road causing us to crash nothing
      happened and we continued down the road. Then the scene jumped to a
      hotel room. I was sitting on the bed, brushing my freshly washed hair
      when Logan came out of the bathroom with wet hair and water clinging
      to his chest.

      A train of thought like that was too tempting and I had to make it
      stop or I'd never get anything done. *Leave me alone!*

      It was a cry of pure desperation. I had not yet learned it was futile
      to resist. The voice drew power from my struggle and it's vague form
      began to take on a more substantial one. A rabbit was the body it
      choose to take and at the time I didn't understand why, but I would
      soon find out.

      Don't look at me like that. Yes, a rabbit, but not just any rabbit.
      Quit laughing! It was awful; I tell you. You can't understand if
      you've never dealt with one before so hush up or I won't tell the rest
      of the story.

      It appeared to be a mild mannered and cute little bunny. I smiled
      because it's looked so sweet and innocent, falling for that act was my
      first mistake. The bunny seemed to have something in it's mouth so
      leaned down to get a better look and that's when things started to
      spiral out of control. I reached out to pet the bunny's soft, fluffy
      fur and it snapped at me with big, pointy fangs. Luckily, I jerked my
      hand away just in time to avoid being bitten.

      Fleeing in terror from my room, I abandoned the still unwritten
      paper. Logan was my only hope of escaping the vicious little rodent.
      In the garage, I finally found him bent over the open hood of an old

      "Hey, Logan."

      Logan straightened up and wiped the sweat from his temple off on his
      shirt sleeve. "Hey, kid."

      "Will you take me to see a movie, please?"

      "I'm not watchin' another chic movie," he grumbled with a scowl,
      reminding me of the last time I had conned him into going out.

      "Any movie you want, Logan. I promise, I won't complain."

      The skeptical look on his face made me afraid for a moment that he
      would refuse, but Logan nodded. After he washed off the grease and
      grabbed the keys to Scott's motorcycle, we sped off towards town.

      The movie was some shoot 'em up, blow 'em, beat 'em kind of thing that
      Logan had chosen like I had agreed. I didn't mind because I figured
      the action would take my mind off of the mansion and the horrors that
      awaited me there. Again, I was very wrong.

      All the violence added a furious battle between Logan and Sabretooth
      to the story building inside my head with a new and exciting reason
      for Logan to rescue me. Of course, I made myself a little more brave
      and less of a wimp than I was when Magneto had me, but it's a just
      story. So, I can do whatever I want, right? Right!

      I don't know if Logan would have taken me to a hotel if the crash had
      never happened, but I could dream, couldn't I? Yes, I certainly could
      and I did with a little help from the man himself.

      In the theater, Logan was sitting on my left and during the movie he
      draped his arm over the back of my seat. I leaned a little closer,
      loving any opportunity to touch him. He looked over with the cutest
      little smile on his face before turning back to the screen, letting
      his arm slip down around my shoulders and his hand rest on my right
      arm. I was in heaven and Logan didn't seem to mind too much either.

      The ride home was even better because my whole body was pressed up
      against Logan's back with my hands on his rock hard chest and
      stomach. The hotel scene started to play out again, no matter how
      much I tried not to let it. In my mind, Logan was joining me on the
      bed, telling me not to be afraid of my skin that he knew how to get
      around it and then he proceeded to show me exactly what he meant by

      I must have moaned or something because when we stopped at a red light
      Logan looked over his shoulder at me with an odd expression. We made
      it back to the mansion without me lapsing back into fantasies of him,
      but when we pulled into the garage I realized my fingers were rubbing
      his chest.

      Well, wouldn't you? Don't lie. You have serious issues, like not
      having a pulse if don't want to do it. Keep your paws off though
      cause that chest, and the rest of him are mine. Yes, I said mine. I
      haven't gotten to that part of the story yet, okay? So just listen
      and you'll see what I mean when I say one good thing came out of all
      this. Now, where was I?

      Logan pressed my hands flat against his chest to still their movement
      and looked over his shoulder at me with an adorable little smirk.

      "If you want to give me a massage maybe we should go upstairs," he
      said, raising an eyebrow in question.

      Heat rose into my face and I buried my head in his jacket. I felt his
      chest and back jerk with his chuckles, then Logan brought one of my
      gloved hands to his mouth and kissed it.

      "Come on, let's go inside."

      Reality had returned with us to the mansion and I sighed, knowing what
      was waiting for me upstairs. It wasn't a naked Logan, let me tell you
      that. He didn't let go of my hand as we walked inside, pulling me
      towards the couch in the TV room. Unfortunately, extra-curricular
      snuggling with Logan was not going to keep me from failing English.

      "Logan, I have to go work on my report. It's due on Monday and I
      haven't even started," I whined miserably. "You know anything about

      "You're writing a report on poetry?" Logan grimaced in distaste.
      "I'd help you if I could, but if I knew anything about it I don't

      "Twenty pages! Ororo's sadistic, Logan. Maybe you could threaten her
      with a claw and tell her I shouldn't have to do it because it's
      pointless." I nodded earnestly at my excellent idea.

      "Nice try, but you're on your own there."

      I blew an exasperated breath out through my lips, resigned to my fate.
      "Oh, all right. I'll see you later. Thanks for taking me out."

      In the hallway, I slowed as I approached my door, hesitant to go back
      in there. Briefly, I wondered if I could bust Magneto out of jail so
      class would be canceled on Monday while the X-Men tried to recapture
      him. The idea was discarded only because I didn't want Logan to get
      hurt if he went after Magneto too. There was really no other choice
      so I took a deep breath and opened the door.

      I went straight to my computer and nudged the mouse to turn off the
      shifting colors and fractal patterns. The screen once again displayed
      my desktop with the word processor and an open file that contained the
      three whole lines I had written earlier. It was time to get down to
      some serious work. Sitting down in the chair, I removed my gloves
      before scooting up to the keyboard and when I placed my fingers on the
      home keys the deceptively sweet looking little bunny hopped up,
      whispering in my mental ear.

      /Write for just a few minutes and then you can get back to work on
      that stupid paper. What could it hurt?/

      *I told you I can't write. Seriously, I'm not good at grammar and
      stuff like that.*

      /No problem. Someone else can fix it, that is good at it./

      *Do you promise to leave me alone if I do?*

      The wicked bunny grinned fiercely and vowed not to bother me anymore,
      but he didn't mention all his little friends, hiding under the bed.
      It's fangs had sunk into me and I was doomed before I even began.

      Opening a new file in the word processor, I started typing and the
      words flowed fast and furious from my fingertips onto the screen. I
      worked out the plot, then decided it was horrible and had to rewrite
      it, twice. A steamy sex scene with Logan made me fidget in my chair,
      blushing at the use of words I had never said and acts I had never
      performed. By the time it was finished my wrists were aching, my
      bladder felt like it was going to burst and my eyeballs were so dry it
      hurt to blink.

      Rubbing my eyes, I squinted at the clock and nearly choked on my
      tongue. That couldn't be right. Oh, god, 3:46am! Summer school,
      here I come. After saving the file, I went into the bathroom and
      brushed my teeth in record time, then threw myself into bed.

      When I woke up on Sunday, it was almost ten o'clock and the time bomb
      was ticking, loudly. There were less than 24 hours to go before Ororo
      was going to strike me with lightning for not completing the paper and
      then she was going to give me a failing grade in her class. There
      would be no graduation for me.

      I was exhausted, but I rolled out bed. After a quick drink of water,
      I sat down at the computer again and vowed on my life not to leave the
      room until the paper was done. It was slow going, but once my brain
      woke up a little things sped up a bit. A knock on the door
      interrupted me and I looked away from the monitor for the first time.

      "Rogue?" Logan's voice called through the door.

      Getting up from the chair, I crossed the room and opened the door for
      him. He was standing there, looking a little worried.

      "You sick or something?" Logan asked, looking me over.

      "No, why?"

      "It's one o'clock and you weren't at breakfast or lunch."

      My poor neglected stomach growled at the mention of food. "I don't
      have time to eat. My paper still isn't finished and it's due at 8am

      Logan frowned at my response. "You need to eat. Will you eat if I
      bring you something?"

      An adoring smile curved my lips and I said, "That would great, Logan.
      You are so sweet." Then I shocked us both by stretching up and
      kissing him on the cheek where it was covered by his beard.

      "I'll uh... be back in a few minutes."

      Logan closed the door as he left on a food run and I went back to the
      computer. As promised, Logan returned a few minutes later with a
      plate piled high with sandwiches, fruit, chips and those little
      carrots he knows I like. He put the plate on my desk, kissed my hair
      and left without a word. I didn't realized I had been working for
      hours until Logan showed up with dinner. He replaced the empty lunch
      plate with the full one before he left again.

      When I had crammed as many elaborate descriptions into the report as
      possible to take up space, put as much space between the paragraphs as
      I thought I could get away with there were twenty pages and it was
      4:52am. It was run through the spell check and saved one last time
      before I dropped already half asleep into bed.

      In the morning, I skipped breakfast for a little extra sleep, but I
      was still dead on my feet. The paper was handed in to a chipper Ororo
      while I bit my tongue to keep from growling at her and prayed she
      wouldn't give me an F.

      At the end of the school day before training, I went to my room and
      sat down at the computer. I wondered if my butt was going to be
      squished flat from sitting there so much, but wasn't worried enough to
      get up. After clicking on the correct menus my story came onto the
      screen. Reading through it, I was surprised to find whole words were
      missing from sentences, other words atrociously misspelled and typos
      abound. That's what I get for writing when the rest of the sane world
      was asleep. I corrected the spelling and typos easily enough, but my
      bladder was crying out for relief so I forced myself away long enough
      to pee.

      When I came out of the bathroom, Logan was sitting at my desk and I
      froze in the doorway. "W-what are you doing?" I squeaked.

      "Did you finish your paper?"

      I tried desperately to remember which part of the story I had left on
      screen, but I wasn't sure. The look of utter calm on his face wasn't
      telling me much and I walked a little closer, hoping Logan hadn't read
      anything that would be mortally embarrassing.

      "Mmmhmm," I managed to hum nervously. "Thanks for all food. It was a
      big help."

      "Sure. Are you going to be done with school soon?"

      "Yeah, just a few more weeks, unless I fail Ororo's class."

      Logan nodded and stood up, coming towards me.

      "Good, cause I was thinking you and me could get out of here for a
      while when your done."

      "You were? Oh, uh.. okay, I'd really like that."

      He stopped in front of me and leaned down, whispering in my ear.

      "We can try out some of that scarf stuff you wrote."

      My eyes widened and my heart beat a little faster, but before I could
      think of anything semi-intelligent to say Logan was gone. That stupid
      story was good for something after all.

      The rest of the week passed so slowly I thought I'd scream. On
      Friday, our English papers were returned. Remember the twentieth
      page? The one with only three lines on it? Who the hell cares,
      right? Ororo, that's who. She gave me C- and I was absolutely
      thrilled because I meant I hadn't failed the class.

      After class, I raced through the halls looking for Logan to tell him
      my good news. Rounding a corner at full speed, I nearly bowled him
      over when I didn't see him in time to stop.

      "Where's Magneto?" he asked, amused at my unrestrained energy.

      Instead of answering, I thrust my paper at him and threw my arms
      around his waist. He didn't look particularly impressed so I decided
      to help him out. "I passed, Logan! That means we can get out of here
      next week." The first real smile I had seen on Logan lit up his face.

      "Good. Let's talk about where we're going at dinner tonight, okay?"

      "Okay!" I agreed and took off at a run because I was late for my next
      class. Logan was left standing there with my paper in his hand,
      shaking his head at me.

      Well, that pretty much brings you up to date on what's been happening
      with me. Today is Friday, the last day of school and I'm fidgeting in
      my last class of the day. Did I say day? Actually, I mean my last
      class of High School, ever. Logan is upstairs in his room, packing
      and waiting for me to get out.

      We're going to Alaska for a few months and then we'll figure out what
      to do from there. I'm so excited about seeing Alaska and even more
      excited about the things Logan wants to show me. He said not to worry
      if I'm a little scared about doing sexual things. Logan promised to
      only do whatever I feel ready for and you wouldn't believe how sweet
      he is about everything. It makes me feel like I'm going to burst with
      joy because I know he isn't like that with anyone else.

      I don't think he realizes just how much I think about being with him
      in every way. Well, that's okay because I'm going to show him soon.
      I'll take it easy at first to make sure my skin isn't going to hurt
      him. After that... I want him to show me everything so we can spend
      days in bed together, leaving only to scavenge for food.

      Oh! That's the bell. High School, can't say I'll miss it. You'll
      have to excuse me. My bag is packed and sitting on the floor of
      Logan's bedroom. Logan? Oh, I'm sure he's impatiently waiting for--
      Yeah, see? He's right over there, leaning on the wall with a
      cigar hanging out of his mouth and looking like a bad boy that got
      kicked out of school. It was nice talking to you and maybe we'll see
      each other again in a few months. Don't worry about me. Goodbye.
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