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Fic: Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up........ 1/1

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  • kittenrescue
    Title: Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up.. Author: Karen Email: kittenrescue@hotmail.com Rating: R Disclaimer: Everyone gets a slice of this pie, except me.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2001
      Title: "Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up.."

      Author: Karen

      Email: kittenrescue@...

      Rating: R

      Disclaimer: Everyone gets a slice of this pie, except me.

      Archive Rights: Any site with automatic rights and the other usual places.

      Category: Simply moronic by this point.

      Feedback: Second only to ice cream

      Summary: Ororo has a few thoughts to share. Companion piece to "When Calling *Dibs* No Longer Works", "First Impressions", "Is This Covered by Blue Cross?" and "I May See Things In Red, But I'm Not Blind."

      Author's note: I know I'm totally massacring the characters in this little storyline, but if other stories can feature themes such as child abuse, spousal abuse, porno and snuff film making, pedophilia, rape, etc - I can do this. Consider this my cyber finger to all those flamers who do far worse themselves. (Nobody on this list, btw - you guys are great)

      When Logan returned from his last little *sabbatical*, he brought a whole lot of trouble back with him in the form of one cute little runaway. From the looks she and Kitty exchanged the first time they laid eyes on each other I highly doubt they're gonna be friends anytime soon, or probably ever. The adoring looks this new girl throws Logan can only spell trouble with a capital T. Her name is Rogue, although I've heard Logan address her as Marie when he thinks no one else is within earshot. They're already keeping secrets, not a good sign.

      Scott scoped her out, too. Even if his glasses hide his eyes, I could tell from the way he pursed his lips while facing in her general direction. It's his I'm-wondering-what-she-looks-like-naked expression - I've seen it in action many times. He usually finds out soon after. Despite her telepathic gift, Jean's completely oblivious to the fact that Scott intimately knows a lot of the post-pubescent girls at the mansion. If only Jean knew what really went on during those *tutoring* sessions.

      Unbeknown to Jean, Scott and I are also lovers - have been for over a year now. And no, I don't feel any guilt about it, since catching Jean screwing my then boyfriend Warren was what caused me to be in the market for a new lover in the first place. Turn about's fair play; after all, she went fishing in my pond first. Warren dumped her right after their liaison was discovered. He always did like the thrill of the hunt, but rarely stuck around after the initial novelty wore off. So I guess in a way Jean did me a favor, so I'm repaying her by keeping her fiancé happy.

      Rogue definitely appears interested in getting Logan into her bed and Jean seems willing to help her obtain that goal. Jean's been jonesing to get back at Kitty ever since Logan rebuffed her advances in favor of staying loyal to the younger woman. The battle lines have quickly being drawn, with Jubilee obviously going to side with Kitty in this little conflict. Having been the victim of relationship sabotage myself, I find I must throw my support in Kitty's direction. Of course, I realize that I run the risk of Rogue turning her attention to Scott if she gets inpatient while trying to reach her real goal. I don't think Rogue's interested in Scott for anything more than a one-night stand, so I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. The only other person I know Scott beds on a regular basis is Jubilee, but I know she doesn't have any long term plans for him and so we've reached an *understanding*. In fact, I need to find that girl. Scott's been hinting about a three-way and it's his birthday soon - Jubilee might just be willing to help me give him a birthday gift he'll remember fondly for a long time.


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