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Fic: I May See Things In Red, But I'm Not Blind. 1/1

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  • kittenrescue
    Title: I May See Things In Red, But I m Not Blind. Author: Karen Email: kittenrescue@hotmail.com Rating: R Disclaimer: Everyone gets a slice of this pie,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2001
      Title: "I May See Things In Red, But I'm Not Blind."

      Author: Karen

      Email: kittenrescue@...

      Rating: R

      Disclaimer: Everyone gets a slice of this pie, except me.

      Archive Rights: Any site with automatic rights and the other usual places.

      Category: Drama

      Feedback: Second only to ice cream

      Summary: Scott has a few thoughts to share. Companion piece to "When Calling 'Dibs' No Longer Works", "First Impressions" and "Is This Covered by Blue Cross?"

      Did I mention that I hate Logan? Well, I do. I swear that bastard is extra vocal just cause he knows the sound drifts through the vents and right into our room. It's not so bad in the summer when the air conditioning's on or the winter when the heating's on, but between seasons like now, there's nothing flowing through the vents to help muffle the sound. I really don't need to hear Logan grunting and I know it irritates Jean to hear Kitty moaning Logan's name in the throes of ecstasy. She's still smarting over the fact that while she was subtly flirting with Logan, Kitty threw herself at him shamelessly and walked away with the prize. Jean shoulda known Logan was too dense to catch her hints. A guy like him needs to be hit upside the head with something heavy, preferably a truck.

      I know people wonder why I put up with Jeannie's flirting with everything with a penis, but I have a few of my own little *distractions* that nobody knows about. Jeannie's so conceited she'd never guess I'd even look at anyone else and that works for me. The cute little thing Logan dragged home has got some possibilities I might just have to explore further. I saw the way Rogue looked at Logan, hell they all do, but Kitty's staked out her territory and she's been pretty successful in defending it so far. Anyone who tangles with her learns quickly that she's one kitty who hasn't been declawed. Jean mentioned something about Rogue's crush on Logan and offering to help her. It's not that she necessarily wants Rogue to have Logan either; she just wants to spite Kitty. Of course if Rogue does succeed in busting them up, I might just have to consul the fair Ms. Pryde.

      I watched Rogue and Logan in the gym. I gotta give her points for effort. The outfit she wears for their daily combat lesson certainly has his attention. Unfortunately, he rushes off to exorcise all that built up excitement with Kitty; which I'm sure is not exactly what Rogue had in mind. But, you gotta give Logan brownie points for trying to stay faithful; it's a first for him. Watching Rogue in that outfit, I'm starting to wonder if I can make her one of my *special* friends. She glanced my way and gave me a real seductive little smile. Yeah, there's definitely some potential there. I may just have to play Christopher Columbus and beat Logan to the punch in exploring the uncharted territory that is Rogue.


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