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Fic: Dear Marie: 1/1: Unspoken RR #41

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  • Pollyanna
    Title: Dear Marie Author: Pollyanna Email: pollyanna@tifling.demon.co.uk Rating: PG Characters: Magneto, Rogue Summary: Magneto feels compelled to be honest.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2001
      Title: Dear Marie
      Author: Pollyanna
      Email: pollyanna@...
      Rating: PG
      Characters: Magneto, Rogue
      Summary: Magneto feels compelled to be honest.

      Notes: Okayyyy, got the hang of this now. All I need to do to keep up
      with the RR is write a section that can be completely ignored!
      Chronologically I thought it would arrive sometime after Victoria's
      The Bargain. However the sender might not have sent this, or the
      recipient received it, or if she did, she could have torn it up the
      moment she realised who it was from. Of course, if anyone wants to
      take any ideas from here and run like a loon with them - feel free *g*


      Dear Marie,

      I hope you'll forgive my presumption at using your first
      name, but I'm sure you'll agree that to be formal after such intimacy
      would have been hypocritical. It would also be hypocrisy to say that I
      am sorry, to say nothing of useless since you are completely aware
      that I had every intention of killing you. However you must also be
      aware of my regrets at the necessity, so you may not find it too
      difficult to believe that I was relieved to hear you had survived. My
      failure may have cost my brother mutants dearly, but you are
      unscathed, if not unmarked, by the experience.

      If you have deigned to read this far you may be wondering why I chose
      to write to you but there is something almost seductive about being
      known so well. (It's what makes telepaths such attractive lovers - to
      be known and yet still loved is the greatest affirmation of worth one
      can find.) I feel our connection gives me a freedom to speak to you
      without artifice and that you will be able to recognise my honesty.
      Since you were otherwise distracted at the time of your rescue, and
      your friends may have avoided speaking of it to spare you distress, I
      thought you would appreciate a description of the proceedings.

      I admit I underestimated the X-Men. I thought my compatriots would be
      able to defeat them or, at the very least, contain them to the lower
      levels until the machine had done its work. However they managed to
      battle their way to the torch leaving poor Mortimer and Mystique as
      casualties behind them. At that point I had to intercede and restrain
      Scott, Ororo and Wolverine with metal. I hope you will note, my dear,
      that I didn't kill them although this would have been the safest
      option. You have only to review my memories to know that I don't
      believe in needless deaths. I thought it wise to remove Scott's visor
      since I thought his desperation to reach his fiancee might cause him
      to be a little reckless. I must admit I hadn't anticipated Wolverine's
      eagerness to help someone he barely knew. Who would have thought him
      such a team member? But he and Sabertooth were evenly matched. (They
      are similar in so many ways; one might almost use the term brothers.)
      My plan might still have had time to succeed if it hadn't been for the
      intervention of the doctor. I presume she must be a new recruit since
      I was unaware of her existence. Probably she was brought along for her
      medical expertise and left behind on the jet but decided to follow the
      others. Although I didn't see exactly what happened next, Wolverine
      seems to have relieved Sabertooth of the visor and then directed
      Jeannie to use her telekinesis to float it in front of Scott's eyes.
      They must have worked together often for Scott to be able to trust her
      so implicitly.

      Alas, Victor is invulnerable but not impervious to Scott's beams, so
      that was the turning point. They were able to free themselves while I
      was occupied. I was a little surprised that they chose Wolverine to
      rescue you rather than Scott. Please don't take that as a criticism of
      your fiance, Marie, I'm sure he made what he thought was the best
      decision. After all, if Wolverine had not been the one closest to you,
      he would not have been able to give you his healing powers. As to why
      he was willing to risk death for you, well, you are in the best
      position to answer that. So you are now safe in the arms of your
      fiance and I am safe in this plastic cage. The vagaries of fortune.

      I hope this small note has made things a little clearer for you.
      Perhaps you might feel generous enough to reply to it, or even to
      visit me. I would ask you to pass on my love to Charles but given the
      nature of your power I'm sure you have already. Hopefully not in front
      of the children.

      Yours fraternally

      Erik Magnus Lensherr

      THE END

      Cheers Pollyanna

      "A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will
      annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."
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