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FIC: Return of the Easter Bunny 2/2

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Title: Return of the Easter Bunny 2/2 Author: Autumn E-mail: eddievedderismylife@hotmail.com Disclaimer: Jesus owns Easter, I own Walt, and Marvel owns the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2001
      Title: Return of the Easter Bunny 2/2

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: eddievedderismylife@...

      Disclaimer: Jesus owns Easter, I own Walt, and Marvel owns the rest.

      Beta: Karen, thanks. The spelling errors belong to her. Hehehe.

      Rating: PG-13 for language.

      Author's Notes: Again, I am stealing from myself. (If you would like to
      read the orriginal, please e-mail me and I'll hook ya up). This is the
      second part of my "Easter Bunny" series.


      Logan was in hell, complete and utter hell. He was
      surrounded by sickeningly bright colored paper, streamers, and ribbons. A
      long line of screaming, whining kids was waiting to sit on his lap. He
      grumbled to himself and tried to concentrate on more pleasant matters. For
      instance, Marie.

      The one good thing in this mess was that he got to see a lot of Marie. She
      was dressed in a cute, yellow chick outfit. Her job was to arrange the kids
      on Logan's lap for pictures. This had it's good and bad points. He liked
      her being so close to his lap, but the only one he really wanted on his lap
      was HER. He sighed and resigned himself to the fact that he'd have to
      content himself with the picture she presented whenever she leaned over to
      arrange some kid.
      In the back of his mind he reminded himself not to enjoy the view too much.
      The last thing he needed was to have a hard on with a bunch of kids in his

      But still, it was nice to look at the sizeable amount of thigh exposed
      whenever her costume rode up. He wondered to himself how she could look so
      sexy dressed as a God damn baby chicken! It just wasn't fair. Just as his
      own costume was getting a little too hot and tight the clock struck 12,
      which meant Logan was free for an hour to eat lunch. He walked into the
      makeshift breakroom and grabbed a plate of food to eat. The photographer
      shuffled in after him and sat
      across from him. His nametag read "Walt".

      Walt: So, how's it going, bunny man?

      Logan: It's goin'.

      Walt who had noticed the Easter bunny scoping out the chick decided to

      Walt: So that chick out there, nice piece of ass huh?

      Logan: Shut the fuck up man!

      Walt: Oh, she your girlfriend? Sorry man.

      Logan: Shut the hell up! (tensely) No.

      Walt: So, what's your problem then?

      Logan: None of your fuckin' business.

      Walt: Ok, then you won't mind if I nail her.

      Logan: Touch her and die.

      Walt chuckled to himself as he regarded the younger looking man. He could
      spot denial a mile away.

      Walt: Admit it man, you're hot for her.

      Logan pounded his fist angrily against the table. Was it that obvious? He
      didn't have time to contemplate the situation anymore as Rogue walked into
      the room.

      Rogue: (brightly) Hi Logan! Hi Walt.

      Walt: Hey Rogue, (jerking his thumb in Logan's direction) nice friend ya
      got here.

      Rogue: (gushing) I know! Isn't he sweet?

      Logan struggled to hide the grin from his lips, but ended up burying his
      face in his hands while groaning.

      Rogue: (to Walt) He thinks that being called "sweet" is an insult to his
      manhood or something. But he really is. Oh! I left my lunch out there,
      I'll be right back.

      She scampered out of the room and Walt grinned at Logan.

      Walt: She likes you man.

      Logan: Naw, she doesn't. What would she see in a guy like me?

      Walt: Well for one thing, (mimicking Rogue) you're super sweet!

      Logan chuckled in spite of himself and an idea dawned on Walt. He grabbed
      the third chair from the table and hid it behind a corner. Logan looked at
      him with a puzzled statement, but figured Walt would explain.

      Rogue reentered the room and strode towards the table.

      Rogue: Where'd the chair go?

      Walt: Uh, chair, what chair? If you wanna sit down, hop on honey! He said
      as he patted his knee.

      Logan: Forget it! Marie, you can sit on MY lap.

      Rogue walked over to Logan and Walt made his exit He took his chair with
      him to ensure his plan would work. Rogue sat down on Logan's lap and opened
      her lunch.

      Rogue: Thank you, Logan.

      Logan: No problem. Besides, you wouldn't really want to sit in some strange
      guy's lap would you?

      Rogue: No. I only want to sit on your lap.

      Logan: (quirking an eyebrow) Oh really?

      Rogue: (craning her neck back to look at him) Yes. It's very warm and

      Logan: (breathily) I'm glad you approve.

      Their eyes lock and they move toward each other's lips, meeting in a tender
      kiss. They break away, both looking stunned. They broke apart and were
      content just to sit and enjoy each other's company. Rogue sighed contently
      and snuggled into his chest, as Logan happily wrapped his arms around her.

      Walt walked past the breakroom to steal a look at the new couple. Upon
      seeing the bunny and the chick, he smiled and said to himself, "Yep, I do
      good work."

      Lunch ended and Logan the Easter Bunny returned to work. The afternoon
      seemed to pass quickly and Logan found himself genuinely smiling.


      4 Hours later.....

      An exhausted Marie reclaimed her seat on Logan's lap.

      Logan: Wow, being a cute chick all day must be hard.

      Rogue:: Unlike some people, I didn't get to sit in a chair all day.

      Logan chuckled and hugged her closer. Which is how Ororo, Scott and Remy
      found them.

      Ororo: Oh, look at the little snuggle bunny!

      Scott: Yeah, what a wuss!

      Rogue: Shut up Remyl! He's MY snuggle bunny!

      Ororo: They do make a cute couple, all furry and cuddly! Kind of like
      Rogue's stuffed animals!

      Logan: I am not a stuffed fuckin' animal! In fact I want you to- His
      ranting was abruptly cut off as Marie engaged his mouth in a hot, hungry

      Scott: Yeah, Logan's right they look like two WILD animals.

      Logan: Hey dick, how about some privacy you perv?

      Remy: Oh, Remy do not mind being mon perv.

      Ororo: Well, turn around Remy or Logan will probably kick your ass, gut you
      or both.

      Scott: Yeah, if you keep drooling over Marie, he'll beat you down.

      Ororo: Scott, he'll do the same thing to you.

      Scott: Nu uh.

      Ororo: God you're dumb.

      Logan and Rogue eventually broke apart to breath and merrily left with the
      gang. The Easter Bunny and the Chick lived happily ever after in a magical
      fairy land with unicorns and leprechauns.

      THE END


      "The Sweeter the sin, the bitter the taste, in my mouth."-U2

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      - Empire Records

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