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Fic: Seeing the sites and Getting into fights/ Series:Cutting Loose Part #5

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  • banime78@aol.com
    Okay I know it s been awhile since I posted a part of this story so for anyone who has forgotten what s going on or for anyone who is interested by this part
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2001
      Okay I know it's been awhile since I posted a part of this story so
      for anyone who has forgotten what's going on or for anyone who is interested
      by this part but have not read any of the others it's all here <A HREF="http://www.100megspop2.com/cyclops/index.html">X-men Hero:
      Cyclops- Scott Summers Fan Fic Heaven</A>. Just go to the Scott/Rogue section and
      it's all there <G> . If you don't go there for my stuff go there because it
      is a cool site owned by the wonderful Nadja Lee.

      Title: Seeing the sites and Getting into fights
      Author: Bani
      Email: banime78@...
      Series: Cutting Loose # 5
      Rating: PG-15 for some violence
      Summary: Scott and Rogue check out the sites in
      Georgia and Florida, then run into a situation were
      Scott can't help but intervene.
      Pairing: S/R
      A/N: I wasn't even going to write this part. I had
      already finished the rest of the series. But then this
      part came to me and I had to write it and then I had to
      go back and re-do the rest of the series so that this
      part fit in. (sigh) The trouble my muse gets me into.
      Archive: If you want it give me your site addy and I'll
      say yes.
      Dedication: To Nadja because I was thinking of how
      much she loves Hero Scott while I was writing this
      and got my inspiration from that.
      Feedback: Is always welcome and replied to.

      The previous night had been so much fun
      Rogue couldn't believe it had been real. Scott had
      been so relaxed and at ease. She wished he could be
      that way all the time. She was tempted to suggest they
      go dancing again, but she wanted him all to herself.

      So, she had asked him if he would like to
      drive around and see the sights. And that was what
      they were doing. They had stopped at some of the
      local tourist attractions and had a laugh. There wasn't
      much in the area to hold their interest so they drove

      They stopped here and there whenever one of
      them saw something of interest. All in all, it was just
      a lazy morning drive. They were in no particular
      hurry to get anywhere. In fact, they had no destination
      at all in mind for this trip. Relaxing and being alone
      together were their only goals.

      They stopped for lunch at a cafe in Pensacola,
      Florida. It was a rustic little place. The tables were
      actually slices of log with the bark still on the outside.
      While they were waiting for their orders to arrive,
      they amused themselves by counting the trees inner
      rings to see how old it had been.

      They ate in a comfortable silence looking out
      the window at the scenery. That is, when they weren't
      gazing into each other's eyes. Rogue couldn't believe
      she was doing something so dopey. Next thing you
      know girl you'll be giving each other pet names.

      Rogue made a face at that thought and Scott
      asked. "What put that look on your face honey." Oh
      no she thought. It's already begun and I didn't even
      realize it.

      She laughed so hard then that the other diners
      in the cafe looked over at their table. Scott's look of
      confusion didn't help her to calm down any either.
      She finally got herself under control and whipped
      away the tears of laughter.

      Scott was now frowning at her and she had to
      suppress a grin. "It's nothing sugah really. Ah just
      was feeling silly. Ah guess Ah didn't get enough
      sleep last night."

      Scott smiled at her. "I didn't thank you
      properly for last night did I?"

      "Know that ya mention it Ah don't think ya
      did." Rogue said grinning wickedly.

      "Well then why don't I just remedy that now."
      Scott leaned forward and pulled her scarf up to give
      her a kiss.

      Rogue closed her eyes and savored the warm
      feel of his lips through the silk. It was frustrating to
      have any kind of barrier between them even when it
      was such a thin one. The kiss ended to soon for her
      taste. However, they were in public after all and Scott
      was not one for big shows of PDA*.

      She admired Scott for his principles but she
      would pay good money to know why he thought he
      had to keep such a tight rein on his actions. She had
      thought that it was being with Jean that had made him
      so uptight but now she knew that was not true.

      It would have been so much easier if it had
      been Jean's influence on him. Being away from Jean
      would have taken care of the problem. And she
      wouldn't have to work so hard to get him to loosen
      up. She was just going to have to get him to tell her
      the reason for his self-restraint.

      She was thinking on a strategy when a child
      cried out in pain from across the cafe. Scott was out
      of the booth and headed toward the table where the
      child was before she could even blink an eye. She
      hurriedly scooted out of the booth and followed him.

      Scott stopped at a table where a man was
      leaning over a huddled child. Milk ran off the top of
      the table to splatter in a puddle on the ground. The
      man was breathing hard and trembling. Rogue
      couldn't for the life of her figure out what was going

      But apparently, Scott knew. He tapped the
      man on the shoulder and asked. "What seems to be
      the problem sir?" The man whirled around and glared
      at Scott.

      "Mind yer own God Damn business." He
      grabbed the kid by the arm then and made as if to
      leave. But Scott stood in his way.

      "I think maybe I'll just make it my business if
      you don't mind." Scott said.

      "Yu'll move outta the way if'n ya know
      what's good fer ya boy." The man growled. He
      towered over Scott. Not an easy feat since Scott is

      Rogue grabbed Scott's arm. "He's right Scott
      it ain't none of our business. Just let it go." She tried
      to tug Scott away but he wouldn't budge.

      "Better listen ta yer girlfriend pretty boy and
      let it go. 'Cause it ain't none'a yer business." The
      man said

      At that, Scott pulled away from Rogue and
      said. "I'm not going to let you walk out of here and
      hit that kid again. There is no way in hell I'm gonna
      let that happen." His voice was like cold steel.

      The man's face got beet red and he must have
      squeezed the kid's arm because the kid whimpered.
      Scott got right in the man's face and said. "Outside
      now. Just you and me. We'll settle this like men. If
      you want to hurt someone you can hurt me and not
      your kid."

      Rogue could understand his wanting to protect
      the kid but he was probably only making things worse
      by getting in a fight with the man. But Scott didn't
      seem to be thinking of the consequences of his
      actions. And that was confusing to her. He never went
      head long into any situation. This wasn't like the
      Scott she knew.

      The man snorted his contempt. "Ya want ta
      fight. Fine ain't no sweat of my nose." He shoved the
      kid toward the door and told him to wait in the car.
      Then he followed the boy outside.

      "Scott please don't do this. It won't help the
      situation any. He'll probably just take the kid home
      and beat him more if ya fight with him. Let's just
      leave before we make it worse." Rogue pleaded with

      Scott turned to look at her. His mouth was set
      at a determined angle. She recognized it as the look
      he got when he was getting ready for a mission. "I
      can't let this go Marie. You don't understand. I have
      to do something. I can't just do nothing. Don't ask me
      to." The stark anguish in his voice belied the calm
      determination on his face.

      If anything Rogue was even more confused
      than before. "Explain it ta me then Scott. Help me ta
      understand." She said.

      "I can't, not right now. Just stay in here where
      you'll be safe." He said before striding outside.

      Well there was no way she was going to stay
      inside while he was outside getting pounded. She
      went outside and was just in time to see the man
      throw the first punch. Scott ducked it and rammed his
      own fist into the man's side. The man grunted and
      shoved Scott away from him.

      "Lucky punch asshole. Ya ain't gonna be so
      lucky next time." The man said before lunging at
      Scott. Scott didn't move out of the way in time and
      they fell to the ground in a heap.

      For a brief second Rogue experienced deja vu
      as she remembered Logan and Scott rolling around on
      the ground only days before. She winced as she
      remembered all the varied injuries Scott had from that
      fight and from the incident at her house. No doubt he
      would be one big walking bruise after this.

      The two men rolled on the ground kicking up
      a dust cloud. Scott broke away and sprang to his feet.
      The other man was slower getting up. Rogue thought
      it was because he was hurt but was proved wrong as
      he swung his leg out and swept Scott's feet out from
      under him. The man got up and kicked Scott before
      he could get back up.

      Rogue wanted to help Scott but was afraid of
      what might happen if the man were to accidentally
      touch her skin. So, she watched in horror as the man
      raised his foot up and brought it down, aiming for
      Scott's face.

      Scott raised his hands and grabbed the man's
      foot twisting it so that the man fell to the ground
      beside him. Scott held a hand to his side as he got up
      again. He backed away from the other man. The man
      rolled over until he was on all fours and raised his
      face to look at Scott.

      Rogue could see the rage plain in his eyes. It
      was a murderous look and she was suddenly really
      scared for Scott. The man reached into his boot and
      Scott raised his hand to his glasses. "I wouldn't do
      that if I were you." Scott said calmly.

      "Oh yeah. What ya gonna do pretty boy throw
      yer glasses at me." The man pulled out a bowie knife
      and held it in an under handgrip as he rose from the

      Seeing that it was a bowie knife and not fit to
      throw Scott relaxed. Rogue did not. The knife was
      wicked looking and she could tell that the man knew
      how to use it. He advanced on Scott and the two men
      began circling each other slowly.

      Scott faked to the right and then went left as
      the man lunged forward. Scott brought his arm up
      straight aiming for the man's neck but the man
      whirled away and swiped at Scott with the knife.

      Scott was able to move out of the way in time
      but the knife had sliced through his shirt. "Come on
      boy. Come at me again. Ah'm gonna put ya in a
      world'a pain." He dove at Scott again. But wasn't
      quick enough.

      Rogue could hear the murmur of voices
      behind her but couldn't tear her eyes away from the
      scene before her. Someone put their hand on her
      shoulder and she almost jumped out of her skin. She
      turned to see the waitress who had served them
      behind her. The woman's face was kind as she said.
      "Ah called the police child. They should be here any
      moment. Yah man is a good fighter he'll be okay."
      The woman patted her shoulder and then shooed the
      other people back into the cafe.

      There was a cry of pain behind her and Rogue
      turned back around to see Scott clutching at his face.
      She was by his side before she had even made a
      conscious decision to move. She stood in front of him
      and glared at the man trying to conceal her fright.

      "That's enough. Ya have an unfair advantage.
      Just leave now. This fight is over." She tried to put as
      much steel into her voice as she could. But by the
      man's smirk she knew it hadn't been enough.

      "Oh no girly. Ah'm just getting started." He
      came forward and Scott shoved her out of the way.

      "He kicked me in the face and my glasses flew
      off. Find them Marie quick." Scott said. And she
      realized then that he had probably been covering his
      face more to stop from blowing a hole in the guy than
      from pain.

      Rogue scrambled around on the ground until
      she saw the glasses under a car. She reached under the
      car but she couldn't get to them. She felt someone
      beside her and looked up into the scared face of the
      little boy.

      "Can you help me get Scott's glasses please?
      Your daddy is gonna hurt him if Ah can't get Scott's
      glasses so he can see." Marie explained trying to stay
      calm even as she heard Scott gasp in pain.

      The little boy looked toward his father then
      dropped to the ground and shinnied under the car. He
      came out on the other side and hurried around to hand
      the glasses to Rogue. "Thank-ya. Yah a brave boy."
      She squeezed his shoulder.

      Turning back around to the fight she saw that
      Scott had managed to evade the man's knife even
      though he could not see. She moved toward them
      carefully. "Ah found yah glasses Scott." Scott moved
      backward towards her but didn't turn around.

      "Why don't ya open yer eyes boy? Ya afraid
      of the sight of me? Do Ah terrify ya?" The man
      snickered as if he had just said something witty.

      Scott ignored him and kept backing up. Rogue
      moved forward and slipped his glasses on him just as
      the man ran forward. There was a loud cracking
      sound and a bullet hit the ground mere inches from
      the other man.

      "That's enough Burt. Ah think ya've caused
      enough grief for one day." They all turned toward the
      sound of the voice to see a little old man holding a
      gun pointed at the man named Burt.

      "Mel ya just stay outta this. This is between
      me and the pretty boy." Burt said.

      "No, Ah ain't gonna stay outta this. That boy
      did what Ah've been wanting to do for years. He
      stepped in ta stop ya from hurting Junior. Now yer
      gonna stay put here and wait fer the sheriff and then
      yer gonna get put in jail where ya belong. Then
      maybe Cheryl and Junior kin be free of ya." The little
      old man grinned.

      The sound of a police siren wailed in the
      distance and Scott said. "I'd put that knife up before
      they get here if I were you. I heard southern police
      shot first and ask questions later." Burt growled and
      lunged at Scott.

      The knife sliced threw the air. There was
      another gun shot but it missed it's target. Scott dove
      at Burt's waist. They both went down and Scott
      pulled back his fist and slammed it hard into Burt's
      jaw. Rogue heard the crunch as bone met bone
      through the thin layers of flesh and muscle.

      Scott got up and came to her wrapping her up
      in his arms. She snuggled against him and they waited
      for the police to come. Mel had some of the men in
      the cafe tie Burt up and then he stood over him with
      the gun pointed straight at Burt's groin.

      When the police arrived, Scott told them what
      had happened and everyone at the cafe corroborated
      his story. The Sheriff handcuffed Burt who was still
      unconscious. And as they left, the Sheriff and his
      deputies tipped their hats to Scott. Scott nodded his
      thanks and they drove off.

      Junior was being held by the waitress who had
      called the police and as Scott and Rogue made their
      way towards him the crowd from the cafe cheered.
      Scott smiled but Rogue could tell it was forced. He
      was worried about the boy who looked as if he was
      trying to burrow into the waitress.

      "Hey there Junior. I don't think we've been
      properly introduced. My name's Scott." He held his
      hand out to the boy and Junior stared at it a minute
      before putting his own hand in Scott's. "I want to
      thank-you for getting my glasses for me when Marie
      couldn't. That was a very brave thing for you to do."
      He shook Junior's hand firmly before letting go.

      Rogue could see some nameless emotion pass
      over Scott's face as Junior's eyes filled with tears.
      She wished she knew what this whole incident had
      been about. However, she knew Scott wouldn't tell
      her just yet. So, she would have to be patient. That
      was one thing she had never been very good at.

      They hung around until Junior's mother
      showed up. Scott talked to her about programs for
      battered women and their children. Rogue was
      amazed by how much he knew on the subject. She
      wondered if he had any personal experience with such
      things. That would explain his fierce need to help the

      However, she realized that her questions
      would have to wait for later. She took Scott to the
      local hospital and they patched him up. He had added
      five more stitches and a slight concussion to his list of
      previous injuries.

      The doctor told her not to let Scott fall asleep
      for eight hours and then he was to be woken up ever
      two hours after that for the next eight hours. So, when
      they pulled into a local motel that night she only got
      one room.

      Scott was in no mood to argue in fact he had
      not said more than six words to her since the hospital.
      She wasn't worried about him being mad at her; she
      could see that he was far away from her caught up in
      his own head.

      She watched him and talked to him. And when
      it was okay for him to go to sleep, she curled up next
      to him on the edge of the bed and watched his face as
      he slept. He looked so much younger without his
      glasses on. His face was relaxed and boyish.

      She set her watch to wake her up in two hours
      so she could check on Scott then she fell asleep. She
      was woken up later not by her watch but by Scott as
      he whimpered in his sleep. He was moving restlessly
      around on the bed and it reminded her vaguely of the
      time she had tried to wake Logan from one of his

      She winced at the memory. Not the best thing
      to remember at a time like this. Besides Scott didn't
      have nine-inch adamantium claws she told herself.
      She reached over to wake him up before she realized
      that he may not have claws but he did have
      uncontrollable optic blasts.

      She settled for rubbing his back with her silk-
      gloved hands. After awhile her arms got tired and she
      ended up wrapping them around his waist. Scott
      grabbed her arms and held them tightly to his body.
      She was extremely grateful that she had wrapped
      herself up so thoroughly before climbing into bed
      with him.

      Scott snuggled himself back against her and
      she soon found herself comfortably spooned behind
      him. She would much rather have been in front but
      this was good too. Besides he had calmed down
      finally and there was no way she was gonna wake
      him up.

      Rogue fell back to sleep wondering if now
      that she was sleeping in the same bed with Scott did
      that make this a real relationship.
      Okay umm... the next part should be out by
      Friday and the rest of the series should be posted by
      next week at the latest I hope.

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