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FIC: Defection 7/7

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  • Autumn
    Disclaimer in part 1 Picks up where #6 left off.... =================================================================== The X-Mansion, Logan s room.........
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2001
      Disclaimer in part 1

      Picks up where #6 left off....

      The X-Mansion, Logan's room.........

      Marie tossed restlessly, and moaned. No matter where she
      went Eric was right behind her. He had finished with Logan and was
      coming after her. Just as he reached her she bolted upright and let
      out a bloodcurdling scream. She was drenched in sweat and trembling
      from the aftereffects of the nightmare. The room was dark and she
      didn't know where she was. A soothing hand on her cheek let her know
      she wasn't alone. Logan was with her.
      This was the first time she'd been conscious since the events
      of the night. Marie hadn't had a chance to fully process what had
      happened and it hit her for the first time. Three people had died
      tonight. Logan had killed Sabertooth, Cyclops had killed her mother,
      and she had killed her father. Her parents were dead, and she had
      caused one of those deaths. Rage, guilt, sadness, joy, and a sense
      of freedom flooded her system. It was too much at once and she was
      Knowing exactly what she needed Logan pulled her into his lap
      and cradled her as sobs wracked her small frame. They stayed that
      way for hours. She clutched onto him in a grip that would have
      bruised anyone else and he whispered soothing words of comfort as he
      stroked her hair. He held her to him long after she'd fallen
      asleep. He thanked a deity that he'd never believed in till now that
      this extraordinary young woman had been allowed to live. He
      unconsciously gathered her closer to him as he thought about how
      close he'd come to loosing her tonight. Logan sighed and carefully
      lay back onto the bed. He arranged himself around Marie and fell
      into a contented sleep.

      Logan slipped from his room at about noon the next day. The
      other members of the team were all still sleeping or attending to the
      other members of the team. Ororo was in the infirmary recovering
      from the surgery Jean had performed on her to dig the bullet out of
      her leg. After treating everyone else, an exhausted Jean Grey had
      finally retired for some well-deserved sleep. Scott Summers was
      currently briefing the entire school on what had happened. Logan
      slipped into the auditorium just as the X-men leader got around to
      talking about Rogue.
      " As you may or may not know, Magneto and Mystique had a
      daughter. She's known as Rogue and may be staying here for awhile.
      It's important to understand that she lost all of her family, and
      saved one of our team members. Treat her with respect, and disregard
      the fact that she was with the Brotherhood. The important thing is
      she is here now and safe."
      Logan had to admit Scott had handled the situation better
      than he could have. Of course Logan would have just said something
      like "if ya fuck with Rogue, you'll get a chest full of metal" or
      something to that extent. Logan shook himself out of that still-
      tempting thought and refocused on why he came downstairs in the first

      Marie woke up when Logan opened the door, armed with a
      steaming bowl of tomato soup. "Thought you might be hungry," he said
      as he set the bowl down on the night table by his bed.
      A ghost of a smile flitted across her face at his kind
      gesture. Logan sat down on the bed by her. "Why'd you do it?"
      She sighed, "I don't know. He was going to hurt you, and I
      just couldn't let him do that" she said and looked up into his
      face, "why did you kill Victor?"
      "Same reason. 'Cept, I've always hated that guy. What he
      said he was gonna do to you, that was it. The bastard had to die,"
      he said as he stretched his arm across her shoulders.
      Rogue nodded and ate her soup, while Logan was content to
      just listen to the relaxed rhythm of her breathing. After she'd
      finished he pulled her up. "Come on, Chuck wants to see ya."

      Marie entered the Professor's office with a tight grip on
      Logan's hand. She knew he wasn't a bad guy, but after growing up
      hearing he was `the enemy', she was still a little nervous. Logan
      turned to leave and she pulled him back "please?" she asked him,
      knowing he'd understand what she meant. Logan nodded and sat down in
      one of the chairs across from the professor's desk.
      Charles sensed the bond between the two. It made him smile
      and hope that these two lonely people could come together and
      complete each other. He had wanted to speak with the girl alone, but
      noticed the slightly panicked look in her eyes and knew Logan
      wouldn't leave her. It amused him that this generally reserved man
      had been hovering over their guest in the same way that Scott did
      with Jean.
      "Welcome Rogue. I'm Charles Xavier, but I'm sure you already
      know that" he spoke in a soft voice. "I realize you lost your entire
      family yesterday, and I am sorry for your loss. I would like to
      offer you a home here."

      "Thank you" the girl said in a voice barely above a whisper.

      "You're most welcome my dear. Now, I understand that you've
      recently absorbed another personality?"
      Marie hung her head in shame, and tears began rolling down
      her cheeks. Logan switched his hands around, so he could stretch his
      left arm around her shoulders, while keeping a hold on her right
      hand. He bent his mouth to her head; it broke his previously
      impregnable heart to see this young woman crying. It tore him up
      inside. He shot a sharp glare at Xavier for making Marie cry.
      The Professor was amused by the gruff man's sudden hostility;
      he was able to keep the smile from his lips, but not his eyes. Logan
      saw it, and slid his middle claw out in the classic "fuck-off"
      gesture. Xavier silently chuckled but grew solemn as he wheeled
      around to the left side of the girl. He lightly took her hand that
      wasn't clutched in Logan's grasp, and pulled it to his lips.
      "My dear girl, you have done absolutely nothing wrong. Why,
      if it weren't for you, the lunk of a man sitting next to you wouldn't
      be here. I speak for the entire team of X-Men, and Logan especially
      when I say that I'd be honored if you choose to stay here with us.
      You may even join the team sometime in the future, if you'd like." He
      affectionately told her before placing a gentle kiss on her palm.
      Logan stroked her back and made gentle shushing noises, as
      Xavier continued to lightly massage her palm. Eventually the sobbing
      subsided, and Marie lifted her tear stained face.
      " Why are you being so nice to me? You know better than
      anyone else what I am!" she exclaimed, part bewildered and part
      hopeful. Bewildered that genuine kindness wasn't the made up fairy
      tale her parents had always told her it was. And hopeful that for
      the first time in her young life, an offer was being made without a
      hidden agenda.

      " Cause you're worth it darlin" Logan whispered against her

      "I realize this is all quite a bit to think about Rogue, and
      I don't expect a decision from you right away. However, you are most
      welcome to stay for however long you choose. I believe there is a
      room available right next to Logan."

      Logan whipped his head up long enough to shoot Chuck an evil
      glare before turning back to Marie, " You can stay with me , ya
      know, if ya wanna."

      "Logan." Charles said, in a warning tone.

      "Fine, you can stay in the room next to me. Then if ya
      wanna, you can move in with me later" he told her softly.

      "Logan, why don't you take Rogue to her quarters so she can
      get settled?"

      He nodded and stood up with his arm still around her
      shoulders and steered her towards the door.

      " Thank you professor, for everything" the shy girl said over
      her shoulder.

      As she walked down the hallway with Logan, a plethora of
      emotions washed over her. She was surrounded by people who were
      genuinely nice, it felt different and strange, but in a good way. To
      her right was a man that had nearly given his life in saving hers.
      To her, he emanated love and protection. But mostly, in the wide
      halls of Xavier's Marie Lensher felt something foreign and wonderful,
      she felt like she was finally home.
      She knew she could survive anything life choose to throw at
      her, especially with Logan at her side. It was a good feeling; one
      that she was sure would last a lifetime.
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