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Fic: Defection 6/7 NC-17

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  • Autumn
    Disclaimer in part 1 Rating: NC-17 FOR VIOLENCE. Summary: Nearing the end........ Author s Notes: Again thanks to and Karen for all the help. ( ) are Carrol s
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2001
      Disclaimer in part 1

      Rating: NC-17 FOR VIOLENCE.

      Summary: Nearing the end........

      Author's Notes: Again thanks to and Karen for all the help.

      ( ) are Carrol's thoughts

      ** are Marie's thoughts


      As the tension between Sabertooth and Wolverine mounted,
      Marie felt the other woman in her head stir up.

      ( Hey Marie. How ya hanging in there?)

      *I'd be a lot better if I wasn't on the shoulder of some
      sicko that wants to rape me.*

      ( So, let's get you somewhere else then.)

      *How, you don't happen to be a teleporter as well by any chance? *

      ( No, but I can show you how to stun Creed long enough to get

      *Creed's the one that trained me. He'll know exactly what
      I'm doing. *

      (He ain't paying any attention to you. Now bunch your fists
      up together, and hit him in the kidneys as hard as you can.)

      Marie raised her arms and delivered a powerful blow to
      Creed's lower back . His knees buckled and his grip on Marie
      slipped. It was all Jean needed to telekinetically pull the girl
      back towards the X-Men. Sabertooth pushed past Wolverine and lunged
      after the X-trio. Logan quickly recovered and plunged his claws into
      the bigger man's shoulder. "Not so fast bub."

      Sabertooth howled in rage and pain. He turned to face his
      opponent. "For that runt, I'm gonna rip up that little girly extra
      good now. She ain't had a man before, so she'll be nice and tight."

      A red haze of pure anger clouded Logan's mind and he charged
      into Creed and slashed his stomach until the innards were exposed.
      Creed returned the favor and dug his claws into Logan's left thigh.
      He twisted the claws around and retracted his hand, with some meat
      atached to it.
      Logan growled in pain, and both mutants backed off to let
      their healing factors click in. To Logan's disgust, Creed brought up
      the hand that had recently been imbedded in his leg and sucked the
      meat on his fingers into his mouth. Sabertooth chewed on it and
      swallowed, a grin crossed his face. "Mmmm. Gives me a hankering for
      something fresh and tender. After that little bitch is dead, maybe
      I'll make a meal out of her. I've always wanted to eat something
      that I've fucked. It's not like Eric would mind. It'd save him the
      expense of buying a coffin for the little whore."
      A blind furry built itself in Logan. Creed's brutal words
      triggered something in Logan that he thought had died a long time
      ago, the need to protect someone. Marie had brought those previously
      dormant feelings to the surface, and Logan knew he'd do anything to
      keep her safe. That included killing anyone who threatened her.
      Creed seemed like a good person to start with.
      The Wolverine's bezerker rage kicked in, and with a speed
      that shouldn't belong to a man with a 300-lb. skeleton, Logan flew at
      Creed. He kicked the backs of Creed's knees until he fell to the
      ground. Yanking the man up by his hair, Logan snapped Creed's head
      back and drove the three claws of his right hand through the neck.
      He severed the head, and threw it as the body convulsed and collapsed
      on the ground. Not satisfied with that Logan plunged his claws into
      Creed's chest and ripped the still beating heart from the body. He
      threw that in the same direction of the head, and turned to check on
      his teammates.

      Storm was battling Magneto. The weather goddess was flying
      through the air and attempting to dodge metal bullets that the Eric
      sent flying at her. He eventually hit her with one, and she fell to
      the ground. As he went in for the killing blow, Marie stepped in
      front of her.

      "Get out of the way, Marie." Eric commanded.

      "No." was her answer.
      For the first time she was determined to fight for something she
      felt right doing. Storm had been one of the few who had dared to
      fight Magneto and had helped save her life. The least she could do
      was return the favor.
      "Stupid girl, you still don't understand. It's people like
      them that keep mutants from rising in the world."

      "And it's psychos like you who give mutants a bad name" she
      spit back at her father.
      As the two were arguing, Mystique slipped behind Marie and
      pressed a razor sharp blade against her throat. "You've been a very
      bad little girl Marie, and look, because of you poor Victor is

      Scott Summers and Jean Grey advanced on the two villains and
      their captive. Jean rushed to attend to Ororo's wound, while Scott
      stepped forward to attempt to protect Marie. Mystique pressed the
      knife against the girl's throat hard enough to draw a thin line of
      " Let her go Mystique." Scott commanded.

      "Oh look, it's Charles' boy scout trying to tell us what to
      do with OUR child."

      Logan approached the small standoff. His claws were out and
      his Wolverine side was in complete control. "Get your fucking hands
      off of her if you want to live."

      " My dear boy, you've given us enough trouble. Marie, say
      goodbye to your little boyfriend." Eric said and began to raise his
      hand. Logan's body rose in the air and a sickening crunch was
      Logan's howl of pain was enough motive for Marie. Not caring
      if the blade at her throat cut her, she slammed her head against her
      mother's face and broke her nose. Mystique's grip was released, and
      Marie turned to deal with her father.
      She gripped him around the throat and from shock his
      concentration on Logan was broken, and the man fell to the ground in
      an unconscious heap.
      "I'm sorry," Marie whispered before she flexed her hand.
      Mystique watched in horror, as her husband's neck was
      broken. His blue eyes clouded over as his body crumpled, his neck
      bent at an unnatural angle. She raised the knife and charged her
      daughter. Marie turned just in time to see the red light of Cyclops'
      optic bean strike her mother in the chest. It was the last thing she
      saw before the darkness overwhelmed her.
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