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Carnal Thoughts Fanfic (NC-17 PWP 1/1 secret couple)

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  • S Chester
    Title: Carnal Thoughts Author: Khylea Rating: NC-17 (graphic descriptions of sex, or at least one woman s fantasy of it) Pairing: It s a secret. You ll just
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2001
      Title: Carnal Thoughts

      Author: Khylea

      Rating: NC-17 (graphic descriptions of sex, or at least one woman's fantasy of it)

      Pairing: It's a secret. You'll just have to read it. But it's short, so you won't have to wait long to find out.

      Feedback: May be sent to sl_chester@... or if you prefer instant messaging Khylea C at AOL, or 9936242 at ICQ

      Summary: One of the women at the mansion has rather graphic fantasies about her man.

      Disclaimer: Oh hell, do I have to go through this AGAIN??? Okay, none of these characters belong to me, they belong to Marvel comics and all those stuffed suits who have problems with others playing with their toys now and then, but I'm going to anyway, so :P on you! (Damn that's a long sentence! LOL)

      Archive: I can't believe anyone would really want this little piece of trash. But if you do, please ask for permission, unless I've previously given my okay, then go for it. I pretty much say yes to everybody, but I like to know where my babies end up so I can visit them now and then.

      Author's Notes: Okay, I'm sure this really sucks, I wrote it in about 20 minutes (although I have been fantasizing about the male in this fic for MONTHS! LOL), and wrote it in the hopes it would help to break the writer's block I've been gripped with since September 11th. I apologize for subjecting anyone else to it, but I guess I just wanted some feedback on how lousy it is. :) Thanks to Erin for beta-reading. You're the greatest, but he's MINE, babe! :P

      He dropped the books down on the desk, and opened the top one. "Class, please turn to page 342. John, can you..." Suddenly he noticed the slip of paper and pulled it out, unfolding it and beginning to read. "First I'm going to push you down on the bed...." He coughed, his eyes widening as he continued reading silently.

      First I'm going to push you down on the bed, kneeling over you and devouring your mouth until you are gasping for breath. You'll look up at me, your eyes widening in astonishment as I begin unbuttoning your shirt. I run my hands up and down your chest, trailing kisses along the line of your jaw, down to your neck. Drawing my tongue down the cleft of your chest, I suckle each nipple into my mouth. You groan in pleasure as I slide lower down your body, encircling your navel with my hot, wet tongue. I sigh in delight as your hands thread though my hair.

      I reach my hands down, unbuckling your belt and sliding it off, discarding it behind me. I free you from your pants, ever so slowly unbuttoning the clasp and dragging the zipper down with my teeth. I slide the fabric down, past your hips, past your knees, off the end of the bed. Your body aches for me, your hardness growing as I gently stroke it.

      I straighten up, unbuttoning my shirt, one button at a time, then turn my back to you, slipping the garment off my shoulders. Still turned away from you, but looking back over my shoulder, I reach behind myself, releasing the clasp from my black lace bra, dropping it at the foot of the bed. You reach for me, running your fingertips down my spine. I shiver at your touch. Turning back toward you, I delight at seeing your mouth open wide in shock and appreciation as you stare at my naked breasts.

      You reach behind me and unbutton my skirt, pulling it off, then pulling me down on top of you, your hands exploring my hot skin as you gently nibble on my neck. Suddenly you have another thought and quickly rid yourself of your underwear.

      I pull myself away from you and slide down your body, taking your shaft into my hands and gently stroking the soft skin. You gasp as I take you into my mouth, gently encircling your hardness with my lips, exploring the soft skin with my tongue. "Wait." You manage to whisper. "Turn the other way." I turn to face your feet, and gasp in pleasure as your tongue finds my folds, licking and sucking at my center of pleasure.

      I manage to regain my composure and resume my attentions on you, sliding you in and out of my mouth until you are thrusting up into me. Somehow I pull away from the pleasure consuming my body at your attentions and straddle you, sliding your manhood deep into me, arching my back in delight.

      You begin moving, slowly at first, then faster as the pleasure increases. I grab your shoulders, increasing the tempo further, gasping as I feel my release fast approaching. You tense under me, and throwing your head back and groaning an almost feral growl, you reach your pleasure. I moan in delight, feeling your warm seed fill me as I too reach my peak and go hurtling over.

      Even then, I keep moving until I feel you soften inside of me. I withdraw and lay down next to you. You cradle my head against your chest, and I sigh in contentment, quickly drifting off to sleep, listening to the even rhythm of your slow breathing....

      Some of the students began to giggle, but John was the only one who said anything. "Um, are you alright? Your ears are turning red. Mr Summers, are you okay?"

      "Um...yeah, I'm fine. I...." He looked up, catching sight of a slim redhead standing outside the door at the rear of the classroom. As he watched, Jean smiled, running her hands down her sides, turning her head to the side and lazily shaking her long hair back from her face. Scott's eyes widened, shifting uncomfortably in his chair, hoping the desk hid his rapidly growing erection. It was going to be a VERY long day...


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