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FIC: Defection 5/7

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  • Autumn
    Disclaimer in part 1 There are several mental conversations here. is telepathic ** is Marie s thoughts ( ) is Carrol s thoughts
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2001
      Disclaimer in part 1

      There are several mental conversations here.

      < > is telepathic

      ** is Marie's thoughts

      ( ) is Carrol's thoughts


      Sabertooth dropped the girl in the hollow chamber of Eric's
      machine. He growled with pleasure when a moan of pain escaped her
      lips. He'd had his eye on Eric's daughter ever since he'd come to
      the Brotherhood compound under the pretense of training Eric's team.
      In his own deluded mind, he equated pain and pleasure as being
      Creed had finally received what he considered fair payment for his
      years of service, after tonight he'd take his prize and disappear.
      But first he had to find the runt to share his good fortune.
      He bound the girl's wrists and ankles with nylon rope and
      leaned over to whisper in her ear. He raked his hands up her thighs
      and dug his nails into her skin. Marie shrieked and Creed chuckled
      with glee. He bent over her tiny frame and crushed her lips
      violently to his. He bit down hard enough to draw blood, and grew
      hard at the sharp mew of agony that fell from her lips. He broke
      contact, stood up backed away from her. As he left the room he
      winked at her and threw over his shoulder " later on girly, you and
      me are gonna fuck like there ain't no tomorrow. Course for you,
      there won't be."
      The resounding, furious cry of `bastard' was heard by Eric
      and Mystique. "Looks like our little princess woke up" Eric said as
      he kissed his wife on the top of the head.
      Mystique circled her arms around her husband's waist and
      chuckled softly, Eric was wonderfully affectionate before battles.
      And afterwards, well, after a battle nobody saw them until well into
      the afternoon of the next day. One of the results of their
      activities had been the conception of Marie. Mystique still recalled
      that night with fond memories, and had always secretly hoped that
      after a battle the same thing would happen, and Marie would have a
      sibling. Eric however wasn't so keen on the idea. It was one of the
      only things they disagreed on, but she loved him anyway. She dreaded
      the day that she would inevitably loose him. Mystique always hoped
      she'd be the first one to go. It was selfish. But that's what she
      "Come on Mysti, let's go."
      The pair finished prepping the machine before going to get
      the missing piece-Marie.

      Meanwhile in the night skies.......

      Logan was furious and was currently directing his frustration
      at Jean Grey.

      " Can't you get a trace on her? What the hell kind of
      telepath are you?"

      "Logan, it's not that simple. I don't have Cerebro, and the
      girl's mind has been shielded from us by her father. I'm doing the
      best I can."

      Logan snorted, and resumed pacing.

      "Wolverine, calm down. You wearing a hole in the floor is
      not going to help anyone." The fearless leader stated.

      " I've got it. She's in a ship, and Sabertooth is in there
      with her. He's oh God, he's leaning over her and-"

      Logan's claws were out and he had a black vinyl seat
      dislodged from the plane before Jean could even finish. The other
      three occupants turned to stare at the feral man. In the years that
      they'd known him, Logan had never been so worked up over anything.
      Let alone something that had to do with a mission. Most of the time
      he was eerily Zen-like about missions. The plane landed, and Logan
      was too distracted to say anything about Scott's less-than-perfect
      If they hadn't realized it before, it hit them then. Logan
      had feelings for this Marie girl. And if his concern for her forced
      him to miss an opportunity at ribbing Scott, it must be serious. The
      team debarked and watched as Logan took off at a full run towards the
      water's edge of the Statue of Liberty. All three felt certain that
      anything standing between Logan and Marie was as good as dead.

      Marie sat in the corner of the dark cell, too pissed off to
      move and too scared to stay still. They were a volitle pair and she
      knew she could choose only one.

      ( Hey, you doing alright out there?)
      *Yeah, just trying to decide weather I should hate my father or be
      afraid of him*

      ( Ya can't do both. If I were you I'd go for door number three.)

      *And that would be? *

      ( Be pissed as hell, do some damage and leave the killing to Logan.)

      *Who's Logan? *

      (The Wolverine. He likes you ya know. And Logan doesn't "like"

      *How could he like me? I almost killed him. *

      (Almost, being the operative word. But let's get back to what to do
      with your father.)

      *He's gonna come in here, I know it. The only question is, what do I

      ( Well, that super strength of ours should kick in sometime. I
      thought it would be quicker, but I guess not. So, we'll just have to
      wait it out.)

      *Dilema's over. I'm pissed. That stupid, fucking piece of shit
      wants to kill me! And for the love of hell he's my father! *

      ( Yeah, Marie. Your family redifines the word twisted. They make
      the Addams family look `normal.')

      * Yeah, well its been fun chatting with you Carrol, but I think the
      bastard is coming in here, so I gotta concentrate on this now. *

      (Okay, good luck Marie. I'm back here if you need me.)

      The door of the Statue swung open and Eric entered followed
      closely by his blue wife. The couple walked over to their daughter
      and began loosening the bonds.
      "What the hell are you two doing?" Marie snapped.

      " Don't talk to your mother that way!" Eric yelled and
      backhanded her. Thanks to her new thick skin, Marie barely felt

      "I'll talk to you anyway I damn well want! You're going to
      kill me, and you're complaining about my manners?" She raged on.

      Both Eric and Mystique noticed the way that the bonds
      stretched tightly over her wrists. Carrol's powers of super strength
      must be kicking in. They knew that as soon as they were fully
      manifested the only person that could stop her was Sabertooth, and
      even he wouldn't last long. Reaching a decision, Mystique went off
      in search of Victor.

      "Why?" Marie asked her father, the venom obvious in her

      "For the good of our kind Marie. We need your power to
      change the world, literally."

      "Why don't you do it yourself, you gutless coward."

      "If I do it, then I die. What would your mother do? You are
      going to do this because we think with Carol's invulnerability you'll
      survive. You'll make us very proud Marie."

      "Fuck both of you. If I survive this, I swear to God I will
      kill you. You can't go around threatening people like this, and
      changing the world so it suits your own warped needs."

      "My God. You sound just like Charles. I tried to avoid
      this, but obviously there's no reasoning with you. And I lied. With
      or without Carrol's powers you will die tonight. I'll make sure of
      it." Eric finished and stormed out of the machine.

      Cyclops, Storm and Jean were in their positions. Logan was
      tracking Sabertooth and keeping an eye on the ominous ship on the
      grounds. He saw Mystique and Sabertooth enter the machine. Magneto
      was close behind. The team moved forward until they were close
      enough to hear the argument erupt from inside.

      "Victor, bring her upstairs. She's being unreasonably
      stubborn." Eric commanded.

      "No. Not until I get what I want." The hairy mutant

      " Eric, I told you to let him have at her earlier. He's not
      going anywhere until he fucks the little bitch."

      " Nobody is fucking me!" Came the girl's defiant cry.

      "Nice and feisty. I like that. Makes it all the more fun to
      break that out of you." Creed leered.

      The trio braced themselves for the oncoming battle as Logan
      walked over to the machine and ripped the door from its hinges. They
      were greeted by the site of Sabertooth with Marie Lensher slung over
      his shoulder. Logan moved quickly and shoved the three claws of his
      right hand under his foe's throat. In a voice that didn't even
      attempt to hide his rage Logan warned "Put her down bub."

      The air fell silent as the two feral mutants regarded one
      another. A hideous grin broke out on Creed's face. "Long time no
      see, runt."

      Creed gripped the girl's bottom and made his way to the

      "Move, and I'll fucking kill you." Logan said.

      Sabertooth chuckled mirthlessly. He flipped Marie over so
      she was in front of him. His left hand clutched obscenely at her
      breast and his right one pulled her head back and pressed his claws
      against her throat. "You touch me, and I'll kill her. You back off
      and the girly lives. Either way, I'll have my fun. What's it gonna
      be, hero?"
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