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FIC: Defection 4/7

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  • Autumn
    Disclaimer in part 1 Author s Notes: Picks up where part three left off. is a telepathic conversation. ( ) are Carol s thoughts. * * are Marie s thoughts.
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      Disclaimer in part 1

      Author's Notes: Picks up where part three left off.

      < > is a telepathic conversation.

      ( ) are Carol's thoughts.

      * * are Marie's thoughts.

      Thanks to: Karen for all the wonderfull suggesstions and corrections.


      Logan reached the mansion in record time. He swung his
      powerful legs off the bike and ran into the edifice. Thoughts of
      Carol swirled around in his mind, interspersed with concern for the
      lovely young girl that he'd met earlier that day. The Professor
      sensed Logan's approach and conversed with him telepathically <Logan,
      the team is dispatching in five minutes. Get changed and proceed
      straight to the jet, Cyclops will brief you on board.>

      10 minutes later the X-jet rose into the air and the X-Men
      leader left Storm to fly the plane so he could Logan. "Wolverine.
      Avenger Carol Danvers was captured and killed by Magneto. I'm sorry,
      I know you two had a long history together. It appears that Carol's
      life force was somehow absorbed into the body of another mutant. Her
      name is Marie Lensher, Magneto and Mystique's daughter. It appears
      that the girl's mutation is her ability to absorb the thoughts,
      memories, and life force of others. In the case of mutants, she also
      temporarily gets their powers. Since Carol was absorbed completely,
      we suspect the power transfer may be permanent.
      "How did you get all this?" Logan broke in.
      " Right now Carol is the more dominant personality in the
      girl's head. Professor Xavier was able to use Cerebro to locate the
      Brotherhood's location by the open channel Carol provided. He did a
      mind scan and discovered what happened. The girl was knocked
      unconscious from the inpact of the power transfer. As "Carol" flowed
      in, "Marie" became more dormant. Carol sent out a mental scream to
      the Professor and he was able to track her. We determined that
      Magneto is taking his daughter to the Statue of Liberty, and whatever
      he's trying to pull can't be anything but disastrous. So that's
      where we are at this point. Any questions?"
      Logan shook his head negatively and popped his claws in
      anger. How the fuck could someone be so twisted as to harm an
      innocent? Especially an innocent family member. It pissed him off,
      which struck him as odd since Logan didn't usually really care what
      people did to one another. But the thought of anyone harming that
      girl made his blood run cold and unleashed his more primal side. He
      spent the rest of the journey debating on the best way to decapitate
      Magneto. He wanted to inflict the maximum amount of pain without
      giving the evil mutant a chance to use Logan's metal-laced skeleton
      against him.

      Meanwhile in the Atlantic Ocean...........

      Marie hurt everywhere. Her shoulder throbbed from where the
      needle had been inserted. Her entire body was sore as the cells
      mutated to form a nearly invulnerable epidermis. She could feel the
      extra layers of skin stretching, growing, and changing everywhere.
      Most of all her head hurt. She hadn't had a headache this terrible
      since the time she had accidentally brushed up against Mortimer when
      she was six years old. Marie had inherited his powers for three
      weeks, and bits of his personality. It had been an experience that
      try as she might, she couldn't repress.
      She stilled her aching body and focused on the voices outside
      the doorway.

      "Eric, we don't know if this will work. Carol was
      invulnerable, and look what happened to her!" Marie recognized her
      mother's voice.

      " Mysti, we've been over this. The only way mankind will
      ever truly accept us is if they are us." Eric's eerily calm voice

      "Eric, it could kill her."

      "That's a chance we'll have to take. This is for the good of
      our kind Mysti. It's more important than anything else."

      Marie wanted to rage she had never hated her father so much
      as at this moment. He was willing to kill her for his own stupid
      cause? And her mother, apparantly, was just going to stand by and let
      him. There was something seriously wring with that. The phrase "you
      can't choose your family, you just deal with them" suddenly rang
      true. She suddenly snapped, she was sick of putting up with their
      warped values. No one should be expected to die for a cause they
      didn't really believe in.
      Marie struggled against the chains that held her down, but
      they were made of adamantum. The only metal that Carol couldn't
      break. Frustrated by the thought, she tried to search through the
      memories of the other woman in her head. There was nothing. A
      sudden excruciating pain washed over her as the Carol in her head
      woke up.

      (Hey kid, you doing okay?)

      * Who are you?*

      (Your new roommate. I'm gonna be with you here for awhile)

      *Shit, I killed you didn't I? *

      (Not intentionally, don't sweat it. I'm here to help you)

      *How the hell are you going to help me? You don't even exist! Well,
      except in my head. Jesus, I sound mental.*

      (Do you know who Professor Charles Xavier is?)

      *Yeah, he and my papa dearest were friends, before my dad lost it.*

      ( After this is over, you should go to him. He can help you sort
      this whole thing out, and I'll be gone.)

      *Well that's all well and good, but my fucking father is going to
      kill me.*

      (I wouldn't be too sure of that. The X-Men are on their way now.)

      * How do you know that?*

      (While you were sleeping I was busy filling the team in on what was

      *Not one for idleness I see. I think I'm gonna like having you
      around. *

      (Well don't get too use to it. But for now Marie, you're gonna need
      all the help you can get. Now here's the plan....)

      Marie was startled out of the conversation by the door
      swinging open on what she guessed was a boat and Sabertooth towering
      over her.

      "Come on girly, your father wants to kil- I mean talk to you"
      the beastly man stated.

      "Fuck you!" an irate Marie screamed.

      "Well, too bad we don't have time for that. Now get that sweet
      little ass of yours up here. Oh, fuck it, I'll just carry you. Gives
      me a better excuse to grope that fine ass of yours that way."
      Sabertooth leered.

      He pulled her up, hoisted her over his massive shoulders and
      carried her out of the boat and onto a dock. From her position Marie
      cocked her head up and noticed a large machine under a billowing
      green sheet. She felt sick as she realized what it was. It was her
      father's mutating device, and Creed was taking her right to it.
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