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Fic: Whisky in the Blood 0/8 (notes and prelude), R

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  • Shaz
    Title: Whiskey in the Blood Genre: Elseworlds, 1st person POV--Kitty, drama Author: Shaz Nolan (ladycyke@hotmail.com) Rating: R for some language, sexual
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2001
      Title: Whiskey in the Blood
      Genre: Elseworlds, 1st person POV--Kitty, drama
      Author: Shaz Nolan (ladycyke@...)
      Rating: R for some language, sexual mention and underage whiskey.
      Archive: if you've got my other stuff, put this along them (and lists, duh).
      otherwise, ask.
      Disclaimers: Bite me, I'm Irish. I don't own any of these characters, nor
      their original universe, nor the Elseworlds concept (its a DC thing. go
      DC!), but it took some raw creativity to mix everyone up and still keep some
      of what we know about the X-Men universe intact. so sot off.
      Thanks: to Jenn, Donna, the Nolan clan and Denis Leary. Not that he's
      reading this, and if he was, that'd ROCK. *g*
      Feedback: can be given, but if ye've only negativity, I invite ye to speak
      to me dear friends George Carlin and Denis Leary. they're even ruder than I
      am, and utterly more lapsed than I could dream of being.

      A/N #1: I namedrop like crazy here. If you haven't read the comics, you may
      wonder if I'm insane with all these *people* I mention as you try to take
      notes (hell, comic readers may too). Well, okay, I probably am insane, but
      that doesn't explain why I did it. Call it a fetish to show the links
      between all the characters still in canon, even after I take them on in this
      Elseworlds. Family is important, and that. So... therefore I'll prolly
      throw an appendix up on my site to give a quick ID to all the names. Ease
      the confusion, as it were. (Would it be comforting to know that I have notes
      on this story that I took for my own ref?)

      A/N #2: This piece, like anything I seem to take on that takes place in the
      past, is riddled with history. Sorry if I accidentally leave you in the
      dust-- I'm a history major (and will be 'til I cave in and finally finish
      that particular degree), so it kinda comes with the territory. No offense
      is intended to any party or group mentioned in this fic, and even though I'm
      not using ALL the vernacular that, for example, Southerners use, I'm not
      changing how society was for the sake of squeamishness. There may be some
      errors, some theological, some historical, some neither of that, but hey,
      this is fic, and they're oversights-- or intentional. This is a world with
      these characters, it's gonna be different from what history books teach
      anyways... not that one should ever take those as the final word.
      Also, no religious offense intended. There's a lot of Catholicism going on
      here, it's not meant to affront, and yes, there's tension. Without that, as
      they say, they story wouldn't be as interesting....

      A twist of time, the dabbling of history to embolden the alternate worlds
      that have never existed... and nary a character to spot that's not drawn out
      of Marvel. There are no powers here, and though some of these people are
      not connected like they are in the universe where a Senator from Florida
      named Kelly can run for president and cloning is the name of the game when
      it comes to more Sinister deeds, you have to wonder what would happen if
      they were in an Elseworld...

      Westchester, New York; 7 December 1843

      "Dearest Katherine and family,

      "I realise this will take a while to get across the sea to you, but with my
      good tidings, I hope the tardiness may be forgiven.

      "In the box enclosed you may find emigration papers for yourself, Mary
      Katherine, Margaret and Laurence, along with a note I have taken out with
      the New York branch of the Royal Bank against my lands back in Kilkenny.
      Trade it for passage on a charter to America and join me here to live in
      what I feel to be a far safer climate for you and the kits. I worry about
      the lot of you since the unfortunate passing of my brother and would like
      nothing better than to make sure his family is healthy and happy.

      "I hope to see you soon at the shore of Liberty.

      "With love,

      [cont'd in part 1]


      "To touch is to heal
      To hurt is to steal
      If you want to kiss the sky
      Better learn how to kneel" --"Mysterious Ways," U2
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