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Fic: A Little Gossip: 1/1: RR#30: Hank, Bobby

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    Okay, this isn t fine literature, but it gets things moving along. ~*~ Title: A Little Gossip Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@att.net] Summary: Bobby explains
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      Okay, this isn't fine literature, but it gets things
      moving along.


      Title: A Little Gossip
      Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@...]
      Summary: Bobby explains it all to Hank
      Series: Unspoken RR# 30
      Timeline: Concurrent with/slightly after "Confessional"
      Rating: PG
      Disclaimer: All X-Men characters belong to Marvel and
      Fox; this piece of fan-written fiction intends no
      infringement on any copyrights.
      Archive: Lists, Muse's Fool; jenn's Indulgence RR Index
      Feedback: Share the sunshine, bubele.
      Notes: So, Khaki, I believe you were going to write us
      some Hank now?

      Thanks to Jen, Pete, Dot, and Meg. And to Andariel for
      the Cosmo idea. ;)


      A Little Gossip

      Hank made his way upstairs, whistling the jaunty "Spring"
      concerto from "The Four Seasons," putting the odd noise
      he'd heard down to the local cats, which loved to wreak
      havoc whenever someone left the garage door open.

      A month in Switzerland had been rejuvenating. He'd hiked
      the Alps, stood on Mont Blanc and quoted Shelley to the
      winds, much to the amusement of his fellow mountaineers.
      By the time the conference he was speaking at rolled
      around, he was as relaxed and refreshed as he could ever
      remember being.

      And then, oh, the discoveries he presented. He thought
      perhaps -- though one didn't like to be overconfident --
      that his name would be on the short list for the Nobel
      Prize this year, joining such luminaries as Watson and
      Crick in the annals of genetics history.

      In such an exuberant frame of mind, he was prepared to
      overlook the fact that Bobby was lounging in his bed,
      eating Twinkies and watching cartoons. But he wasn't
      going to let Bobby know that.

      "Robert. What, pray tell, are you doing here, no doubt
      getting crumbs in my bed?"

      "Hank! Hankmeister! Hank-a-roonie!" Bobby jumped up and
      embraced his friend fervently. In the tumult of the past
      few weeks, Bobby had longed for Hank's even keel and keen
      sense of observation, as well as his dry wit, in helping
      pierce the layers of melodrama surrounding the mansion
      and its inhabitants.

      "It is good to see you, too, Bobby," Hank said, setting
      down his suitcase and returning the hug.

      Bobby bounced back onto the bed, acting more like eight
      than eighteen. "You wouldn't *believe* the shit that's
      gone on around here since you left, Hank!" He took Hank's
      look of friendly curiosity as permission to launch into
      the tale.

      "Miss Rogue ended her engagement with Mr. Summers," he
      began, a smug smile overtaking his face at Hank's start
      of surprise.

      "Bobby, are you sure?"

      "Yup. Though they might be getting back together. They
      were smooching in the hall a little while ago."

      "They seemed so happy when I left. Whatever could be the

      "If you'd let me tell the story, I'll get to that."



      "Yes, thank you."

      Hank sat down and accepted the golden treat as Bobby
      began talking again. "Okay, so about a week and a half
      ago, this guy Logan shows up on the doorstep with this
      redheaded doctor -- a real knockout, she is -- who's also
      a telepath. She's all freaking out about hearing voices
      and stuff, so of course the Prof takes right to her.

      "Two days later, Miss Rogue and Mr. Summers have this big
      blowout. You know how she gets." Hank nodded. He did
      indeed. "And she went running off to the train station,
      determined to go away for a while. Except that Magneto
      was there, waiting for her, with some of his freaky
      Brotherhood goons."

      "Oh, dear."

      "Exactly. They got hold of Miss Rogue, and the X-Men went
      to rescue her, along with the new doctor -- Jean Grey's
      her name -- and the growly guy, Logan. I don't know what
      really happened, but Logan *touched* Miss Rogue on top of
      the Statue of Liberty and saved her life. He's a

      "A superhealer?" Hank asked excitedly.

      "Yeah. But let's not get sidetracked here, Blue. I know
      you're going to want to run all sorts of tests on him,
      but let me finish the story.

      "So Miss Rogue absorbs his healing power -- and his
      growling, apparently -- and things get even *worse*
      between her and Mr. Summers."

      "Bobby, why would that make things worse between them?
      I'd think Scott would be thrilled that this stranger was
      willing to risk his life to ... Oh. Oh, I see. Scott's
      upset that he was not the one able to rescue her. He
      blames himself, no doubt."

      Bobby shrugged. "I don't know, though that's probably
      part of it. Scott feels guilty for breathing, half the
      time. All I know is, Scott and Jean Grey were circling
      each other like dogs in heat and Miss Rogue went
      *swimming* with Logan."

      "Rogue went swimming? In the lake? In October?"

      Bobby nodded vigorously. "And none of us was around to
      see it, dammit." He flushed and Hank grinned. Bobby's
      crush on Rogue was no secret to anyone who'd been at the
      school for any length of time.

      "Anyhow, she gave Scott back the ring, and Jean's shacked
      up with Warren--"

      Hank snorted delicately. "I might have known Warren would
      be involved in this little drama. He's always had a
      fondness for redheads."

      "Mr. Summers, too, apparently. Except that Kitty saw him
      and Miss Rogue in the hall about an hour ago, and they
      were making out like, well, like teenagers."

      "This is all very interesting, Bobby, but why are you so
      excited about it?"

      "Because I bet they'd get back together. Jubes is running
      a pool - she thinks Miss Rogue is going to jump into the
      sack with the hairy guy," he snorted disdainfully, "and
      that Scott's going to go after the redhead."

      "And you disagree?"

      "To the tune of forty bucks. Miss Rogue's not the kind to
      fall into bed with some hairy, claw guy--"

      "Claw guy?" Hank interrupted, but Bobby ignored him.

      "-- just because she and Scott are fighting. And you know
      how Warren is. So I think it's going to be Miss Rogue and
      Scott, back together, and Warren and Jean Grey--"

      "And what about Candace?"

      Bobby waved his hand. "Candy puts up with all Warren's
      crap. Jean Grey is just another one of his projects. He
      calls her the Drowned Kitten."

      Hank nodded. Warren definitely had a bent for rescuing
      damsels in distress, but he usually went back to his
      girlfriend once the damsel got back on her feet.

      "And you felt the need to impart this information to me
      immediately because...?"

      Bobby dropped his eyes. "I was hoping you'd talk to Miss
      Rogue in the morning and find out what's going on."


      "Well, you know, she talks to you. I know she does. And,
      and, it would be nice for once if Jubes and Johnny lost,
      you know? Kitty and I--" he stopped abruptly and Hank was
      suddenly wary.

      "You and Kitty what, Bobby? Please tell me Kitty hasn't
      been sneaking into Scott's room or something of that

      Bobby flushed. "Ah, no, not exactly." He felt it prudent
      not to mention how Kitty had planned on doing just that
      in the morning, and leaving behind a copy of "Cosmo" to
      help Scott solve his romantic problems.


      "So, you see, Hank, you have to help us out!"

      Hank sighed. "You will not intrude on Rogue or the
      newcomers?" Bobby shook his head vigorously. "All right.
      I will see if Rogue will open up to me in the morning.
      But now, I'm jetlagged and would like to sleep in a
      crumb-free bed, so take yourself off." Bobby scrambled
      off the bed, his mission accomplished. "And I mean it,
      Robert. No interference on your part. Do *not* bother

      "Yeah, fine, Hank. Thanks!"

      As he left the room, he could be heard to mutter (if
      anyone had been there to hear him), "He didn't say
      anything about not bothering Scott."

      A slow, wicked smile curled his lips. Operation Cosmo
      would go into effect tomorrow at oh nine hundred hours.





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      Riley: "Just sort of hoping you'd think I have an honest
      Willow: "I've seen honest faces before. They usually come
      attached to liars."
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