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[off topic] Fine Art strikes again

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  • KC Solano
    ... and you all thought I m getting it easy studying drawing & painting & such. It s fun, but easy it s not. I m doing an assignment in which I have to make a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2001
      ... and you all thought I'm getting it easy studying drawing & painting &
      such. It's fun, but easy it's not. I'm doing an assignment in which I have
      to make a series of drawings that have something in common. I've decided to
      pick a phrase, ask other people to interpret that phrase then draw their
      interpretation. Pretty haute couture, non?

      If anyone would like to take part in this project, let me know. I need 36
      victims-- er-- volunteers; you will be credited in the end (unless you don't
      want to but, hey, since when as anyone not wanted to be accredited in
      artwork?). I'll send you the list of 19 phrases I've chosen and you must
      describe in at least 10 words the image/scene you see in your head (ie.
      background, any figures & that they're doing, immportant objects) when you
      read that phrase. You must describe at least 3 of the phrases. If I could
      have these descriptions by Oct. 14, it'd be great, too.

      So, here's me crossing my fingers & hoping for 36 kind souls.

      KC aka Katt
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