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FIC: Attack of the Killer Peeps IX: Who Wants to Be a Peepmaster?

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  • Autumn
    Title: Attack of the Killer Peeps IX: Who Wants to Be a Peepmaster? Author: Autumn E-mail: eddievedderismylife@hotmail.com Summary: More psychotic peepiness
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2001
      Title: Attack of the Killer Peeps IX: Who Wants to Be a Peepmaster?

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: eddievedderismylife@...

      Summary: More psychotic peepiness from this twisted kid.

      Archive Rights: Terri's Peeps,Mutual Admiration, WRFA, Muse's Fool,
      XMMFC, and anyone who has the peeps.

      Dedication: For Dannette and Caroline. Happy birthday girls!

      Disclaimer: I own not, therefore I'm poor.

      Previously on the Peep Saga: The residents at the mansion may have
      found a way to control the evilness that is peeps. Then again, maybe

      Rogue was horrified by the thought that there may not be
      peeps. Sure, the evil little lumps of sugar caused pain, death,
      carnage, and foofiness, but they also brought Logan and Rogue closer
      together-literally. Since discovering her special love for Logan,
      Rogue had gained a rare insight into life and was happier than a
      surgery patient still feeling the effects of morphine.
      She knew what she had to do it. And was prepared to pay the
      price at any cost. After all, it was for Logan. (Insert romantic
      awwwwwww moment.)

      Martha's Vineyard.........

      Chilling out after a hard day's work, the honcho of
      housekeeping (Martha Stewart), was entertaining the journalistic
      junkie ( Babwa Wawa)in her " Silent Lambskin Guestroom." They were
      enjoying a nice cup of iced tea, chilled to just the right
      temperature and served `just so' when a loud "Holy Mary Mother of
      God!" interrupted their afternoon delight.

      "Alright, where is he?" A rather ruffled Rogue

      "Who? When using the pwonoun he, we don't know who you awe
      wefewing too, since you did not clawify who `he' is" Babwa stated.

      "Don't play stupid-ass with me, Wawa. You know who I mean."

      "No, I'm afraid my colleague and I are unaware of the enigmatic man
      of who you speak" the Sultan of Sundried-flowers added.

      Rogue rolled her eyes, "the peepmaster!"

      "Oh, Wegis? He's at ABC studios" Babwa tossed off.

      "I demand you to take me there at once!" An irate Rogue
      boldly commanded.

      "Okay." A surprisingly compliant Martha said as she twiddled
      her thumbs, clicked her heels three times and POOF! They were at ABC

      The gruesome twosome disappeared and Rogue shrugged it off as
      she entered the studio. A deafening chorus of "WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE!"
      assaulted her ears, and she quickly ran from the room. Figuring she
      should read the plaque above each entrance Rogue weaned through the
      corrodes until she came to the one marked "God's Country."
      Being the rational person that she was Rogue assumed that ABC
      would of course designate such a name to the station breadwinner.
      And cracking her head through the door she realized just how right
      she was as she saw Regis Philban sitting opposite of the hot seat on
      the set of `Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'

      Rogue used her superior fighting skills that she had
      inherited from Logan or acquired through training with Logan
      (depending on which plotbunny induced story you believed) to
      incapacitate all 10 players in the penalty box, er uh contestant box
      and waited for the man onstage to fail.
      Sure enough, fail he did and it was time for Rogue to take
      her place.

      " Welcome to the hot seat! I am Sir Regis Philban, the Lord
      of this show."

      "When were you knighted?"

      "Well it's not official yet, but the Queen's a fan of the
      show, so I figure it's only a matter of time." The cocky one

      "Whatever, lets get to the chase. I know who you are."

      Regis chuckled, a mirthless laugh that just grates on the
      nerves of any sane person "well, who doesn't!"

      " No, I KNOW who you are."

      "And I know what you did last summer!"

      "You are the Peepmaster!"

      "Damnit! You're right, who told you? Oh it doesn't matter.
      What do you want?"

      "I want to be the Peepmaster!"

      "You? The subject of many peep induced plotbunnies, as a
      peepmaster? That's absurd. Kind of like Kathy Lee's record deal."

      " Look, buster. Logan and I are together because of the
      peeps, and I intend to keep it that way. Now lets cut to the chase
      and play for the peeps."

      " Pushy little thing. Fine, but I ask the questions. If you
      loose, I reign as the peepmaster forever. If you win, well you
      won't, but lets play anyway."

      " Same rules as on your stupid show?"

      "Yes, except you only get one life-line, and I get to pick


      "Okay, so are you ready to plat `Who Wants to Be a

      "Yeah, bring it on."

      "Question one: Which of the following is a book title by Dr,

      A. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Linebacker? B. Hop on Pop. C) I
      Hate heroin Addicts. Or D. The Sandwich Who had a Guilt Complex from
      Being the Sole Survival of a tragic Bus Accident.

      "I'll say `B' Regis.

      "Is that your final answer?"


      Regis Stares dumbly at the computer, "Damnit, you are correct."

      The audience goes wild with applause.

      "Question Two. Which of the following is an active ingredient in

      A. Hydrogen B. Sodium Glutamate. C. A Jar of Almonds or D.AD/DC?

      "Is that a real question?

      "Is that your fina- wait what?"

      "Is that a real question?"

      "Yes. Why? Too hard?"

      "No. I just wanted to make sure I really did hear correctly, and
      apparently I did. My answer is `A." Marie stated.

      "Is that you fi-"

      "Shut the fuck up!"

      "Hey, lady that's no way to talk to me!" Regis fumed.

      "I didn't day that!" an indignant Rogue replied.

      "Then who did?" Regis asked.

      "I did bub. What's this I hear about bein' a peepmaster?"


      Will Rogue finish the challenge? Will Regis prevail? What the hell
      is Logan doing? Find out in the next installment of Attack of the
      Killer Peeps.....

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